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Hey! I was wondering if you have any bed sharing fics?? Or an update?? Or, something. THANKU!! I love you guys!!

bed sharing tag

Just Waiting for You to Catch On by RoseByAnyOtherName17 (1/1 | 1,800 | PG13)

Stiles and Derek got thrown together every time they were even in the vaguest vicinity of each other.

I’ll Watch You In Your Sleep by Anonymous (1/1| 4,593 | PG13)

“Am I gonna see you again?” he asks when Derek zips up his bag.

His shoulders visibly tense and he doesn’t turn around as he answers. “I can’t promise you that.”


In which Derek has no place in Beacon Hills anymore, but without him, Stiles can’t feel at home either.

Something New by peachpetrichor (1/? | 3,842 | G)

It happens just before he’s supposed to leave.
Everything is fine, the town is fine, their friends are safe.
And then it hits him, like a zap of electricity, but so much worse.

How the pieces don’t fit by Bex_carma (1/1 | 1,370 | PG13)

“Derek would like to go to his grave swearing that isn’t the worst part, but he can’t help it. Stiles incessant chatter has boiled down to cut off sentences and pained frowns, like he’s still trying to decide if the thoughts and feelings are his entirely.”

Do pidgeons have feelings? by Mareridt (1/1 | 2,398 | PG13)

“Derek, do you think…”
“Ask me again if pidgeons have feelings, I dare you.” the wolf growled. “One more fucking time, Stiles, and I’ll rip your throat out with my fucking teeth.”
“That’s rough, buddy.” Stiles frowned, turning his head to look at him. “I’m just trying to figure out if I should feel guilty. I mean, I hate pidgeons, and I kick them as soon as they get too close-”
“Sounds like something I’d do with you.”

not quite a vegas wedding by Anonymous (1/1 | 11,266 | G)

“Seriously. Think about it. What could possibly be more romantic than throwing away your entire life and running off with some handsome, dark-haired stranger you spotted across a restaurant?”

Wedding Daze (movie) Adaptation AU

slow (sebstan)

title: slow (pt 2 to hurricane)
pairing: sebastian x ofc
warnings: jealous seb, handsy strange men, lil angst, smut, daddy kink, it’s dirty idk
word count: 3,593 
a/n: here’s part two my friends!! sorry for the wait, part three should be up soon :) hmu if you like it ! also, requests are open

part one // part three // part four


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So what are some of your most popular posts? :D

You know, this ask was actually rather timely, because I just recently reached another milestone for my blog!

So I suppose it’d be nice to take a trip down memory lane with some of my most popular posts :D

Now then, to answer your question, I’ll assume that any text post or rant with over 1,000 notes constitutes being popular (because it’s much easier for gif sets and artwork to accumulate notes). So with that in mind, these are my most popular posts, from least to most popular (the notes are obviously only accurate as I type this):

Naruto and Sakura (1,021 notes)

SS’s Unconditional Support of Each Other (1,115 notes)

Even The Roughest Woman Is Tender to the Guy She Loves (1,180 notes)

Team 7′s Dreams For the Future (1,192 notes)

Sasuke Cared (1,242 notes)

What Kishi Wants You To Hear (1,593 notes)

The SS Ship Captains (1,610 notes)

Sasuke Uchiha - A Timeline of Significant Events (1,693 notes)

The Biggest SS Shipper (1,874 notes)

Sakura Haruno - From a Girl to a Legendary Kunoichi (2,000 notes)

In Honour of the Biggest Tsun/Kuudere (2,048 notes)

As you can see, my most popular post is kinda in a league of its own! Lol:

Popular Claims About Sakura (3,639 notes)

But yeah, there you go Anon ^_^


· Dug out my childhood copy of, you guessed it, one of the greatest Batman stories ever told: Detective Comics #593.

· John Wagner & Alan Grant story, Norm Breyfogle pencils, Steve Mitchell inks, Adrienne Roy colors, Anthony Tollin cover colors, Todd Klein letters, 1988.

· I used to rip out the ads in DC comics (see between pages 4 & 5); Marvel always had comics on the flip side of their ads. Anyway, this page–!

· Brisk page but tons of weight. The staging, the flow– This was one of my major blueprints as a formative cartoonist.

· Such a good payoff, story wise, visually. You *know* it’s coming, but it’s so earned. Shades of Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man-lifting.

· Letters page needed some color. Otherwise, the perfect comic.


Word count: 593

“Oh but why?” You sobbed, grabbing a tissue so that you could blow your nose. You were catching up on your favorite dramas and your favorite character in one who happened to be the male lead was involved in a life threatening accident. You couldn’t help but shed a few tears as the sad scenes unfolded.

