the signs as expensive and probably overpriced jewelry

Aries: this €415 very simple necklace with a cross
Taurus: this €2,520 ring that i can’t really describe but it’s cool i guess
Gemini: this €4,650 ring that contains 7 conjoined rings
Cancer: this €585 peach colored chain plexiglass necklace thing
Leo: this €2,105 necklace that resembles ancient armor kinda
Virgo: this €2,339 conjoined pink tiger necklace
Libra:  this €1,515 necklace with a person hanging off it
Scorpio: this €1,350 earring that looks like something i made in grade 2
Sagittarius: this €1,250 ring that looks like a beetle with a floating eye
Capricorn: this €1,700 #1 ring that london tipton probably wore
Aquarius: this €1,555 shimmery starfish necklace
Pisces: this €590 unique centaur horn or shark tooth or something

Christmas with @Dior looks a little something like this… Which one would you like to see under the tree? ✖️ #bbloggers #bbloggersau #dior #luxury #giftguide #christmas #makeup #luxe

•Pret-a-porter Nude Palette
•5 Couleurs State of Gold Eyeshadow Palette #576 Eternal Gold
•DiorBlush Vibrant Colour Powder Blush #866 Rose Sublime
•Diorshow Fusion Mono Longwear Eyeshadow #631 Blazing
•Diorific Vernis Nail Polish #951 Passion
•Diorific Mat Lipstick #590 Troublante

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I’ve always appreciated this about One Piece, and I like that Oda’s having one of the strongest characters in the series say it here: it’s okay to cry.  So often shonen manga falls into the ‘real men don’t shed tears’ trope or present characters who cry as ‘weak’, and one of Oda’s strengths as a writer is allowing his characters to have human emotions.  

It’s not always pretty, but it’s real, and it’s what makes them so relateable and easy to root for.