I didn’t bring enough food with me to work, so when I got home, I was ravenous. You understand the constant need to feed, I know, so you do not blame me for making myself supper at 5:30. Really, I should have just made a singular piece of toast and headed out for W2D1 (3x [15 min run, 1 min walk]). Instead, I ate 3 eggs and a bunch of sautéed broccoli slaw and two slices of toast. I waited an hour, but it wasn't really long enough. I may or may not have thrown up in my mouth after the second interval; you’ll never know for sure.

Anyway, just as I was about to head out the door in my t-shirt to enjoy a crisp 55F/13C run (do you like that I convert the temperature for you?), I realized that the weather report had lied. Either that, or my house falls into a mathematically impossible zone wherein it can rain given a 0% chance of precipitation.

Cue about face. Cue warm Patagonia quarter-zip instead of cotton tee. Cue reflective gear. Cue rear-blinking light. Cue headlamp. Cue sexy.

Anyway, I covered 3.99 miles in my 48 minutes, and I was annoyed that at one point I had stopped to tie my shoe, losing me precious seconds and at least one one-hundredth of a mile. (Because not tying my shoe would have been totally rational.)

I’m getting really cold sitting here in my wet clothes, so I’m going to go draw myself a hot lavender bubble bath, climb in with Emma,* and reshave the parts of my legs that I missed this morning before I had the benefit of corrective lenses.

First Monday is almost over. We did it.