Clay. Helmet. Il tuo nome non è in questa lista. Ma hai bisogno di essere qui se sto per raccontare la mia storia. Se sto per spiegare perché ho fatto quel che ho fatto. Perché tu non sei come gli altri ragazzi. Tu sei diverso. Tu sei dolce e gentile e rispettoso. Ed io non meritavo di stare con uno come te. Non potevo. Ti avrei rovinato. Non eri tu. Ero io.
—  13 reasons why. Hannah.
Something About Zach Dempsey

Something I wanna point out that I love. Is that when he and clay are outside. When they’re discussing the letter he says “I never threw it away. Hannah lied about that.” Then he stops. And his next sentence immediately back tracks. He nullifies his previous negative statement about Hannah by saying “maybe that’s what she saw, I don’t know. But I never there away that letter.” By saying maybe that’s what she saw he acknowledges her point of view as truthful. Like she’s been truthful the entire time so that’s probably what she saw. He is acknowledging that sometimes people can see something and remember it but it’s not exactly what actually happened. He acknowledges that she was still telling the truth of what she saw. Even if it wasn’t what actually happened, she saw it and that’s what she thought happened so it’s valid. It’s a small thing that’s probably not as big as what I’m making it out to be but to me it’s something huge that allows clay to continue believing her and Zach because he’s not outwardly calling Hannah a liar. I don’t remember Zach ever telling clay she was a liar. And the only time he did he immediately backtracked and made it so he wasn’t accusing her anymore. I’m sorry I just really love that.

I’m going to rant for a bit about this scene:

This scene made me so mad. I was so furious because Clay wanted to stay,  but she kept telling him to leave so he respected her. She said “get the fuck out,” when he was trying to help. I’m so sad because he regretted not saying “I love you” and not leaving Hannah. It makes me mad how Hannah says on the tape, she wishes he tried asking to stay one more time, but come on, YOU said you wanted him to leave. You could’ve said stay. You could’ve asked him to just sit there and have silence. He was there for her and it makes me upset how she didn’t really realize it. This just fucked me up and I’m so frustrated with the outcome. 

Thanks for reading if you did. I just wanted to ramble cuz it’s been on my mind for too long. 

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She went to town so hard on Lexa that 'Trained Warrior' Lexa had to take a nap in the middle of the day. At this point it's canon that she is Sex Champion of the Apocalypse. no one is better than her lol

Can you believe she canonically fucked Lexa into a nap? Best bedtime story Lexa was ever told. Clarke Griffin, a legendary top. 

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