let's talk the walking dead

okay just a few more hours until the season finale (depending on when you see this) and i really want to talk to some people about this season and previous ones and also some of the fantastic characters and fandoms so hmu. everyone is welcomed, even after the finale!

Team Delusional thoughts

I’m not going to watch TWD live anymore. I’m not going to actively theorize or analyze episodes. In fact I won’t watch it unless Beth comes back, so I may never watch it again. I will however still ship bethyl, write & read fanfiction, do fanart, and continue to love Beth Greene.

 Do I think TD members should still have hope?  Well, I guess it wouldn’t kill you to have a little faith. :)   They left enough clues to have her come back in season 6. While I’m not going to be active in the theorizing over the summer or beyond I will leave you with this.

We never got a funeral or even a mention of a funeral for beth
Music played during the credits of Coda
Grady is still pointless unless she comes back
They did make a lot of references towards Beth in 5b through dialogue and visual clues
They never explained the car walker freakouts.
They ended the season with the music box playing
They continued to use Beth for 5b promotion
They now have no surgeon in Alexandria (and the only Doctor we’ve met beyond Pete is Edwards)
Grady cop actors and Erik Jensen teasing ‘new beginnings’
Lennie James mentioned on TTD that Morgan had an experience that restored his faith that he can’t talk about- could be he met a girl who survived a gun shot to the head

There is the slight possibility they could bring Beth back in season 6, perhaps even filming some scenes this season at ASZ if they knew EK was going to be touring the first half of the summer (could explain the bethfoot photo).  

All this said no matter what I’m not upset about being part of Team Delusional.  After Coda aired I was really, really pissed off  and I couldn’t even read fanfiction anymore.  TD gave me a little bit of hope, enough to get me to the place where I could still enjoy fanfiction and live in the alternate universes it provides.  Also I take comfort in the fact we came up with a better season of 5b in our heads than the actual writers.  

Also to you haters that keep saying “She was shot in the head”- we fucking know and you’re being assholes. Leave TDers alone, we’re not hurting anyone and by sending us hate you’re just being a dick.

Why did Aaron mention the barn to Daryl while they were in the car? Why more blonde walkers? Why more people trapped in cars? Why include the music box at the last few seconds of that crap episode?

Why continue mentioning EK and Beth in 5b in TTD and interviews during the last few episodes? Team family still isn’t over it. At least Daryl isn’t, especially Daryl. Missing body. Missing 17 days. Lennie says possible Morgan backstory. No doctor in ASZ. Her story isn’t over.

Open letter to Team Delusional

First of all: No matter what happens tonight, I just wanna thank every single one of you that has been here in this blessed tag for all ups and downs in the season 5. You guys kept me sane through 5B. You are all absolutely amazing, talent and lovely. Thank you for all the theories. For all the support. For all the hope. I’m so proud of everyone. I love all of you.

Second: Please, don’t lose your hope if we don’t see Beth tonight. TPTB may be dragging this out, just like they did with Merle and Morgan. I know everyone wants to see our brave girl tonight, but, if we don’t, that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen someday.

Last but not least: I’m here for whatever you guys need. I know that our expectations are high for tonight’s episode. And I’ll be here no matter what! Either if we are going to be Team Celebration or still Team Delusional.

and so is Team Delusional!

~ Keep the faith ~

Playing Games- A Riddle, A Lie, or a Clue?

Keegan says, “I know who A is, and so do you… it will be shocking and surprising.”

Troian and Ashley said during the Halloween special that they knew who A was.

By the time 5B was in swing, we heard that the rest of the cast knew who A was.


Marlene says that the actor who will plays “Charles” doesn’t know it yet. She also says we have seen this person face to face. She also says that Troian and Ashley are the ones that ask her to be A the most.

How can those two things be true? Someone has to be lying, right?

Maybe the cast knows the back story behind A only, and the relationship of how A fits in the show. (Twin, cousin, multi personality, etc)

Maybe the cast knew the name was Charles, and the back story. Wouldn’t knowing the back story make it much easier to deduce the likely cast member to be chosen? Ex. If Charles is one of the boys in the video, that narrows it down to an age range. If Charles is a twin to one of the parents, that narrows it down to an age range.

What if “Charles” isn’t A?

Charles could be a prisoner of as well, acting as A in order to keep distance from the girls. All the lights and music changes during the prom could have been done by remote, though letting Mona out of her room as well? Charles was pretending to be a mannequin- not moving much. Or was Mona waiting in the hallway the whole time?

If this is the case, my bet is on Paige as the prisoner, though you would think her parents would know she was missing. Unless Paige’s parents never asked her to move to CA, and they think she is still in Rosewood. She calls them to check in so they know nothing is wrong.

Or- what if A is protecting and caring for Charles, and brought the girls there to keep him company? If this is the case, it may leave more people open to be A.

EDITED TO ADD- it was pointed out that Marlene says Charles is A. If so, I don’t think we can know for sure that Charles is male. The liklihood is there, though the chest area of Charles seemed larger- either to indicate breasts or maybe a muscular type figure.

