Some of you probably cringe when I talk about my “favorite” track workouts. I hated them too when I was in high school, but these days they are one of the things that most remind me of that time with my teammates. At 42, I revel in still being able to do this.

Today was 12x400m with 200m jog recovery. As close as I get to a flat out sprint in any of my training. I set the goal at 78, which at 5:12/mi is way below what I can do in a 5K, but you’re not going to improve by taking it easy.

I tried to focus on higher turnover starting with the fifth interval. Whether mental or physical, it was mostly working as I started dipping into the 76s at that point:

78.9 77.9 77.6 78.1
76.8 77.1 77.7 76.4
77.6 76.3 76.8 77.7

I lucked out with cool 55F weather and was generally feeling good. A little sore from the crossfit WOD yesterday, but my hamstrings and glutes are feeling looser now that I’ve started putting more attention on stretching in that area.

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I have a huge crush on my aunt. Me 49m her 55f. We goof around and teas each other when ever we're together. She got her boobs done about 5 years ago and I so want to get at them. Do I tell her I have a crush? How do I go about something so taboo?

Go for it… tell her like a joke and if things are in your favor, you can escape as well

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So I had my first kiss, cuddling and dance with a woman. We got to fondling and kissing and blowing raspberries although both were clothed. I'm 26 M she was 55f. She started to give me a handjob but didn't finish when I asked for a bj. I used to think I am bi but I am going back to identifying as str8. We met on Craigslist :P


I overhauled my Diamond Python enclosure today. It is the top segment of a three-tiered lawyers bookcase. Their section is 4'x2'x2’, with a divider slightly off center. I used one piece of the shelf as a ledge for basking spots.

Seeing as fall is mostly here, photoperiods have begun to shorten, and ambient air temperatures have dropped during the day and night. Once October hits, basking temperatures will go down, and they will go off feed until March. November will see night temperatures drop to around 55F.

These overall cooler temperatures, extremely cold winter conditions (for a snake), and winter fasting are an essential part of keeping Diamonds. They have slower metabolisms and are meant to function in a cool region. If kept too warm, and/or fed too much, they over exert themselves, often reducing their lifespan to around 7 years.

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I might be moving to Washington over the next year or so. I'm from TX and have a German Shepherd and Chihuahua. I know my shep will be fine during the winters but do you have any suggestions on keeping my little one warm? Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

Just like a baby; They need warm clothes, blankets, and boots. They shouldn’t walk around outside if its any colder than 35F, and I’d say they should be in a sweater from 35-55F. But some chihuahuas shiver all the time, so it will be a learning process. Their feet should be protected from snow, and you should cuddle them to sleep under your blankets. Yes.

Thankfully, Washington doesn’t get too cold, but definitely colder than Texas.