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earlier you posted that you had like 58k followers and had a gain of 600, i want to know what youre up to now

Sure?  Today’s been insane for my blog, I’ve gained nearly 500 more followers since that other anon asked.

Here’s what I’m at now

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(resend) can you recommend some good lilo fics? I'm open to anything except for ones where they're already in the band :)


to start off with, every single fic on this list is amazing, but i’ll add my favs from there on here. also literally any fic by harriet_vane is guaranteed to be flawless. 

smile again, 16k

Recently dumped Louis sets his kitchen on fire on Christmas Eve. Fireman Liam makes the mistake of inviting him home for Christmas. Chaos and feelings ensue.

enough to go by, 59k

Liam answers the door in tracksuit bottoms so old and worn that Louis remembers them from their first stadium tour. He’s got his arms crossed over his bare chest, and there are pillow creases on his cheek, and he looks like he’s going to be cross, just as soon as he wakes up enough to remember that he should be. Louis can understand that, since he’s been leaning on the bell of Liam’s flat for ten minutes, and it’s half two in the morning.

don’t take love off the table yet, 26k

A wedding planner AU, in which Louis plans absolutely fucking flawless weddings, until he tries to plan Liam’s wedding to Danielle.

soul, 4k

Liam tosses a grin back over his shoulder. “What are you going to do when I’ve gone and there’s no one around to drive you round the bend?”

Louis’ bike coasts to a stop. It happens so slowly that by the time he’s at a standstill, Liam is far ahead, up by the curve. “I’ll forget.”

Liam stops much more quickly. They’re alone in the dome; their private conversation can be held across thirty feet of open space. “You’ll what?”

Louis watches him. “I’ll forget,” he repeats. “Not the way you forget things, when you can’t pinpoint them but you still carry them in your heart. I’ll just have my hard drive wiped.”

Or: Louis is the medical android tasked with taking care of Liam in a world after nuclear war.

easy as all that (go around a time or two), 84k

Sometimes the hardest part of growing up is figuring out who you are in the first place.

Or: The one where Liam and Louis only kiss when they’re on nights out, when it’s secret, when there’s no one around to see them. If no one knows you’re having a sexuality crisis, that means it isn’t happening, right?

Or, or: Liam accidentally turns Louis’ world upside down.

A high school sixth form AU.

thought it would be safest, 30k

And for years after that, all throughout school, Liam comes home with Louis’ name in the corner of his books and the thin skin of his inner elbows and the back of his shirt even though they’re never in the same class. (Liam and Louis grow up together)

the things that we find, 18k

The guy is watching him with a funny expression that disappears so quickly Louis must have imagined it. It’s late; he’s projecting. “Have a good night,” the guy offers, smiling at Louis. “Thanks again for the tip with the timetable.”

“My pleasure,” says Louis, because I’m probably going to wank to your smile isn’t really appropriate. “Thanks for the concert.”

“It was a one-time only deal,” the guy shouts after him, waving and grinning, and as Louis finds a seat on the bus and falls into it, he can’t stop himself from thinking fuck, I hope not.

worth the wait, 20k

“Leave it to you, Liam, to not only be the least likely person to ever pull in a hooker, but he winds up being a bloke that you move in with.” He’s cackling wildly now and Liam’s hand nearly slips off the wheel as Niall hits him repeatedly. Liam doesn’t need to see to know Niall’s laughing so hard he’s got tears coming from his eyes and his cheeks are most likely a bright red flush. “Liam Payne: making even a shady encounter with a hooker into a respectable situation.”

or, the one where louis is a hooker and liam is down on his luck and then they fall in love

truly, madly, crazy, deeply, 29k

In which Liam and Louis wake up married after Zayn’s bachelor party in Las Vegas.

“Louis’s right here,” says Liam, elbowing Louis in the back. Louis sticks a hand out from under the blanket and waves. “We had quite a lot of champagne.” The whole room swims and Liam hopes there’s a toilet where he can be sick.

“Not sure there’s enough champagne in the world to get me naked in bed with Louis,” Niall giggles.

“We’re allowed!” Louis shouts from under the blankets. “We’re married!

"There is a long and very startled silence.

see beneath, 12k

“You can be my pretend date, I won’t have to try and find someone who actually wants to date me and can stand up to meeting Grimmy, and I won’t accidentally stick myself with a total bore.”

In which Louis convinces Liam to pretend to be his boyfriend and then everyone’s emotions get a bit out of hand.

and i haven’t read this one yet, but i’m about to :)

sorry, i tend to like long fics!!! i read most of these a while ago so hopefully they’re still as good as i’m remembering them to be. let me know what you think of them all, have fun! xx

All of these fanfictions have Steve and Bucky sharing their dreams. It’s a specific trope that isn’t used too often in Stucky fanfiction, but I really enjoyed these three. As always, these fanfictions contain the pairing Steve Rogers/James “Bucky” Barnes.

Requiem Æternamby hitlikehammers
The truth is: cryostasis is still a form of sleep. // Just because you’re frozen doesn’t mean you cannot dream.
rated mature . 18k . slight warning: not the happiest of endings - not the saddest - but not the happiest.

you know I dreamed about youby napricot
Steve wasn’t surprised when Bucky showed up in his dreams, after he was unfrozen.
rated explicit . 59k . slow-build set during the movies

Once Upon A Dreamby claritylor
Steve started having lucid dreams right after receiving the serum, first of HYDRA and Johann Schmidt, and then, of Bucky too; dreams where he is free to love his best friend in ways that would never be allowed in reality, in the apartment they used to share in Brooklyn. Of course, they’re just dreams though… right?
rated teen . 34k . a new writer in fandom!

Master post for Stucky recs, ask fills and rec lists.

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