Today is the nicest fucking day the Oregon valley has seen in a month or more though. ITS SO NICE OUT. I just want to grill meat and drink beer on my deck. Even tho it’s only 55f out. Hahaha

Morning. My plan, sleep till 9:30am. Get up, have my meds and such, shower, then chill until 10:15, then head to my next pre-op appt.

It’s 730 and I am laying in bed and I cant sleep. So here I am posting on Tumblr, looking at online news, and trying to figure out what to do for 2 hours. I dont “wait” well. I pace, I cant just watch tv or anything. Sometimes I’ll go bike ride, but the weather shifted radically form yesterdays sunny and warm 75f to a overcast and 55f today, so that’s out.

Two appts today, spread just far enough apart that I will do this pace and wait thing instead of be able to use the time wisely. Fun times.


I overhauled my Diamond Python enclosure today. It is the top segment of a three-tiered lawyers bookcase. Their section is 4'x2'x2’, with a divider slightly off center. I used one piece of the shelf as a ledge for basking spots.

Seeing as fall is mostly here, photoperiods have begun to shorten, and ambient air temperatures have dropped during the day and night. Once October hits, basking temperatures will go down, and they will go off feed until March. November will see night temperatures drop to around 55F.

These overall cooler temperatures, extremely cold winter conditions (for a snake), and winter fasting are an essential part of keeping Diamonds. They have slower metabolisms and are meant to function in a cool region. If kept too warm, and/or fed too much, they over exert themselves, often reducing their lifespan to around 7 years.