570 4

First off:  I know I’m a bit of a nerd, hush up.

Second off:  Voldemort was supposed to have a long half-life.  That unicorn blood was a joke.

Okay, so Voldemort is known as You-Know-Who, which could totally be shortened to U-No-Who

U   -   Uranium    -   4.5 billion years
No -   Nobelium  -   58 minutes
W  -   Tungsten   -   121.2 days
Ho -   Holmium   -   4,570 years

Guys.  All of that calculated out and added together is 4,500,004,570.34011314 years.

Voldemort should have gotten about 4.5 billion years on that unicorn blood and he didn’t even get one.  It’s a joke.  Don’t kill unicorns.  Ain’t worth it.

Had a blast working on a project for @s3magazine today & stumbled upon this @lamborghini Super Trofeo LP-570-4 hiding in the @clpmotorsports garage!