Why is everyone holds only in that line and complain about? Has anyone heard the previous line? “They saved me” THEY. But was the fucking simply human that carry her all the way out and stuff. Who, by the way, always do that: stay with her, protect her, see the real Lydia and everything that say Scott and Kira, etc. So… let it be, you little cunts.

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Okay, I seriously cried my effing eyes out. I’m so so so done and this episode just killed me. - VALACK THAT BITCH YOU DESERVED IT - The moment Mama Martin approved of her future son-in-law 🌝 - STYDIA - MALIAS IMPROVEMENT JESUS - LYDIA IS SAFE AND SOUND - STYDIAAAAAAAAA - Stiles saving Lydia whenever he can - HOW THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER - THEY ARE SO IN LOVE - I still despise Parrish (tho he did some good in this episode) I know it’s mostly Stydia but I’m just a wreck rn so don’t talk to me

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teen wolf 5x16

Watching this episode made me love this ship even more. We have seen so many moments of Stydia and we have spent a long time without seeing them now, but this episode proved us that they still have the same connection than before and stronger than ever. I swear to god i never loved so much in my life than this two characters, and i hope not to be the only one who thinks this but for me they are meant to be together and i’m not just saying this because I love them and i’m stydia shipper af, it’s their looks, their words, their hugs, their chemistry that proves it. I just want them to be together, please Jeff Davis.