Hi Tumblr! My name is Isaac Ofori Solomon! I’m a Jew of African descent! My mother’s side are Ethiopian Jews and my father’s Ethiopian and Igbo Jews. On this day that we celebrate the preservation of our people and our diversity I am proud to be part of something so important. I also want to tell a little bit of my story. I was born March 10, 1999 (or Adar 22, 5759). I’m 16 years old, semi-religious, a zionist, and future anthropologist/rabbi. Every day of my life so far I’ve had to deal with someone trying to question my Jewishness and/or me being a Jew because of the color of my skin. It got so bad that from 6th to 8th grade I stopped wearing my kippah to school because I got tired of the harassment. Last year before starting 9th grade my grandfather(who is recently deceased) took me to Brooklyn so I could meet his friends. That’s when I met my best friend Shlomo who is Hasidim and he told me to never let anyone take who you are. The day after that was the first time I wore a yarmalke outside of a synagogue in years, and I haven’t stopped since. Since then I’ve noticed many things. One largely being the “white lie”. The way how in American society, not Western society, that allows so many Jews to hide who they are. Jews of ALL colors have tried to bury our heritage just to be comfortable in this antisemitic society. This is detrimental to a point that few truly are acknowledge. As a group of people we must unite and educate ourselves. We must also stop allowing gentiles to weigh so much on things that should only involve Jews. We also need to accept TRUE zionism. What does that mean? Zionism goes back to the time of Moses. It is simply realising that we as a people have a right to be defended and a right to our ancestral land. We need to stop selling our people down the river. Whether it is over color, politics, or interpretation. We need to stop it. We also need to be proud of our people. Physically, historically, and religiously. I’m tired of people demeaning Jews of color and hearing people say the idiotic phrase “You look Jewish”. Wtf does that mean. We’ve lived across AfroEurAsia and have mixed with the native populace. Someone who is Ashkenazi doesn’t look like someone who is Kaifeng or Lemba. Nonetheless we still are related and follow the same truth. We must stop letting goy define us. Repeat with me “DON’T LET GOY DEFINE YOU!!!” Shalom. I wish everyone an empowered preservation day.