She’s done really interesting films - she’s like the female Johnny Depp. She could be Hollywood, but it’s the film choices she’s made that set her apart. And what I love about her is that she has her own style, she loves what she loves and she’s an incredibly confident woman, but she’s totally up for change. Most celebrities want to repeat what they’ve honed and are comfortable in, but she’s up for doing anything which is unusual in an actress. - Lucinda Chambers

Why the types are dangerous: INFJ
  • They want to be the very best. Like no one ever was. For real.
  • Experts at concealing their emotions from everyone
  • They soak in information like a sponge and you’ll never even notice it
  • INFJs can be hyper-critical of everything and everyone and if you ask for the truth you’re going to get roasted
  • They have a secretive and mysterious air about them that makes them shady as heck
  • INFJs have a presence about them that you will always miss until you are with them again

Happy Birthday, Dame Margaret Natalie “Maggie” Smith (28 December 1934)

Ageing isn’t the nicest thing. You end up feeling like you couldn’t go to Los Angeles because (she stretches the skin of her face) it hasn’t been put in the right place. They put old people away somewhere.