Meanwhile, Jooheon was in the bedroom taking a well deserved nap. When he woke up, he heard you sniffling. He rubbed his eyes and checked the time. He slowly crawled out of bed and went to check on you just like any good boyfriend would.

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Pacifier (Idol AU)


GENRE: Angst/Fluff

PAIRING: Reader/Jackson


PLOT: When Jackson and Jaebum lose it during their preparations for their comeback, Bambam calls you to pacify the situation as their sunbae and not Jackson’s girlfriend.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: LOL OK SO FUNNY STORY. I’m currently writing @ohshyeol-whispers‘s chanyeol request but it’s taking me a while since I want it to turn out 11/10 so this is like an i’m-so-sorry-i-haven’t-posted-anything-please-forgive-me post. yes. I’M SO SORRY OK. also I realise I don’t have a lot of igot7 followers so I’m sorry to my followers who want bts/exo scenarios! request some!!! it makes it easier for me when I want to fill in the gaps between big projects (: anyway. enjoy! (✿◠‿◠)

Originally posted by jackpot852

Ah sushi. My favourite, my bae, my one true love. You had just finished a studio session with one of the producers, recording for your solo debut after being part of a girl group for a little over 4 years and counting. You were JYP’s maknae—only 18 years of age—so naturally you were immediately liked. You were exceptionally talented, joining the company at 13 and debuting only a year later, so the pressure was on you to deliver. With pressure however ultimately came the stress and right now you were drowning in it. So what better way to cope than to stuff your face with your favourite?

Just as you were about to pop a piece of maki into your mouth, a loud ringing came from your left causing an exasperated groan to slip from your throat as you picked up your phone to answer the call.

“Sunbae?” Bambam—your hoobae and friend since your trainee period—called shakily through the phone.

“Bambam? What’s wrong?” you immediately placed your chopsticks down, your salmon maki going unnoticed.

“I-It’s Jackson-hyung and Jaebum-hyung. They’re fighting and-” a loud crash resonated from somewhere behind him and you flinched, clutching your phone tighter, “-and now they’re throwing things onto the ground and we don’t know what to do sunbae! They won’t stop!”

“Okay calm down, I’m coming over. Where are you?”

“Basement practice room. Please hurry!”

You quickly put enough money on the table for whatever you ordered and rushed out the sushi shack, jogging your way down the street towards the JYP building. Upon stepping out of the elevator you could already hear shouting so you quickly straightened yourself out and marched into the room.

“Yah! Im Jaebum! Wang Jia Er!”

“(Y/N)-ssi?” Jaebum spoke first, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion and lingering anger.

“Is that how you greet your sunbae?” you glared, placing your hands firmly onto your hips. You weren’t showing it but you were a little nervous, using your position as their senior to your advantage. You surely couldn’t use age—you were younger than all of them—so you didn’t have much choice. You were close to the boys so you felt a little icky using this against them.

He ignored you, turning his attention to Bambam with clenched fists, “You called her didn’t you? Why would you call her?

At this you growled, taking strides until you were right in front of him, sizing him up with the anger surging through you. “Yah. You may be older than me Im Jaebum but I am still your sunbae so you better speak and treat me with respect when I am addressing you as such.” your voice was firm and icily cold as you stared up at him from your height. Jaebum knew better than to belittle you in front of his members—that would lead them to lose respect for him—so he clenched his jaw and stepped back, bowing in apology.

“Joesonghamnida.” he muttered. Around you the other members bowed and greeted you softly and you bowed in response, smiling apologetically to them.

You nodded sharply in Jaebum’s direction before addressing the entire group. “You’re probably wondering why I’m here; and honestly I’m asking myself that too. You guys are in the middle of preparing for your comeback so why are you standing around wasting your time fighting?”

“Because some people only know how to find fault in other people!”

“Jackson that isn’t how you should speak to your leader.”

“Jagi-” you quickly shut him up with a look, telling him silently that right now you were speaking as his sunbae and not his girlfriend.

“I was only trying to help you improve!” Jaebum shot angrily over your small conversation.

“Helping me is one thing but scrutinising my every move is another!”

“That’s enough!” they sure got at it fast, you thought bitterly before sighing irritatedly. “Can someone other than these two please explain to me what happened before world war 3?”

“We were practicing for our new song but Jaebum kept stopping and restarting because Jackson kept messing up. Jackson got mad then Jaebum got mad and that’s how we got here.” Mark explain, earning himself a glare from Jaebum and Jackson. “To be fair this is the first time we’re practicing the entire song since we learnt it and everyone was messing up too.” he quickly added making Jackson’s shoulders relax visibly.

