Keep Going

If you’re doing youtube and getting discouraged, remember this post.

AmazingPhil (4Mil): Been doing youtube for 11 years

DanTDM (15Mil):  5 years

GameGrumps (3Mil): 5 Years

iisuperwomanii (11Mil): 7 Years

JackSepticEye (15Mil): 10 Years

Jaiden Animations (1Mil): 3 Years

Markiplier (17Mil): 5 Years

Mithzan (482K): 1 Year

Red Vacktor (340K): 11 Months

Shane Dawson (9Mil): 12 Years

SkyDoesMinecraft (11Mil): 6 Years

TheOdd1sOut (3Mil): 3 Years

YourPalRoss (435K): 1 Year

Smosh (22Mil): 12 Years

PewDiePie (55Mil): 7 Years

Don’t give up. Everything takes time.

anonymous asked:

I feel like Pewdiepie is exploiting BTS for views.

1. he literally has 55mil subscribes, how much more attention could he get?

2. pewdiepie is literally the reason i got into kpop in 2012 lmao. if you watched his older content you’d know he’s always been a big kpop fan, especially since his gf marzia likes it.