The benefits of dating michael
  • you get to chose his hair color
  • he’ll share his pizza with you (in proof of his love)
  • a real punk rock boyfriend
  • he’ll know what to do if there’s a zombie attack
  • his whole closet will be yours (flannels everywhere)
  • his raspy voice in the morning
  • and you’ll be his treasure and he’d let nothing take you away

I hate reading things that make Michael out to be something he’s not.

“His defined torso”, “his muscular body”

Like no.

Michael’s not muscular. He’s soft and cute and he has an adorable little tummy, he doesn’t have abs or muscular pecs and I’m completely okay with that so please stop describing him as anything other than his perfect lil self and just love him for who he is :)

How To Recognize 5SOS by Their Hands
  • Ashton:Long ass fingers
  • Calum:Parents' initials tattoos
  • Luke:Baby pink hands
  • Michael:Cute lil fingers