I’m not a very confident person, actually not at all, specially about my appearance. I used to don’t have friends in my old school, so I went to a new school this year and it turned out to be one of the best things I did in my life. But I got a friend, and I really like her, but I feel uncomfortable when I’m with her because she’s very popular and beautiful, I feel like the ugly friend who doesn’t fit. I feel like I don’t belong there.


I plan on going to see Lacuna Coil in March for the Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour. I keep hearing that Lacuna Coil and other bands stay after the shows to sign autographs and stuff, but I keep seeing all these packages that cost lots of money to do a meet and greet with them. Does anyone know if its free to meet with them after the show, or do I have to buy one of those packages? It sounds like they do it for free, but I don’t know why they would offer those packages making people pay tons of money if it isn’t. ?


Daysea:  7200 - 5961 - 7808

Took a dreamy visit to @mooncakecrossing‘s lovely town, Daysea! Some of my favorite parts about this town were the amazing dirt paths (the instrument shelter area was my absolute favorite!), the windy paths that leaded to secluded public works projects, and the beach – it was so beautiful and the beach towels were so cute. I loved this town! Will definitely be visiting again soon. 😊💚

of pretty boys and a practice room

taekai, non au, pg13 (for swearing), 5961 words.
happy belated birthday @onewgoon, sorry i couldn’t finish it on time ;u;
“Perhaps that is all Jongin wanted to hear – the reassurance that he’ll always have the comfort of leaning his head on a familiar shoulder.”

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10/20/16 1.00 mile
No headphones!
YTD: 1060.85 miles
AVG: 3.5961/day
293 days in a row

So I ran at lunch. Quelle surprise, non?

I sat in the hot tub and stretched. Don’t think it did much good.

After dinner I lifted.

My quads were still a little sore, but I figure I’ll manage,

And I had almost forgot that my running buddy Carlo challenged me to the 22 pushups for 22 days thing in honor of combat veteran suicide awareness.

Oh, and I also rode my bike in there somewhere.