Sibling Rivalry

Anonymous asked: How many times have Laura and Liam smacked, hit, or shoved each other on the stream?

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So I just clued into the fact that my really attractive landlord has been flirting with me yesterday. I’ve lived in this house almost a year now.

What A Tragic Love Story!

Summary: After the massacre at Ric and Joe’s wedding, you were finally starting to move on. Kai, the love of your life, had died that night, along with many others. Or so you thought. Two years after losing Kai, Elena, Joe, and Liv, you were finally getting your life back together. You were in college, making friends and learning new things. You were happy, and you had finally let go of Kai. But what if the love of your life were to suddenly appear at your doorstep one day, and act like they never ripped your heart out of your chest? Like they never died? What would you do if you saw a ghost from your past? Oh… What a tragic love story!

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Universe/Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, CW.

Word Count: 1,687


A/N: OKAY! So, I came up with this idea as I rewatched the wedding crasher’s (Kai’s) scenes over again, and I knew that I just needed to upload it. This is going to be a multiple part series, because it would be too short and confusing if I just ended it here. BUT I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT, AND I HOPE I DON’T LET YOU DOWN! Enjoy, lovelies. MWAH!

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“C’mon, Y/N! Live a little!” Rose, one of your dearest college friends, called from across the room as she held the shot of vodka that you politely declined up in the air.

Shaking your head lightly in her direction, you had waved her off with a, “No, I’m okay! Thank you, though!” and kept walking in the other direction, silently trying to figure out how you had gotten to this frat party in the first place.

All you wanted to do tonight was sleep, but Rose had convinced you to go with her to this frat party she heard about today. And you were secretly digging her grave for it. As you scrunched your nose up in disgust at the reeking, alcoholic frat boys and preppy girls that stood grinding on the dance floor, you had looked around the house, trying to find a way out of this. Parties weren’t really your scene. Well, not at least ones with alcohol as the main beverage.

You shook your head to rid the thoughts that so dearly wanted to creep into your mind and haunt you for eternity, and made your way over to the closest open door that you could find, practically jumping out of it when you were close enough to have a safe landing on the grassy backyard. Groaning loudly, you squeezed yourself past drunk students and friends as you found yourself heading to your car. But you stopped in your tracks, stomping your feet on the ground like a 5 yr old as you remembered Rose inside the house.

You knew you couldn’t just leave her without a car, so you started to walk your way home. Luckily, Rose had the keys to the car, so you didn’t have to squeeze your way back into that sweat ridden house to give them to her. And soon, specifically about 15 to 20 minutes later, you were finally on campus. You sighed as you arrived at the local campus coffee shop, deciding to order a hot chocolate and bring it back to your dorm for safe keeping.

And as your were walking back to your dorm room, your lips against the warm exterior of the medium-sized cup you were holding in palm of your hands, you had a sudden feeling that someone was following you. But as you looked behind yourself to see no one there, you shrugged and continued walking.

Finally, you were back at your dorm in fresh, non-alcohol smelling clothes and your hair put into a high ponytail as you drank from your cup, sighing in content at the warmth that radiated through your body as your took each sip. But your moment of peace was soon forgotten as you heard a hard knock on your door. Something in the back of your mind told you to put your guard up, the old you, but you didn’t listen, pushing it aside as you thought it were probably just a stupid frat boy who saw your light on and wants to get laid.

However, your assumption was completely wrong.

Instead of an obnoxious, smelly frat boy at your door, there stood a ghost from your past - someone you thought you would never see again. Someone who haunted your dreams every night and who, two years ago, made you feel like you were the most important thing to him.

It was Kai. The man who murdered - or slaughtered would be the best term to describe it - dozens of people at his sister’s wedding, just so he could be the last one left standing. The man who broke your heart and all of your dreams two years ago, who frightened you to the point of you having to go to therapy for it, and who had left you. Left you back there with no one to love, no one to talk to, and no one to confide in.

Kai Parker was standing on your doorstep, smiling like he’d won the lottery and dancing on the balls of his feet like a child who just got rewarded for something he had done well with candy.

And as his smooth voice echoed in your ears, a sound you never thought you would here ever again, you felt like you were going to faint.

