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I don't know if you have it here already, but I read this really good fic called When the Ice Melts in the Snow by Lilithiumwords (it's a demon AU). I was wondering if you had any similar recs, like demon or angels or anything supernatural like that. Thanks, you're one of my favourite accounts

Hey there! Thanks for these requests! I don’t really read much from this AU, so here are a few fics that people have recommended for me to read! Enjoy!

Supernatural AU

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) by lilithiumwords, Explicit, 59k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.

A Touch as Soft as Angel’s Wings by bothersomepotato, 16k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov died too young, so the heavens gave him another change to find out how to live and love as Yuuri Katsuki’s guardian angel. 

Dance with the Devil by Kiaishi, Mature, 101k
Viktor, the five-time gold medalist on ice skating and the demon of lust, believed that there was no such thing as an ice skater who was good without the help of a devil. As he finds one, he wants to take his soul, one way or another. 

Gotta Like, Like Those Humans by Shermanshire, Teen, 33k
“I am going to like, like a human!” Were the exact words that Yuuri had said as a child. They were also the exact words Yurri kept with him for more than a decade later as a loveless vampire. After thinking his words were nothing more than fantasy Yuuri happens to meet the Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov. Now Yuuri has become a thirsty vampire whom’s human crush maybe even thirstier. 

Defining a Monster by Val_Creative, Explicit, 2.3k
Survival is all Viktor has thought about for centuries. However, there’s something irresistibly captivating about Yuuri. How he craves touch, and how Viktor’s fingers eagerly answer him. Perhaps they’re not so different.

Half Past the Point of No Return by Erushi, Mature, 6.9k
The Superpowers AU in which Victor leads a black-ops team and Yuuri is their mysterious new member. 

Life after Death by 100demons, Gen, 1.2k
“I’m completely fine,” Yuri says blankly. “Except for the parts where I think I’m hallucinating Victor Nikiforov’s ghost.” 

Down the rivers of windfall light by cyan96, Teen, 17k (WIP)
“Vitya, that’s a human,” Yuri hisses, whirling, as the whole and appalling picture snaps into place.

Aveir by gawsoloy, Teen, 16k (WIP)
Yuuri’s clan has been infiltrated and all of the Aveir have been captured to be sold into slavery due to their beautiful wings, but Yuuri is too plain to be bought. Until Yakov and his servant Viktor come along. Yuuri catches Viktor’s eye and ends up being bought by Yakov to be Viktor’s assistant in their dance school, but not all is what it seems. 

Delicious by stellarlies, Explicit, 1.6k
Yūri, a newly born succubi, is in search of his first meal and nothing picks his interest. Until someone does. And he is perfect. 

kylux fic recs

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My standard for fic quality and lengty was raised due to the supernatural fandom so it's hard to find fics of the same length and writing style. Like there are no macdennis fics on ao3 that are over 100k words. The longest fic is 59k words.

Ahh this is so relatable. I used to read a lot of fic for bbc sherlock and some of them would be LONG and ridiculously well-written, so my standards were really high going into sunny fic too lmao. I’m hoping extended hiatus leads to more good fic being written and shared!

I promised I’ll do something for Merlin Fanfiction Appreciation Weekend so HERE IT IS, my first ever list of favorite fanfics! It’s not completed, but at least it’s something. 

E-rated fics: 

The Unintentional Wooing Skills of Arthur Pendragon by giselleslash (5k) 

Services Needed by rotrude (31k) 

Chance Meetings and Less Chance Events by rotrude (13k) 

You Looking at Me Looking at You by ArgentSleeper (23k) 

Love on a Wire by ColorWheel (30k) 

No Business I Know by 55sunsets (62k) 

The Letter Q by herbeautifullie (11k) 

The Hunter by Lindiloo02 (59k) 

Playing for Keeps by rotrude (75k) 

The Sound of Silence by sky_reid (40k) 

A Modern Manservant by Mamalazzer (112k) 

Vampires and Werewolves and Flatshares, Oh My! by kathkin (26k) 

Reflash by leviathans_moon (37k) 

This Falsehood of the Tongue by Skitz_phenom (33k) 

Ebb and Flow by neuroticnick (36k) 

Rule Number Four by neuroticnick (47k) 

The Sidhe Prince by orphan_account (67k) 

M-RYS by mornmeril (123k) 

Keep the Magic Secret by neuroticnick (73k) 

more grace than Heaven ever dreamed of by whirligigged (3k) 

Catch Me A Catch by giselleslash (32k) 

Dragonborn by Camelittle (57k) 

Midnight Dragon by rotrude (23k) 

Game, Set, Match by ingberry (15k) 

Nine Weddings and a Funeral by giselleslash (11k) 

Arthur Pendragon Is Many Things by nomical (38k) 

Every Story is a Love Story by lady_ragnell (24k) 

Not Quite Hogwarts by eledhwenlin (23k) 

Mr & Mr Smith by Detochkina (92k, wip) 

Come Back and Haunt Me by GeekLover (62k) 

Seven Magpies by syllic (33k) 

M-rated fics: 

Merlin Myrddin The Muralist by deanpendragon (63k) 

It’s a match by Fletcher (16k) 

Attachments by lawgoddess (11k) 

Dosed by Jaqueline (24k) 

Laundry Letters by dysonrules (7k) 

