I like reading Sam Winchester’s fics in AO3

but I always had the problem that, to read a fic about Sam I had to get through over 30k of Desti*el fics. 

At first I tried to exclude Dean or Castiel from my search but that didn’t work beacuse I like these two too! So I used a chrome extension to block the tag sometimes. Stil didn’t work for me:

What I do now is to put this .”-filter_ids:5672″ in the search within results bar.

And this hides every fic tagged as Castiel/Dean (every ship has a number)

Well, there are  some other things I always remove but that’s way easier.

I don’t have anything against desti*el. I like reading fics at times . But scrolling over 30k fics when looking for Sam’s centric material gets tiredsome after a while. 


I’m stuck. Either way I’m screwed and what I want most is to be able to feel, to actually care about it. I don’t want to hurt him, I suppose that’s caring. 2 guys, one that I feel so much for and want so badly to want me back. And the other one is so sweet and nice and caring, and I’m so scared to hurt him because he doesn’t deserve that. I don’t know how to explain it but I just don’t feel the same for him. I think I accidentally sort of fell in love with the other guy. With all of his flaws and honesty and his kisses and his eyes, and he makes me feel alive and sometimes crazy. I wish I could tell him that. It’s bottled up inside me and I hate it. I don’t want have him to leave in 2 months for the army, because I’m so afraid of how much I’ll miss him. Getting attached sucks, especially to someone who you’ll never have.

5672) Before I realized who I was I always got made fun of for my dark body hair, especially on my arms and legs. Now that I'm a guy it makes me feel amazing- my ftm friends are even jealous! But when I look at other guys I realize my body hair is nothing compared to theirs and I feel hopeless again.