FIC: Myth Confirmed. (CrissColfer NC-17)

Title: Myth Confirmed
Pairing: CrissColfer
Rating: Extreme NC-17.
Word Count: 6 800+
Warnings: Fisting, size!kink, dirty talk, bottom!Chris.
Written with help from the lovely Ariane.  

Summary: Ashley and Chris love to exchange sex facts and when Ashley involves Darren, Chris can’t get it out of his head. Basically Darren has a giant fucking cock and Chris loves it.

Inside:  “Didn’t you want to know how big my cock was?” Darren asked, a giant fucking smirk on his face - the prick. 

“I - uh - ” Chris lost his train of thought because holy crap Darren’s dick was growing even bigger in his hands and Chris had never even seen a penis that big in porn. Fuck. Darren was as thick as he was long. Chris subconciously licked his lips and grunted as Darren rubbed precome over his cock. 

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