While I’m incredibly upset with the way TPTB have treated Emily as an actress, Beth as a character, and their huge mass of viewers I still 100% believe in Beth Greene. This episode wasn’t completely Bethless and while the “level complete” comment personally made me feel good about our hopes not all is lost. Her story still doesn’t have a proper ending, there are still parallels and symbolism, there is still hope for her return. I know a lot of people thought that the finale was the be all end all for her story but given that there are quite a few other things that were left open, and the fact that Gimple didn’t show up for Talking Dead, where they brought attention to “how the harvest gets home”, leaves me questioning that. We payed attention, we did our research, we have our facts. We have missing days that haven’t been accounted for. We were given Judith and Carl playing with the damn music box. They released the 5B promo picture before Coda even aired on the west coast. The first promo picture was Daryl carrying Beth out of Grady. They killed Noah. They’ve been throwing her in our faces since she was shot. What Lennie James said on Talking Dead led me to believe that we will most likely be getting Morgan flashbacks next season so who’s to say that we won’t get flashbacks of other things? Of things that took place in the missing 17 days? They left Morgan’s story open for seasons, they can leave Beth’s story open. They have left Beth’s story open. Yes, she was shot. But, no, she was not given a proper burial. The viewers were not given the courtesy or closure that we are usually given, and nor was Emily. They canceled the panels EK was supposed to do and now Gimple not being on Talking Dead even though three weeks ago we were told he would be? It’s all very fishy and there’s definitely something going on. They’re purposely avoiding backlash from Beth fans while simultaneously giving us hints of Beth in the show. I have hope that Gimple is smarter than we are giving him credit for. I have hope that Beth Greene did survive and that she will return to her family. We were not given proper closure and until we are granted that I will believe that Beth is alive. Her story didn’t end in Coda and it most certainly didn’t end tonight. Come on guys, it wouldn’t kill ya to have a little faith.

while season five was a MAJOR disappointment, especially 5b, i still have a love for everything the walking dead and hope that they can turn it around come season six and i can’t wait to spend it all with you guys again

Extension of my Caleb is A theory:

Marlene has told us that this A was not a character in the pilot. We also know, at some point, we saw A without his mask in the 5b finale. So I have made it a point to go through every character in the finale and pick out the ones who weren’t in the pilot and consider what the possibility of them being A is.

  • Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Alison- all of the liArs were in the pilot, and were also stuck together in A’s dollhouse (with the exception of Ali who was in jail). Marlene has also mentioned that this A is male.
  • Mona- was in the pilot, also was stuck in A’s dollhouse with the girls.
  • Ezra- was in the pilot. Already been “A” in some way, or really the writers gave us the whole Ezra is A heart-attack.
  • Toby- unsure about him. Technically his character was in the pilot but was played by a different actor, and we technically never met him in the pilot. So, in his case, I’m not too terribly sure. But Toby has also been A before (even if it was for Spencer’s sake, really). So I highly doubt they’d put us through that torment again.
  • Veronica & Peter Hastings - were not in the pilot, but neither of them knew about A and seriously believed Ali knew where the girls were and what happened to them.
  • Detective Tanner- wasn’t in the pilot, but didn’t show up until season 4, episode 4. This A started his game in the season 3 premiere.
  • Andrew Campbell- was not in the pilot, but also was not a character until season 3, episode 15. After his initial episode, he was only in two episodes (3x19, 4x17) before coming back for 5x4 and then eventually making his way to the second half of season 5 (5x19 and on) and seemingly looking like a new main character. While, yes, Andrew is sketchy and there’s definitely more going on with him and his story, he is not Charles/A. There is no motive, connection to the characters, we don’t know any of his story, he’s not close enough to any of the characters to know everything…. Also, his character is also way too obvious. The writers are doing their best to make us think it’s him so that it’ll throw us off.
  • Caleb- was not in the pilot. From his first episode (1x14), he was in with Hanna. And how did he find a way in? Through hacking phones and his technological knowledge. Hanna and Caleb have been together nearly since the beginning. With the exception of him going to Ravenswood and leaving her at the very beginning (when he gave the letter to Mona to give to Hanna, and she never gave it to her).*** Now, a lot of people have discredited him as being A because of Ravenswood…. My sister has come up with the theory that, since the writers of PLL created Ravenswood, maybe the writers only created this spinoff show to throw us off of the idea of Caleb being Big A. It is quite possible that they never meant for Ravenswood to continue past its 10 episodes. Also, the fact that not many people at all are considering Caleb to be Charles/A is what makes me think that it actually could be him.

When looking at all of the characters, even without the knowledge that A is male, Caleb is the only viable suspect. We know we saw A without his mask in the finale at some point (so we take a look at all of the characters in the finale), and we also know that A was not in the pilot (so we pick out characters who weren’t in the pilot). Looking at the characters in this light, thinking about the episodes and seasons and character connections, Caleb is the only person who makes sense.

I lost a ton of followers tonight and I don’t know if it’s because I chose to view the show with my brother tonight which dramatically limited my live blogging, or if it’s my opinions, or if it’s just me in general. Who knows? *shrug* I enjoyed watching the show for the first time in 5B, and that was because of my brother, so… I’m actually happy I did it this way. I’ll rewatch tomorrow and post my thoughts then. Now I’m going to drive home and go to bed. Good night, lovelies. ♥

so i know not too many people are happy with things that the writers have done this season but can we please talk about glenn and how amazing he continues to be

i was afraid that they’d kill him prematurely because he started getting a lot more lines in 5b but they didn’t and for that alone i am happy

but he also had to sit in that revolving door and watch noah get torn apart in (imo) the most gruesome death on the show all because nicholas was concerned about getting his selfish ass out alive and he just wanted the poor kid to live and be accepted into the family. glenn knows more than anyone else that nicholas is a fucking douchebag and even told him that he shouldn’t even be alive, and even after getting shot by nicholas and being left to the walkers, he overpowered them, beat the shit out of nicholas AGAIN (with a wounded shoulder), then when faced with the opportunity to shoot this bastard, he decided not to. he HELPED him back to ASZ instead of killing him or leaving him to get eaten.

no matter what anyone says about the writing this season, i will ALWAYS be happy with what they did with glenn. glenn is still the “good guy,” he’s still wholesome and won’t kill another human even though said human is a piece of trash. he’s so smart, and a fucking badass, but that doesn’t mean he can’t also be forgiving and kind and everything that is good in the world. i love glenn so much.