“Yah, seriously? I get that you’re stressed but do you really have to go at each other’s throats over something so small? I’ve never seen either of you this angry before and the fact that Bambam had to call me in the middle of my dinner to come down here and stop you fighting says something don’t you think? This isn’t your first comeback guys, come on.” they stayed quiet at this, neither of them daring to speak up. You could tell they were embarrassed—the slight pink tint on their cheeks gave that away—so you sighed once more, closing your eyes.

“Can you guys just apologise to each other and get on with practice?” to your surprise they both nodded, looking up at each other to mumble out their apologies before you nudged both their shoulders, motioning with your hands that they should hug it out with a cheeky smile on your face. They groaned in response, fighting off their own smiles, before reaching over to hug the life out of each other causing large grins to spread across the other 5 members’ faces.

The two Js continued to have their own little conversation before Bambam made his way over, squeezing your shoulders making you jolt in surprise. “Thanks noona.” he smiled sheepishly.

You punched him lightly in the shoulder, “I’m not your noona!” you whined, pouting as he grinned at you.

“You act like it! Wah noona you were so cool talking all authoritatively like that!” you punched him again, blushing profusely.

“It’s not like I enjoy acting tough like that okay! You guys are my friends I don’t like seeing you fight.”

“Well thank you again noona. I don’t know what we would do without you.”

“Stop calling me noona!”

“Do what the lady tells you to Bammie.” Jaebum chuckled, throwing an arm around your shoulders and shooting you a cheeky smile.

“Oh yeah? Like you ever do?” you rolled your eyes but couldn’t fight the fond smile that crawled across your lips.

“It’s just weird having a sunbae younger than us!” he defended, to which you rolled your eyes again playfully, shaking his arm off to walk over to your boyfriend.

You snuck your arms around his waist as he was grabbing his water, your chin resting comfortably on his shoulder.

“Hey oppa.” you whispered, pecking his cheek lightly.

“Oh I’m your oppa now? Not your hoobae?” he teased with a pout, turning around in your arms to wrap his own around you.

You sighed, and poked his side earning you a high pitched squeal, “That’s when I was addressing you as your sunbae. Now I’m addressing you as your jagi so GIVE ME SOME LOVE!” you whined and he chuckled, swooping down to deliver a chaste kiss, his thumb rubbing circles into your hip.

“Okay you two that’s enough!” Yugyeom cooed from his position on the couch.

“Uh no, you shush. Someone here owes me a sushi dinner and I’m not leaving until I get one.”

“Jackson you take her; I’ll pay for it.” Jaebum said walking over, handing some money over to Jackson.

“Huh? Hyung are you sure? Are you okay? Did you hit your head on something?” Jackson asked frantically, his eyes wide in mock wonder.

“Yah you little-”

“Oooookay! I think that’s our que to leave oppa! I’ll have him back later so you guys can continue practicing!” with that you quickly grabbed onto Jackson’s arm, pulling him with you in the direction of the elevators as he shouted his goodbyes to his members.

You both walked leisurely towards the same sushi shack you had run out of, the two of your arms intertwined tightly as you pulled your jacket tighter around you. Your eyes were trained on the bright green neon sign as you playfully swung your legs one in front of the other but Jackson’s eyes were stuck on you, taking in the slopes of your face as the street lamps casted shadows across them. He felt so lucky in that moment, thinking of all the things you had done for him and all the things you had achieved on your own, and yet you were here wrapped around his arm, a contented smile dancing on your lips.

“I’m sorry you had to see that by the way.” he spoke up suddenly, causing you to whip your head around to look up at him.

“See what?”

“Us; fighting like that.”

You giggled and shook your head, resting it heavily onto his right shoulder. “Don’t be sorry. When I first debuted with my eonnis you remember how much we fought don’t you? We still fight sometimes—not as intensely as you guys do anymore—but it’s been so long now and they no longer see my age as a weakness. Eventually you guys will stop fighting over small things like this but until then it’s okay to be at each other’s throats sometimes.”

He smiled and kissed the top of your head, placing his own above yours as you neared the entrance of the sushi shack. “I love you.” he mumbled softly, pushing the door open.

“I love you too hoobae.” you teased, earning you a light shove.

Thiên hạ không có nuôi bạn lớn ngày nào, lúc bạn khổ thiên hạ cũng không ở cạnh lo cho bạn, đau cho nỗi đau của bạn. Lúc bạn vui thiên hạ lại càng không quan tâm chưa kể là còn phần ganh ghét. Vậy hà cớ gì mà nhiều bạn cứ bận tâm lo sợ chuyện thiên hạ đánh giá cuộc đời của mấy bạn quá vậy? Kì chưa?

