56 syndicate


The Sound of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (Collector’s Edition Soundtrack) - Austin Wintory


00:00 Bloodlines
01:54 The Bustle
04:00 Steel Cathedrals
06:02 The Morning Smoke
07:43 Back Alleys
09:48 The Square Mile
11:01 Top Hats and Sword Canes
12:44 Slaves to Silver and Gold
14:52 Waltzing on the Wires
16:38 A Ballet of Blades
19:02 For Those We Loved
21:05 The Devil Is an Englishman
22:58 Mazurka
26:04 Epilogue
28:08 Family
30:02 Down Among the Dead Men
32:04 Champagne Charlie
33:47 Rat Catchers Daughter
35:26 Married to a Mermaid
37:07 Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair
38:46 All the Nice Girls Love a Sailor
40:22 The Ballad of Sam Hall
41:57 Jokes Jokes Jokes
43:19 Pretty Little Polly Perkins
44:54 Come into the Garden Maude
46:46 Rock of Ages
48:20 Work Boys Work
49:55 Rule Britannia
51:28 Feasting on a Lord
52:56 Underground

I actually can’t understand ubisoft excuses about they have no future plans for Connor because -as the say- no further things to be told about him.

Unfortunately, that’s all LIES.

I want everyone to check this list:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States

What is this? this is a list of all the wars involving the U.S.A from wikipedia

now look at the 18/19 century section, can you see how many wars in there including the war of 1812?

How did Connor rebuilt his brotherhood during this wars?

What was his rule in them?

don’t tell me that the Templars weren’t involve in these wars in a way or anther.

and even if most of those wars wasn’t that important, what about the war of 1812 then? I heard it’s one of the most important wars in the American history. and also it’s the best chance to see Connor as a mentor and an elder.

Also it only 56 years before syndicate. Which mean they still can return to it. they did that before with Black Flag which was also 50or60 years before AC3. so why they don’t do it again?

I think now is the perfect time for them to give Connor the sequel he deserve. because after that they will excuse with “that Connor is too dated and we have so many stories to tell.” cliché.

I think now is our only chance. so we to make clear to ubisoft for one last time.