555 spoilers


“is that so.. even if it’s like you say gintoki, this time i will be the one to take action”

“there is not way i could let you take the head of sensei again”


“oh what’s wrong sadaharu”


“i haven’t done anything to warrant pay”

“at the time of attack, the 7th division stronghold had already been decimated into pieces”

“i never planned for this mental battle, those were your instructions(???)”

“because i had thought even if it was the universe’s number one hunter, for it to be your own son it can’t have been easy”

“was i intruding too much into your business?”

“aiya it seems like you know everything”

“blah blah blah stuff about interactions friends sorry orz”

“even though here will affect relations with old friends, do you know why i would help you pirates right here”

“it’s for the sake of beating you guys to killing that little punk”

“the one who gave birth to him is my ‘egg’ so the one to end him must be the same one who provided it”

“take me as well”

“”i cannot allow anyone else to kill him””

“that idiot”

[vacation notice]

“a vacation notice? theres’ no need to specially write this kind of thing. the yorozuya has long…”

“the yorozuya.. has not yet closed. we will definitely, return here again”

“…it’s like this huh”


“don’t say anything else, i already…. no longer know what is clear”

“i don’t know what shouyou’s disciple should do”

“neither do i know what their comrade should do” 

“i only know one thing”

[vacation notices and paw print i love]

“and that’s what a yorozuya employee should do”

“right now is a special break”

“you two can travel if you want, go wherever you want, but”

“you must return to this place”

“three people and one animal”


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