Argentina: (011) 5275-1135 

( Línea gratuita de Asistencia Psicológica: 4861-3313)

( Línea de prevención del suicidio en Argentina: 135 (linea gratuita)

Chile: (00 56 42) 22 12 00 -  6003607777

Colombia: (57-1) 323 24 25

Perú: (00 51 1) 273 8026

Ecuador: (593) 2 6000477

México: 54834199

Venezuela: 0241-8433308

Costa Rica: 2250-1508

El Salvador, Guatemala; 5392 5953

Paraguay; (Emergencia: 149) 

Uruguay: 0800 8483 (gratis, de 19 a 23 horas) 095 738483 (24 horas) *8483 (24 horas, gratis movistar y antel) 

Brasil; +55 51 211 2888

Bolivia, España, Puerto Rico; 1-877-784.2432

EE.UU; 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Es muy importante compartir esto. Por favor, si te sentís mal; es importante decirlo y apoyarte en alguien, no estás solx. podés salir del pozo, te pueden ayudar. lo estás haciendo bien y estoy muy orgullosa de vos por pedir ayuda.



As part of ‘Marvel Legacy’ long-running series are reverting to their original titles and numbering. Currently on sale - She-Hulk #159, Daredevil #595, Moon Knight #188, Iron Fist #74, The Avengers #673, Venom #157, The Invincible Ironman #593, Black Panther #166, and Captain America #695!

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Hey! Your prompts always make my day! Could I have some prompts of the antagonist experimenting on the protagonist?

1) “It’s an interesting little concoction,” the antagonist murmured. “It takes over every cell in your body except your brain. Quite ingenious, if I do say so myself.” 
“The brain controls-”
“-Kill your friend.”
They did in a heartbeat, in horror.
The antagonist smiled.

2) “I’ve always found the limits of human endurance to be a fascinating thing. It can vary so much from subject to subject, so situational. Endurance in what? Under what conditions?I’m really struggling to find the common factors - it could revolutionize modern psychology.” The antagonist looked really quite put out by this struggle. 
The protagonist glared at them furiously, desperately. 
“But you, you’re doing remarkably well on all fronts. You really could be quite an asset to human evolution, 593.”
That’s not my name.

3) “People always talk about love like it’s some kind of magic, happiness like its some kind of secret. It’s just chemicals. Do you feel happy?”
The protagonist had a feeling that they really shouldn’t, surrounded by destruction. But they felt blissful. Heart singing, like nothing back could touch them. Even as something bad did.
The antagonist brushed their hair back from their face, oh so gently. “That’s better, isn’t it? You were my first. I hadn’t quite got it right then. But now. Oh, don’t you feel wonderful? How much should we sell it for, darling?”

so who is the guy at the end of IM 593?

I have a theory, and I think that AI Tony grew himself a body.

- we know he really wanted to be a real boy. no one treated him like the real tony he wanted to be.

- related to the previous point, he really was having isues with not having a body

- he crawled out of a dubious looking chamber, extremely weak, with no hair (why would the Real Tony totally shave off? and he is/was comatose but hdon’t know if his awesome high tech pod didn’t keep his muscles intact). he couldn’t really move properly: could be that he’s weak, could be that he’s not used to having a body.

- the first thing he did, obviously in pain, was to reach out for the armour. this is a very tony move, an ai tony obviously is tony, but also: it was the old armour. and the one ai tony was wearing lately. none of the real tony’s shiny new models.

- and then he just curled up in the fetal position, exhausted and helpless and without any comfort but the armour. because it’s his first moments in the real world, so to speak?

- it would fit he January solicits question of “is this the tony we know and love” as it was actually the question with AI tony

Empress Suiko (554 – 15 April 628) 

Art by Amy (tumblr, book tumblr)

Empress Suiko is the first of Japan’s seven female rulers and the 33rd monarch of Japan.  Prince Shōtoku served as her regent.  

Japan went through many changes during Empress Suiko’s reign.  Buddhism was imported to Japan during this period and Empress Suiko encouraged its spread.  Empress Suiko is also credited with the adoption of the Sexagenary cycle calendar in Japan.  During this period, Prince Shōtoku also created the Seventeen Article Constitution and Twelve Level Cap and Rank System which allowed bureaucrats to advance based on skill rather than heredity.  

Empress Suiko reigned from 593 until her death in 628.

Just EXO things #593
  • Suho: would you shoot your best friend in the leg for 10 million dollars?
  • Chanyeol {to Sehun}: you shoot me, and then when my leg gets better, we buy a big ass house and range rovers.
  • Sehun: you can shoot me too, we'll have 20 million.
  • Chanyeol, nodding: good thinking, fuck the system.
  • Suho:
XNTJ vs XNTP Science

XNTJ Science: Now that I’ve found the most probabilistic event that’ll occur from this experiment without actually doing it, I should have a good idea of what I’m looking for to see that if my hypothesis is correct.

XNTP Science: I had an idea late at night and set up a thing. I dunno what’ll do, but there’s a good chance that’ll cure cancer or blow up the planet. Welp. *starts test*

The struggle is real
  • Me when Cassandra Clare's askbox is closed: Has 593 important, coherent questions about the books.
  • Me when Cassandra Clare opens her askbox: Ummm... What's a book?