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J2 Gold Panel at NashCon 2017

It’s time to take a look at the morning panel from Nashville, my tinhat firmly in place.

This panel was a lot of fun. Jared seemed extra silly and hyper and Jensen appeared to be in good spirits as well. There were some really noteworthy moments - here are a few of them I spotted!

(0:40) Jared suggests he wasn’t present at SNS, although some claimed he was. I wonder what the truth is? And if he was really there, why hide it? Perhaps the fans would be disappointed to know he was around, but hiding from the audience.

(0:55) Okay, I’m awake. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(4:09) Jared breaks out with the Richard Marx again, playing “Right Here Waiting” while Jensen responds to a question…

(4:23) … and seems to be a little embarrassed by his romantic gesture.

(13:37) Jared didn’t hear the fan’s question due to providing her with background music, so he asks Jensen what she said. Is this a married couple thing? I think it’s a married couple thing.

(20:02) A fan asks which movie Jared and Jensen would like to place their families in (what?) and a fan tries to help Jensen with yelling “Ten Inch Hero.” Jared reacts with “Whoa, take it easy!” Protective, much? ;)

(29:58) Jensen has died and Jared soothingly slaps his… butt? Side? Crotch? I demand a better angle for this!

(29:59) Mm-m, mm-m, mmmm… Ooh la la, Jared! That just got real dirty real fast. Carry on with your wicked ways, sir!

(30:40) Jared has just faced a very emotional fan with a serious question about how to become happy and Jensen is ready with some water. It quickly turns into a joke about Jared not being able to catch bottles, but the sentiment is not lost on me (nor Jared, if I can read him right)

(31:16) Jared tells the fan how he cheers up on a bad day. Do I need to analyze this? You’re seeing this, right?

(31:35) Jensen can’t resist offering comfort to his boy. Of course they make it into a joke, but the sentiment doesn’t go anywhere. Aside the obvious, I think this is Jensen’s subtle way of showing that Jared has a hard time talking about these things. Notice how Jared leans into his hand slightly before putting up the front?

(33:18) Is this an “I’m okay, baby” butt slap? Jensen ends the panel very quickly after Jared has dealt with the question, marching off. If I may guess, he got angry with how once again someone put his boy in a tight spot and used him like a therapist. This has to end, people. Conventions should be fun for Jared as well!

Overall, I thought the panel was extremely enjoyable. The lads seemed to have a good time before the unfortunate anti-climax at the end. Some other interesting points in the panel:

  1. (21:56) Jared praises Jensen’s performance as Dean.
  2. (25:50) Jared jokingly celebrates the moment where he gets to kill his wife in season 4.
  3. (32:15) Jensen corrects that Jared wasn’t listening to Hendrix at his one-man dance party, but Britney. (Were you there, Jensen, or just teasing?)

PS: Main panel review here!


OH MY GIRL 5TH MINI ALBUM [Secret Garden] Album Composition

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anonymous asked:

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It’s kind of amazing how he hangs on to his rating. Meghan dropped 27 points after the Monaco story (from 48 on her post-engagement high to a barely-beating-the-Yorkies 21), but Harry held on.