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Full Moon in Capricorn: Step by Step by themagickalpen

July 19.2016 6:57p.m.

Sun in Cancer

Matter of continuum Depth and breath Of thin air.

One step taken Carefully and slowly Marking each in pace.

Diving deep to feel the Sting of new beginnings.

Structure and form taking Shape as carefully calculated Pause instinctively recoils……

Tonight the Moon waxes full in the astrological sign of Capricorn-Cardinal Earth. We need a space of strengthening after the recent events of several month’s worth of injustice, hate, violence, terror and words spoken that reek of content that is neither honorable nor truthful.
Now, the need for sure-footedness and graceful navigation on an earth that is shifting and changing in response to humanity’s cries for change!

Although Sun and Moon are in opposition (the usual aspect for a Full Moon), the sweet spot is the ability to refine and navigate the emotional landscape with the ease of the Sea-Goat; the astrological symbol for Capricorn. This is a creature that is able to dive into the depths of sea waters and scale the heights of aether and air. All with the preciseness and grace of the goat or ram of our physical existence.

Cancer is a water sign, ruled by the Moon and is steeped in the identification and security of home and family (whether biological or other). Here the emotions run deep and are fed by relationships that fill the heart’s thirst for interconnectedness.
Capricorn, takes that space of centeredness or the secure mid-ground, if you will, and uses it as the earthly rooted tether that allows for movement back to the waters of home that fed it or up towards the heavens and outer world that inspire it.

Thinking on these two as Father (Sun) and Mother (Moon), the mid-point of rootedness is knowing that each is in support of fostering emotional support and encouraging the exploration of moving out into the world in search of what that new definition of stability and security may become.

Anchor in Those Footholds

The Master waits at The Gate and the Adept Reaches out gingerly before The hand withdraws.

And the steepness of drop Reverberates at the base Of darkened overflowing well.

Gold coins falling as leaves Carried within the space Of hope-filled airy breath….

Capricorn is an Earth sign and the quality of earth expressed is that of strength and agility in navigating the paths of mundane existence, both pleasurable and challenging. Its modality is Cardinal in nature, which means that strength and agility will be rooted as the foundational energy of fresh starts, new gifts of manifest earthly) use and the building of skills that will serve in future strivings.

The ability to remain firmly rooted and anchored in whatever goal is set and to remain steadfast in the accumulated efforts towards that goal can be called upon to stabilize. The bumps in the road do not change, but your approach and the means by which you get to that place you desire can become intentional acts of anchoring and centeredness.

All, very useful in how we choose to proceed in the months ahead and what we remember of the challenges that have been left behind.

Step by Step

Once again the ascent begins The space of time claiming The continuum of Earthy Strength and Will.

One step taken Carefully and slowly In newly informed pace….

Consider this moon one of taking charge of how you move forward as you remain rock steady in where you are. Please enjoy a recorded meditation for reflection at this Full Moon in Capricorn.

Will be available this afternoon.. Step by Step

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