In just 59 Days

If you were given the opportunity to create something in just 59 days, what would you create? What impact would you have on the on the world? Have you always had an idea for an app, webapp and never been motivated to make it happen?    

Well that is what 59 days of code is all about. Giving people an opportunity to create something and share their creations at a fantastic event. Here is the link to the web page please go and check it out don’t worry I will wait till you get back  (59 Days of code) ……….ok welcome back. Yeah it was cool right? Every designers and coders dream! A chance to make something and present it to people at an event specifically made to recognize technology! What you may be asking yourself is “Chad, ummmmm this is a Social Media blog why are you talking about coding and such?” Well let me answer your question. What you do not see is the hidden opportunity. The one that is not mentioned. 59 days of code is truly a marketers and Social Media enthusiast’s paradise. The true opportunity to work with real “start-ups” the ones that don’t have angel funding or venture capital. These are real bootstrap companies and an opportunity to shine for anyone who is into marketing on any level. Now I will never say that coders cannot be marketers at all or vice versa. Take the last year’s winner in the zero code categories Derrick Reimer who is idea “Guide-Kit”stole the show. He did it all by himself no extra team needed. There are those coders out there who do need a little help with coming up with a business plan and marketing strategy. This is where I come in.

Last year my friend Jared and I entered in our app called MyCloudCatalog. This was my first opportunity to come up with a valid business plan and how to market this app to the patrons of the symposium and to the judges in order to get on the “main stage” to feature the app in order to win actual money to get the start-up off the ground.  I got my feet wet and learned what it takes to take something that was an idea and turn it into a valid company from scratch and how to use Social Media to gain buzz and to find how to truly market the app to the masses. 

So, a competition that is meant for coders and designers to show off their ideas has now become a tri-fecta of awesome. Now you have the people to build the app, the people to make it look nice and useable and now the person to sell the hell out of it.

I have been given the opportunity to do this once again and put on my Social Media hat on as well as market research and marketing. Talk about resume builder right here. Not only that I am working for two teams. I will be advising one and focusing on another. I am not going to name the apps just yet nor will I say what they do just yet but I will be keeping everyone up to date with the progression! I know many “Social Media Professionals” want to make a legacy and be the next Scott Stratten or Gary Vaynerchuk but it all starts here. It starts with an idea which progresses to code then is made into something useable then is taken to all of you. It all starts and ends in 59 days.

            Oh if there is one thing you can do for me can you tweet at @Garyvee or @unmarketing and tell them to come and be a judge or to give a presentation I would greatly appreciate it!


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The Day after 59 Days.

These are my own personal thoughts on the 59 days of code event and the apps who I felt were the best. I have to say being a spectator and being able to go around the showcase floor and informally interviewing the apps and showing, a live feed was fun! I also put down the cam for a second to talk personally with the developers and marketers of these hopeful apps. I have to say from competing to being a spectator is two different things and I am glad to have experienced both. In talking with some of the booths I have come to appreciate the hard work they have all put in. By the way I WAS A VIP!!!! How cool is that! I want to thank Irma for allowing me to do this and putting on such a great event to show that Silicon Valley is not the only valley that holds talent! 

I am going to give you my top 3 out of the 0 code category first. These apps I feel were very original and had a true value and I do hope to see them finish their projects. Now I am not an official judge but this is my blog and I will write what I want! Now these are not in any sort of order.


Wishbooklet– Making gifting and gift receiving fun and easy.

      I simply loved how simple this app was and you can utilize social media in order to get your own “wishbooklet” to your family and friends. There is even a crowd source feature for your friends and family to pitch in on a particular gift. I completely dig this app and can’t wait to use it. 

Legend of Sky – Platforming adventure with story driven play mechanics.

Now this was probably the most visually impressive app/game out there and for it to be zero code and built from the ground up deserves special mention. I have seen other games in the competition and they are cool but this game is visually appealing and has a great story line.  If you have a chance just check it out for yourself

Draft Night – Manage a live fantasy football draft right on your iPhone.

I am not into Fantasy Football at all but to be honest because I have heard of how much of a pain it can be and the process can be long and annoying but after watching the demo of this app, I just might want to start a league. It really makes it simple and easy to do a fantasy draft right form your iphone. You can even post your picks to Facebook!  Let’s get ready for some foootbaaaalll!!!!

Here is my top 3 from the “in progress” category. The apps that I have chosen impressed me with their ideas. As I said above, they are in no particular order.

Socially Crowded – Get exclusive last minute deals on social events.

This will be the second year for Socially Crowded and I will admit the freshman performance was rather amateur to the senior this app has become. They really have nailed down their market and how to utilize a groupon type deal for strictly social events like concerts, clubs, events. I cannot wait to see the product in action.

CityRemi - Free text and email reminders for scheduled city services.

If you are like me, you often forget when the street sweeper is coming down your street, you forget to move your car, and now you are stuck with a filthy gutter while everyone else&rsquo;s looks great. Or ran outside in your undies because you forgot to take out the trash then this is the perfect app for you

Minderplus – Allowing teachers to record and reward student behavior.

Since I work with kids for a living I had to check this out.  I was impressed with the pitch and with the product. I really feel that teachers will love this app because it can only help the students. Being one of those “problem” children in my life, I know how important positive reinforcement is and this app will be able to track that.

Now I do not want to take away from the true winners of 59 Days because they did a great job and had great apps and I do have to give congrats to Ventata and Leadscreener for taking top prizes and to Ensemble Online for taking people’s choice! I hope that all of the entries keep hacking and marketing away and put their project out there because a lot of them are needed and are worth it! Below are pictures of the event itself and if you are looking to see the showcase floor and some interviews with the app makers you can click here or here