Rendille women dancing - Kenya by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.

Rendille women dancing - Kenya

When Rendile women dance, one goes in front and shakes her necklaces, then another one comes around and her. A kind of tenderness gesture but made with violence!

The Rendille: Pushed away by their neighbours, they henceforth inhabit a vast territory : from the Kaisut Desert to the east (one of Kenya’s most arid regions) to the shores of Lake Turkana to the west and the Chalbi Desert to the north.They are semi-nomadic, that is to say both nomad and pastoralist. Clans live in temporary settlement called gobs. Gobs are usually near dug wells and are given the name of the clan, subclan or the elder of the family. The Rendille never stay long at the same place to look for water sources and pasturing areas. They have to move 3 to 5 times a year. Villages are typically made of two dozen houses with about 120 individuals. They are composed of a group of semi-spherical huts made of branches and covered with leather or canvas. Women are in charge of taking the houses apart and putting them back in the new location. Near the huts, an enclosure of crabbed branches protects camels for the night. Each kind of animal they keep (camels, sheeps, goats, cattle) have a separate camp that is taken cared of by people of a different age-set. Unlike other pastoral tribes, the Rendille favour camels rather than cattle, because they are better suited to the environment. The Rendille depend heavily on these animals for many of their daily needs: food, milk, clothing, trade and transport. The Rendille are skilled craftsmen and make many different decoration or ornaments. The warriors often wear proudly a distinctive visor-like hairstyle, dyed with red ochre. As for the women, they wear several kilos beads. The Rendille receive empooro engorio beaded collars for marriage, made of palm fibers, girafe or elephant hairs. Like the Maasai with cows, camels are bled in order to drink their blood. The Rendille are closely aligned with the Samburu, by economic and kinship’s ties. They have often adopted their language. Marriage is not allowed within one’s own clan, and is arranged by parents as for most tribes. Each wife lives in her own home with her children, and mothers have a high status. Society is strongly bound by family ties. The Rendille still believe in their God, called Wak or Ngai. They also have fortune-tellers who predict the future, and perform sacrifices to make it rain. Special ceremonies take place at a child’s birth. A ewe or goat is sacrificed if it is a girl, a ram if a boy. The girl is blessed 3 times while 4 for the boy. In the same way, mother drinks blood for 3 days for a babygirl, 4 days for a babyboy. The weeding ceremony takes time. The prospective groom must give the bridewealth (gunu) to the bride’s family: 4 female and 4 male camels (half for the father, the remaining camels for the rest of the family). One of them is eaten at the ceremony. The bride wears jewellery made of glass and metal, necklaces of beads and wire, headbands, and a large circular earings. She will join her husband’s family after marriage. The elders discuss problems in a ritual circle called Nabo, in which women are allowed to enter. They also meet there to pray, receive guests and perform ceremonies.

Aeroflot reports a 5.1% rise in first quarter profits

Aeroflot reports a 5.1% rise in first quarter profits

Aeroflot Russian Airlines (Moscow) reported net income of RUB 3.03 billion ($85 million) in the first quarter, an increase of 5.1 percent compared to the first quarter of 2013.

Read the full report: CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Stefan Sjogren/AirlinersGallery.com. Airbus A320-214 VQ-BPW (msn 5982) with Sharklets prepares to touch down in Stockholm (Arlanda).

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中壽瑞信五甲購D (23061) 現報 0.069港元,下跌 31.00 %

[智珠] 香港7月27日 - 中國人壽 (02628) 的窩輪 中壽瑞信五甲購D (23061) 呈異動, 現報0.069港元, 較上日收市下跌 31.00 %,成交1,270,000.00份,投資者宜留意下列相關的技術分析指標,以及其正股的股價變動和公司的市場動向,提高警惕 : (貨幣 : 港元) 溢價25.366 %,槓桿比率(倍) 30.75,引伸波幅0 %,對沖值0 %,認購比率0.10,行使價37.55,到期日2015-11-27,10天平均價0,50天平均價0,52周最高0.355,52周最低0.073。

註: 我們的窩輪監察站在每個交易日的交易時段內,全面性監察窩輪的股價異動,由於窩輪波幅往往較正股來得突然和較大,我們認為由其股價觸及百分之五的波幅,即有需要作即時報導,隨而每百分之三再作追擊報導,務使讀者能追貼其走勢。



Mission Rosetta - Au secours, Philae ne répond plus

«Aucun contact n'a été établi avec Philae depuis le 9 Juillet», a annoncé l'Agence spatiale européenne (ESA). Le robot spatial européen, installé sur la comète «Tchouri», est muré dans le silence depuis 10 jours, suscitant l'inquiétude des scientifiques qui craignent qu'il ait bougé et ne puisse plus transmettre de précieuses données.

Selon les experts du Centre de contrôle au sol de l'agence spatiale allemande (DLR), le robot-laboratoire pourrait avoir bougé et ne plus être en contact avec la sonde Rosetta, qui escorte la comète et relaie les informations qu'il envoie vers la Terre. Un déplacement probablement dû aux jets de gaz et de poussière que la comète 67P/Tchourioumov-Guérassimenko crache en se rapprochant du soleil. Ce changement de position pourrait rendre ses antennes inopérantes et donc le mettre hors d’usage.

Des scientifiques inquiets

«Nous sommes un peu inquiets», a reconnu la porte-parole du DLR, Manuela Braun, qui va désormais essayer de «comprendre» ce qu’il se passe avec Philae. «Nous ne pouvons pas dire que Philae est mort, mais il semble envoyer (des données) à son propre rythme.»

Les scientifiques pourraient repositionner la sonde Rosetta, mais ils ne peuvent pas déplacer Philae. Alors, les experts de la mission veulent analyser la situation «avant de changer quoi que ce soit qui pourrait empirer la situation». Affaire à suivre.

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Deuxième contact avec le robot Philae
Il y a 50 ans, la première “marche dans l’espace”
La nouvelle découverte de Philae

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