Sibling Rivalry

Anonymous asked: How many times have Laura and Liam smacked, hit, or shoved each other on the stream?

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Updated through Episode 60

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Exarchia, Aug. 4th: Against Prison Slavery info event, with a comrade from Portland ABC, at Themistokleous 58 squat


On September 9th 1971, prisoners took over and shut down Attica, New York State’s most notorious hellhole.

On September 9th 2016, prisoners in struggle will launch work stoppages and other actions to shut down prisons all across the U.S., to push for a final end to prison slavery.

That the fires of solidarity spread across the world!

Presentation & discussion about the prisoner strike with a comrade from Portland ABC (USA)

Thursday August 4th at 20:00 at the terrace of the anarchist squat on 58, Themistokleous Street, Exarchia, Athens

Themistokleous 58 squat | Anarchist Black Cross [Greece] Anarchist solidarity cell | Contra Info translation counter-information network

You know what fucks me up? The fact that the rakshasa deliberately picked Gilmore. Rakshasas are sneaky beings. They’re criptic and seek vengeance and do things on purpose. They are twisted and know what makes the people they’re after tick. The rakshasa that came after Vax chose Gilmore. Rakshasas can read thoughts and know what will affect people. The rakshasa could have picked Vex, or Keyleth, or the twins’ mother, anyone. He picked Gilmore because it would hurt the most. That fucks me up.

Post-Episode / Missing Scene Thursday

With all of the fic that we read and recommend to you fine folks, we tend to get wrapped up with the Mulder and Scully we know and see in later seasons.  We take their relationship, trust, and dynamic for granted, and forget where they came from and the journey they had to take to get there.  Today’s rec is a wonderful blast from the past, taking place shortly after the Pilot. Back when all they really knew of each other was info from the rumor mill, and bullet points from their resumes.  Back when the trust still had to be earned, and it was just the beginning of something beautiful. 

Title:  Late Night at the Hoover

Author:  Fran58

Rating: PG

Length:  9K / word count: 4,600+

Synopsis:  A late night encounter

Spoilers:  Pilot

Possible Triggers:  None that we are aware of

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