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Nickname: Layla is a nickname, but so is any shortened/sweeter form of Laura -Laura is my given name. So Lau, Laurita and things like that. Then there’s my mother, she goes for my full name, shortened forms but also anywhere from “Nana” to “Laya” to “Lala” so idk xD

Gender: Female

Star Sign: taurus

Height: 1.57cm

Time right now: 6pm

Last thing I googled: “Julius Caesar"

Favorite Bands: ahhsjhs I don’t even know where to start. I think just looking at this blog you can have a pretty good idea? So I’d go for some non-Korean artists: The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Clash, MCR and a large etc

Favorite Solo Artists: again non-Korean artists would be: Halsey, Sky Ferreira, Lou Reed, Hozier and large etc

Song stuck in your head: Red Velvet’s Automatic and Wonder Girls’ One Black Night

Last movie I watched: The Handmaiden -IT WAS AMAZING OMG

Last TV Show I watched: Jane the Virgin, third season

When did you create your blog: mmm… Last month? Maybe three weeks ago? Four as much

What kind of stuff do you post: kpop. This blog is a kpop mess, that’s the only way it can be defined

When did your blog reach its peak: I don’t think I’m there yet lol

Do you have any other blogs: Yes. I have another one for basically everything created about four years ago and yet another one just about rock that I made last year.

Do you get asks regularly: nope.

Why you chose your URL: ok so I really needed a url. And I got this beautiful song from Taemin’s Press It struck on my head -Soldier. One of the lines says “cause a devil kissed me” so I literally just copied it lol

Following: around 141

Posts: like 1938 I post a lot 😂

Hogwarts House: I was sorted twice, once to Hufflepuff and other time to Ravenclaw. It suits me, tbh

Pokémon Team: no idea

Favorite colors: I like all of them

Average hours of sleep: I try to sleep 8. I need them to fuction, butvlately I’ve been sleeping anywhere from 6 hours to 2 per day so… Basically a mess, I don’t even know anymore

Lucky Numbers: ???

Favorite Characters: oh no. I could make a whole other book just out of this I’m sorry

What are you wearing right now: pijama

How many blankets do you sleep with: 3

Dream job: I don’t know anymore

Dream trip: a tour around the world! I want to travel to literally everywhere so… Yeah, a world tour

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Hey. So I am 1,57cm, currently 120lbs. I want to be 95lbs. What do you think, how long should it take when I only drink one energy drink (390 calories) a day, 6 cups Green Tea & lots of water & burn 1500 calories (I burn really so much a day because I have a veeeery full day every day) a day? I need to know it because everytime when I hear that someone says "you just need 1 month for xy lbs" I am so motivated and it keeps me really motivated to stay strong. So how long do you think it takes? :)

I’ve found that this site http://www.losertown.org/eats/cal.php helps a lot with that. you just type in your stats, activity level, and how many calories you plan to eat a day and it’ll give you a week by week estimate. You can adjust youe activity level and calorie intake for a different result, the less calories or more activity, the less time itll take x


Youth Dollmore Eve - Poisonous Apple on Halloween

One day,  a beautiful girl Mio awoke in a dark alley….

Who was a poisonous apple littered on it made for?

she was waiting for a prince who can break the curse during a long night.

but it didn’t break.. only the cold moonlight and black cat befriended Mio..

And finally, you came to meet her here..

Mio handed a poisonous apple silently.

On Halloween, you will be invited by Mio….

* It is limited worldwide to just 15 pieces. ^^

<< Included >>

- make-up white skin head, assembled white body(flat feet, dollpire hands)
- D Glass eyes, wig, shoes
- default clothes(outer dress + inner dress + corset vest + stockings + hair deco + necklace)
- cushion, box, COA.

<< Body Size >>

*  height : 57cm
*  Circumference of Head  : 22.7cm
*  Circumference of chest  : 23.5cm
*  Circumference of waist  : 17cm
*  Circumference of hips  : 24.5cm
*  Circumference of  wrist  : 5cm
*  Circumference of ankle : 6.5cm
*  Lenth of arm : 18cm
*  Lenth of “from waist to the end of foot” : 36.5cm
*  eye size : 16mm
*  Foot size  : 7cm
*  wig size : 8-9 size