London May 21 2017


Burghausen by Oliver Wittmann

Hematite, negative crystals and chaos. Zoned, hourglass amethyst from Brazil. Field of view 6.5mm. See the earlier post for a photo of the crystal, in hand.

Night Diving in Lake Tahoe by grantkaye Chris Gregor goes for a wintertime night dive in Lake Tahoe, California. This over/under shot was made with a Canon 5dII in an AquaTech water housing, with a dome port, on a tripod. To achieve my vision for this shot, I combined several photographs - one made for the sky at f/2.8, and a combination of a few different attempts at light painting the underwater foreground and Chris all made at f/22 done with an underwater flashlight. Wading in the 50 degree water for several hours at 3 am was quite cold, but totally worth it!