“Y/N?” Kai’s tone was worrisome, and would have been slightly comforting if you weren’t about to scream like you screamed the day you had lost Joe. Elena. Kai. However, your scream never came. Cause the next minute, Kai had his hand over your mouth, muffling your scream as tears flew from your eyes.

Sobs raked your body as Kai pushed you into your dorm room and slammed the door shut, placing your back softly against the wall as you let all of your nightmares and grief-ridden memories out of your system. And still, as Kai tried to silence your sobs and wipe your tears, you couldn’t help yourself but to admire him in this moment.

His blue-green eyes stared into yours, begging and filled with fear, yet shone so beautifully in the light of your dorm room. And more scruff lined his face since the last you saw of him, but it made him look manlier than ever. And even through the misery this boy put you though, all of the therapy sessions that you went to, the tears that you shed, the things that you broke just like your heart had broke that night, you still found yourself growing week at the knees at the sight of him and your heart fluttered with old, destroyed love that you thought you had gotten rid of a year, or even a couple months ago.

And even through the sobs that were raking your body and the shivers of being touched by Kai after so long, you had still managed to form a word.

“Kai…” you cried out, voice only slightly muffle by his hand since your body has calmed down only an ounce.

The pain in your face pulled at Kai’s heart. Caused the guilt that he tried so hard to get rid of to enter his bloodstream again. And Kai found himself pulling you to his chest, silently sobbing in your arms as you hugged him back, the shock of seeing your dead boyfriend in your dorm room finally striking your whole body.

“Y/N, I am so-” his voice had cracked, and he had taken a second to maintain control of his body. “I am so- so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I love you. I didn’t want any of that to happen, Y/N, you have to believe me.”

When you didn’t say anything, Kai pulled away from your embrace, enabling himself to look at your shock-ridden face. Kai sobbed, wiping the stray tears from your eyes as the tears he had been holding in this entire time finally fell from his eyes. Kai begged you to say something, anything, just so he could know you were okay, but you said nothing.

All you had done was stare at him, not moving a muscle in your body as Kai thumbed your cheek and placed wet, tear-stained kisses on your forehead. And Kai held you to his chest at the shock from your body slowly disappeared, slowly turning into anger.

And suddenly you were pushing him away from you, and yelling at him for what he has done to you these past two years, and banging on his chest, surely taking hits that will leave bruises on the spots as you pounded and pushed him away from you.


Kai was sobbing silently in the corner as you let everything you had been building up inside finally out of your system, and he had watched as the pain from the two years he had left you alone for had risen your eyes and shone harshly in the dorm room you two stood in. He had stood silent, letting you release all of your anger out on him, because he deserved it.

You were right. He did leave you. He was so blood-driven that he never once thought about you as he slaughtered everyone at that wedding and placed that curse on Elena and Bonnie. But he never once forgot about you and how much pain he might have caused you as he tried to come back, fought as hard as he could to be brought back here.

 And he fought that hard for you.

So he could finally be reunited with his one true love so that he could live a whole life with you, get married, have kid, build a family and stable life for you and him. But it didn’t go as he had planned. He hadn’t expected you to react this way, but he also hadn’t expected any less.

He deserved what you were doing to him right now, and he knew that. So he stood silent. Let you release all your energy out on him, and when he felt the time was right to speak…

He was going to fight as hard as he can to get you back. Because you were the love of his life, and there was nothing that was going to stop him from winning you back into his life.

Cause without you, he was nothing.

Without you, he was a just a monster in cool, stylish clothes.

And as you kept yelling through your sobs and he kept staring at you, thinking of only one thing, how beautiful you were to him-

Only one thought had popped into his head.

What a tragic love story.

So when I was looking back in COM for game night I saw a few tidbits that I thought interesting.

1.) Kaltain heard wings and had awful headaches and at some point Celaena took note that Nehemia had been hearing wings too.
2.) Roland also had awful headaches.
3.) At one point, Kaltain knew something was awaiting her where she was going.

So I know it’s not a lot. But I believe that there had been some heavy magical influence to slowly break them before the Valg entered their bodies. Make them mentally weak with the wings and the headaches to make it easier for the Valg to possess them via collars and such.

But Nehemia hearing wings. Was she just attuned to what was happening in the world around her or was she the next possible Valg possession victim? That is my question.