Now Cracks A Noble Heart by Tari_Sue (21k) 

Let Us Dare by kianspo (29k) 

Caesura by StormDancer (52k) 

The Student Prince by FayJay (145k) 

Timshel by ems (32k) 

Fundamental Imperfection by Starlingthefool (12k) 

The Future Soon by lady_ragnell (30k) 

T-rated fics: 

I’m Colourblind, Kid by brbsoulnomming (13k) 

Fan Favorite by harrycrewe (8k) 

The Son-in-Law by Tossukka (4k) 

a pendragon’s heart (is forever) [the five flashbacks remix] by eyesofapanda (1k) 

As Long As We Have We by lady_ragnell (17k) 

Acts of Man by Wreck (5k) 

The Hardest Way Possible by lady_ragnell (12k) 

Life in the Key of C-Sharp by thalialunacy (9k) 

More Than Just a Game by Ivalee (21k) 

Thicker Than Water by fuzzytomato (8k) 

Ebb and Flow by staymagical (6k) 

Truth, Trust and Partnership by Ivalee (47k) 

picture says a thousand words by pixiepuff (colourmecrunchy) (4k) 

If Perfect’s What You’re Searching For by i_claudia (18k) 

Dragons are Better than People by asilentherald (24k) 

Educating Arthur by shadowglove88 (18k) 

Social Networking Encourages Stalkerish Tendencies by SecretForKeeps (16k) 

For Your Information by reni_days (9k) 

The Quiet World by alyssamoore (2k) 

And This Is How I See You by Emjayelle (15k) 

The Last Words by Katrina_Linden (840) 

G-rated fics: 

The art of falling in love (Alternate title- My king, my friend, my soul.) by SilverQuill (2k) 

The Tulip Thief by Polomonkey (3k) 

The Prince’s Speech by ladysockalot (35k) 

Thanks to the wonderful authors who have written all these amazing fics! (and those whose fics I don’t include here because I can’t remember where the hell I save the links. Sorry!)

Dancer AU (Harry)

1k - 5k

10k - 15k

50k - 100k


Dancers H & L

As promised, my thoughts concerning the fic I’ve been reading!

The Grey Castle by ShippersList (59k, Mature)

Summary: When Castiel travels North to an arranged marriage he did not consent to, he really thinks his life as an independent individual is over and he will be reduced into a breeding mare.
In the North, the Lord of Grey Castle awaits for the mate his father arranged for him, hoping that he will be good enough of an alpha for his omega.

Neither of them is prepared for what will actually happen.

Tags: Fantay AU, Omega Verse, Arranged Marriage, Totem animals, alpha Dean, omega Cas, Beta Sam, Mating Cycles/ In Heat, Knotting, Mpreg, Depression, Self-worth issues, Miscarriage, Self-Hatred, Suicide Attempt, Self-blaming, minor Character Death, Mental Breakdown, Panic Attacks, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Mutual Pining, Self-Acceptance, True Mates


As predicted, I enjoyed this story! I actually felt that the tragedies were excellent but sad mirrors of Castiel’s and Dean’s emotional state and very important for the development of their relationship.

It starts out with an arranged marriage that Cas doesn’t really have any say over. And when he comes to the North he finds that things work quite differently up there and there is independence to be had in a closely knit clan that doesn’t look down on him for being an omega. But Cas is out of place in Grey Castle, at odds with his role there (’just there to produce an heir’) and very insecure in the relationship he has with Dean (who adores him but is too overbearing at times). Too soon he finds himself pregnant and things spiral out of control from there. 

It is at times difficult to read about the tragedies befalling Dean and Cas and the clan, but it’s worth to see how they manage to pick themselves up and grow stronger and how the long winter shifts into spring and how things look better.

Additional notes:

The minor Character Death refers to Kevin who dies in an accident. There are also references to Mary and John’s off screen deaths.

There is also very minor Sam/Gabriel towards the very end of the story.

here are some fics I’ve enjoyed and loved reading throughout the month of May and I recommend that you read them in June (if you haven’t already)!

1. Something ‘Bout You (59k)

Of all the government agents in the world, Louis had to go and land the most charming one.

2. No Matter Where You Are (No Matter How Far) (35k)

An Everest AU where Louis sets out to climb the tallest mountain on the world and meets a curly-haired guy named Harry who worms his way into Louis’s life. It’s not long before reaching the summit becomes the least of Louis’s worries.

3. All The King’s Men (39k)

Louis is an arrogant, self assured prince who falls in love with a charming thief named Harry during his youth. However, years later, a revolution is sparked amongst the frustrated commoners… and Louis’s former teenage romance is leading it.

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Celebrity Derek

Celebrity Stiles

Rolling Up On An Ocean

Part of the One Direction Big Bang, Round Four! - edit by outofcases

Liam/Harry, explicit, 59K

“I wanted to talk to you.”

Harry seems completely nonplused as he turns his back and walks to the kitchen. He used to be well versed in reading Liam’s body; the tremor in his hands, the hesitation in his speech. “Okay.”

“We should separate,” Liam starts. 

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Both Forget

Everyone Forgets

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earlier you posted that you had like 58k followers and had a gain of 600, i want to know what youre up to now

Sure?  Today’s been insane for my blog, I’ve gained nearly 500 more followers since that other anon asked.

Here’s what I’m at now