Phan Ý Yên

cover me up, cuddle me in

593 words

Amberle Elessedil/Eretria

eretria isn’t a fan of thunderstorms and crawls into bed with amberle because she’s scared

a/n: for the prompt princess rover + ‘why are you in my bed?’ from @puppyfacedbrokenboys

once again, this prompt is from forever ago but i’m cleaning out my inbox and trying to fill all the unfilled prompts. anyway, i’m sorry that this is so late and i hope you like it. also happy birthday for like, a week ago!

you should know that bed sharing bc one of them is afraid of thunderstorms is one of my favourite tropes ever. i have a longer bed sharing fic set in verse here if you’re interested.

title from ‘kiss me’ by ed sheeran


Amberle wakes up at three am when Eretria climbs into her bed and elbows her in the stomach when she tucks herself into Amberle’s side.

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Day 18 Of BenKaru - Out With Friends

Fandom: Star Trek AOS
Characters: Hikaru Sulu, Ben Sulu, Nyota Uhura, Pavel Chekov
Pairing: BenKaru
Rating: PG
Word Count: 593
Day Eighteen of the BenKaru 30 Day Challenge - Out With Friends
See My Master Post For Links To All Stories

They arrived at the sports bar as the space was beginning to fill up. Ben hovered behind Hikaru, his hand fiddling with the cuff of Hikaru’s opposite shirt sleeve. He gave soft apologies and kept his head down as they worked through the crowd towards a booth on the edge of the space. The booth was already occupied by two people, both of whom Ben had the pleasure of meeting before.

“There you both are,” Nyota said, a smile on her face, “And here I thought we were going to have to send out a search party.”

“Not this time,” Hikaru said, edging into the unoccupied bench. Ben moved in next to him, letting go of the man’s shirt sleeve in the process. Once he settled, an ease seeped into him.

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Siapa Sebenar Al-Bani?

Al Bani itu bukan Muhaddith kerana Muhaddith adalah orang yg mengumpulkan hadith dan menerima hadith dari para periwayat hadith sedangkan Al Bani tidak hidup di masa itu. Dia hanya menukil-nukil dari sisa kitab hadith yang ada masa kini.

Kita boleh lihat Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal yang hafaz 1,000,000 hadits (1 juta hadith), termasuk sanad dan hukum matannya, hingga digelar Huffazudduniya (salah seorang yg paling banyak hafalan hadithnya di dunia), (rujuk Tadzkiratul Huffaz dan siyar a’lamunnubala) dan beliau tidak sempat menulis semua hadith itu. Beliau hanya sempat menulis sekitar 20,000 hadith saja, maka 980,000 hadith lainnya sirna ditelan zaman.

Imam Bukhari hafaz 600,000 hadith termasuk sanad dan hukum matannya di masa mudanya, namun beliau hanya sempat menulis sekitar 7,000 hadith saja pada Sahih Bukhari dan beberapa kitab hadith kecil lainnya, dan 593,000 hadith lainnya sirna ditelan zaman. Demikian para Muhaddith besar lainnya, seperti Imam Nasaie, Imam Tirmizi, Imam Abu Dawud, Imam Muslim, Imam Ibn Majah, Imam Syafie, Imam Malik dan ratusan Muhaddith lainnya,

Muhaddith adalah orang yg berjumpa langsung dengan perawi hadith bukan berguru hanya dengan buku-buku. Al Bani hanya jumpa dgn saki baki buku hadith yang ada masa kini.

Al Bani bukan pula Hujjatul Islam, iaitu gelaran bagi mereka yg telah hafaz 300,000 hadith berikut sanad dan hukum matannya, bagaimana dia hendak hafaz 300,000 hadith, sedangkan masa kini jika semua buku hadith yg tercetak itu dikumpulkan maka hanya mencapai kurang dari 100,000 hadith.

Al Imam Nawawi itu adalah Hujjatul islam, demikian pula Imam Ghazali, dan Imam-Imam lainnya.

Al Bani bukan pula Alhafiz, beliau tak hafaz 100.000 hadith dengan sanad dan hukum matannya, karena ia banyak menusuk fatwa para Muhaddithin, menunjukkan ketidak fahamannya akan hadith-hadith tersebut.

