Past Lives

Griffy lake woods 

at dusk

Taken with an 35mm Argus “Brick”

by a tiny

cold finger 


From a series of drawings 

done over the corse of 30 rack of Stroh’s

and 12 packs of South Paw Light;

while living with Jason

at 12th & Washington

Based on a Bike Ratz Theme 

and crushin’


In her prime


Drinking Buddies


Drinking Buddies pt. 2


These were taken after a shift at the Video Saloon.

we drank a few shift beers and cleaned up

I rode home where I

drank the bottom of a bottle

of John Powers I kept on my nightstand,

possibly next to a Bukowski book.

It started to get light

and I rode to find

the quarry I had swam in the previous summer.

I didn’t find it. 

instead I went to a breakfast place

and ordered some eggs 

to sober up.

I had worked there all summer making toast on the line.

at the end of the summer I got fired 

because I was bad at my job


So What? a video zine

suggested: view full screen w/ sounds 

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