[OTHER INSTAGRAM] 160917 Soldiers share photos wearing Moldir’s Sweatshirts gifted by Jaejoong

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[PHOTO] #군악대 #맨투맨 #moldir #moldirkorea #몰더 “재중아항상고맙고사랑함~~”

[TRANS] #ArmyBand #Man-to-man #Moldir #MoldirKorea “Always grateful and love you, JaeJoong~”

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[PHOTO] 엄지척! 👍 족발집 사장 아니고요.
전세계에 37개 뿐인 #55사단 #군악대 #맨투맨티
#김재중 병장님 항상 받기만 해서
죄송하고 또 감사합니다!

#moldir #moldirkorea #몰더 많이 이용해주세요!

[TRANS] Thumbs up! 👍 Only 37 in existence
#55th Army Band Sweatshirt #Sergeant #Kim Jaejoong
sorry I only receive, thanks again

#moldir #moldirkorea #Please support Moldir

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JJ’s gift💕
감사히 잘 입겠습니다 😚

[TRANS] JJ’s gift💕
I greatly appreciate 😚

Sources: j_e_a_n_dow, yeongrok_c, jxnxx
Translated by: @crystalmoon64 + JYJ3
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American Pie The Day The Music Died
  • American Pie The Day The Music Died
  • Don McLean

American Pie - Don McLean 1971

In memory of February 3 1959, when the plane, American Pie went down, killing Buddy Holly (22), Ritchie Valens (17), and The Big Bopper (28). 55 years later we should remember what these three men contributed to American music.  

[TRANS] 160918 “What a nice looking person Kim Jaejoong is… as always”


My brother was staying in 55th with Jaejoong and transfered to Incheon.
But men from his class are still there, and his friend is serving as a mechanic;
He sees Jaejoong everyday.
He says Jaejoong is truly nuclear level handsome. On top of it, he is super nice to his lower ranks.
He always buys snacks for everyone at PX.
His skin is a little tanned compared to when he first began, but his body is superior.
Sings so well too.
He is so popular among soldiers in celebration events even though he is a guy.
it’s too bad.. Wish my brother was still there…

Cap Credit: KJJ DC Gall
Translated by: @crystalmoon64
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