Al Bani bukan pula Al Musnid, iaitu pakar hadits yg menyimpan banyak sanad hadith yg sampai ada sanadnya masa kini, iaitu dari dirinya, dari gurunya, dari gurunya, demikian hingga para Muhadditsin dan Rasul saw, orang yg banyak menyimpan sanad seperti ini digelari Al Musnid, sedangkan Al Bani tak punya satupun sanad hadith yg muttashil.

Berkata para Muhaddithin, “Tiada ilmu tanpa sanad” Maksudnya semua ilmu hadith, fiqih, tauhid, al Qur;an, mestilah ada jalur gurunya kepada Rasulullah saw atau kepada sahabat, atau kepada Tabien, atau kepada para Imam Imam. Maka jika ada seorang mengaku pakar hadith dan berfatwa namun ia tak punya sanad guru maka fatwanya mardud (tertolak) dan ucapannya dhoif dan tak boleh dijadikan dalil untuk diikuti, kerana sanadnya Maqtu’.

Apa pendapat anda dengan seorang manusia muncul di abad ini lalu menukil nukil sisa-sisa hadith yg tidak mencapai 10% dari hadith yg ada di masa itu, lalu berfatwa ini dhoif, itu dhoif.

Saya sebenarnya tak suka bicara mengenai ini, namun saya memilih untuk mengungkapnya juga kerana hancurnya ummat hari ini kerana tipuan dari seorang yang hakikatnya adalah cuma tong kosong.

~ Al-Marhum Al-Allamah Al-Habib Munzir Fuad Al-Musawwa

Sumber : Ilmu Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah asya'irah wal maturidiyah.


A/N: Hello honey bees) I feel like it came out quite shitty If you have any tips, request, hate comment or anything you’d like to say to me send it to my ask I’ll be more than happy to read it)

Summary: After a night of heavy drinking the reader finds herself asleep next to a hunter.

Pairing: dean x reader Words: 593 Abbreviations: Y/n= your name, y/e/c= your eye color

You woke up from feeling someone breathing on you. Carefully, you took the knife from under your pillow and you raised it on the creature that has been watching you sleep. You see now that the thing is staring at you with big surprised eyes.

“Well good mornin’!” He said. You felt annoyance from his slumberous voice

“Sorry, reflexes…” You admitted putting the knife down. You looked down to see the big old scar on your forearm.

“How much did we drink last night? Jeez my head’s spinnin’the man said. He had Beautiful green eyes, a well sculpted body and god that sexy jawline you thought.

“So, I don’t think I got your name yesterday…” You found it quite ironic that you’ve spent the whole night with this man and neither of you remembered each other’s names.

“Y/n” you said trying to guess which name that lovely looking man owns.

“Y/n, y/n, y/n, it’s a very pretty name you have!” the man said. You still couldn’t quite make up his name.

You knew it started with a “D“…maybe Durk? Or Daniel? Or maybe even Dick?

“And what is yours, darling?” you said quickly to make the two of you share the same amount of personal information on each other.

“Dean” he said looking down from your eyes to your cleavage. you immediately thought about the famous Dean Winchester that you heard of so many times .you never saw the man but the way Rufus was talking about him and his brother; they seem to be heroes. There is no way that the guy next to you, who picked you up from a bar in Indiana, is the one who saved the world from Lucifer. But you took a chance.

“As in Winchester?” you said knowing that there is no way that this is him. His eyes opened up as you finished your sentence. He then gripped your knife and placed it under your neck ready to slice it open any second now “what are you and how do you know?!”He said angrily

“Relax! Just wait up a sec.! Do you know a guy named Rufus? He was a hunter. He used to tell me about you guys, what a shame he died.” You said calmly with your most soothing voice. His heart stopped racing. It took a steady beat as he continued to stare in to your y/e/c eyes. After what it felt like an eternity, you said, unsure whether you can talk or not “Hey dean? Are you okay?

“Yeah, I just…sorry, I thought you were some kind of demon or something evil that wants my head on a stick. Can you forgive me?” The green eyed man said with such sadness in his voice it was nearly pity.

“Of course, Dean! Don’t even question it. I would have done the same thing, it’s hunter reflexes…” you said not understanding why would he be so broken up about this. “Do you want to go out for breakfast? I could meet your brother.” You asked kindly.

“All right, but you’ll have to help us with our hunt!” he said with that now familiar smirk, he had the same when you first met him.

“Okay, but you’re paying for breakfast” you yelled from the motel room’s bathroom. You couldn’t help but wonder what he’s like in real life when you get to know him. You took off dean’s oversized for your tiny body flannel shirt as you stepped in to the shower, you let the warm water run through your greasy hair. You had finally met the famous Winchester.

Send in some requests, I have no idea what to write about! let me know if you want a part 2!