I hate bothering people so I rarely ever vent or ask for help. But all my friends come to me asking for it. I’m glad they can rely on me, but I’m exhausting myself from helping out three different people at once while I can barely get by with what I’m going through. No one cares, though, why should they? I’m running on fumes here, there’s no gas left.


This gown, first made for Janet Leigh, went up for auction recently. You can see the listing here, which describes the dress as:

A 19th century style golden silk floor-length gown with lace trimmed   decoration, designed by Walter Plunkett. Stamp marked “MGM” and with a   handwritten inscription, “1435/ 5623/ Janet Leigh.” The film number on   the costume tag “1438” indicates that this was made for Leigh for the   film  That   Forsyte Woman (MGM, 1949).

The gown was first used on Janet Leigh in 1949 as June Foryste in That Forsyte Woman.  It appeared again in 1956 on Toni Gerry as Johanna in the film Lust for Life. It was seen briefly again in a crowd scene on an extra in the 1958 film The Brothers Karamazov.

The dress has clearly seen wear and tear over the years, and more than likely has been used in many other films than documented above.

Costume Credit: James

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5623) It was beyond surreal to have an encounter with a trans person who was out irl, have the topic of trans issues come up, and to be told "you wouldn't understand, being cis and all". I was too shocked to correct them. I can't believe I'm finally passing well enough for a statement like that to even be made.

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“Southern Pacific GP9 5623 slowly makes it way back to Sunol. After the excursion trian arrived at Niles, the 2472 halued the train back to Sunol on it’s own. The 5623 slowly followed behind the 2472.“