Am I the only one that thinks that Milo Murphy, from this new cartoon, is similar to Komaeda? I mean: he has extremly hilarious bad luck in balance with good luck, he’s ambitious, he is a little weird, he cares about his frinds, pure boy (Komadea only sometimes) even the way he talks reminds me of him. And also he lives in house with number 5521. And he has a wonderful dog that he absolutely loves, he has a girl that acts like a detective . Also I love it

Klangst - Don’t Keep it Bottled Up, part 3 (and the epilogue)

I had planned to post this a couple of days ago, but alas the epilogue wouldn’t stop growing, and has now ended up being longer than the first two parts combined. ( @treasuredbuns and I decided it should probably be called a sequel, but eh - hope you like it btw!)

Anyway, if you haven’t read BOTH part 1 and part 2, please do so now!

Well, I hope you enjoy the bit of fluff (I really could’ve put more in…) and the resolution of the angst. I’m sorry for any mistakes/OOCness!

To put it simply: Keith was exhausted. Though an extra couple of hours of sparring after a day of intense training would do that to a person. However, despite his physical fatigue, it had taken forever for him to work off his energy. After the initial anger and shock had worn off, his mind too had succumbed to his tiredness. The day had just been full of surprises.

If you had asked Keith to describe Lance before that afternoon, he would’ve created a picture of a guy whose character consisted of awful pickup lines, suggestive smirks and a loud mouth which might occasionally spill something intelligent or thoughtful. Now, however… Keith didn’t know. All he knew was that he couldn’t face Lance.

All his previous confusion had been buried beneath a surge of fear. Keith was a secretive and defensive person by nature. He’d often found himself envious of how quickly Lance could accept and trust someone. It took Keith time to open up to people, to build up that kind of trust. He first had to get to know the person, and so, as time went on and he had got to know the others better, he had found it easier to relax around them. To not have to think as much about what he revealed in what he said. Physical interactions had also become a lot more natural.

Whilst the team didn’t have big heart-to-hearts, Keith felt like he knew their personalities well. The Lance he’d seen that day did not fit the image of him that Keith had built up. It was as if he was a different person. Now Keith couldn’t help but wonder just how much he knew Lance, knew any of the paladins. Keith had been so /sure/ when it had come to Lance’s personality. He was the most open of the paladins, after all…or was he? Keith didn’t know anymore, but that wasn’t the main source of Keith’s fear.

Keith had been opening up to the team as they slowly grew closer, but what he’d done today, what he’d shown lance, was too much. Whilst Keith may have been able to predict how /his/ Lance would’ve reacted, he didn’t know how /this/ strange and unknown Lance would react. Keith /hated/ not knowing. He always had to come up with theories to explain anything which didn’t make sense or follow convention, but now Keith realised how little he knew Lance, he couldn’t trust any predictions or theories his mind conjured up.

He hadn’t been ready to reveal so much of himself to Lance, knowing it would undoubtedly change Lance’s view of Keith and thus their relationship. What relationship had he had with Lance? He thought he knew. He thought that their arguing had turned into light teasing. He thought that the trust he had felt was mutual. He thought Lance had been open with him. Now he wondered what Lance truly thought of him, though going by his outburst, he didn’t think much of Keith.

All of his confusion and fear left Keith feeling unbalance and lost, but after spending all his energy, the churning of his stomach and contractions of his heart relented and Keith wanted nothing more than to pass out on his bed.

Somehow he managed to make it to his quarters and his bed before his feet gave out beneath him and he collapsed onto his sheets, eventually rolling onto his back when breathing became a necessity. He closed his eyes, wanting sleep to end this nightmare, but it seemed the day held even more surprises.

Only when Keith heard the swish of his door did he even remember the lock’s existence. He opened his mouth as he turned to face the door to ask whoever had come to kindly let him sleep, but the words never came as Keith watched the last person he’d ever imagine entering his bedroom doing just that. Arms stretched out blindly before him, Lance crept forward after the door softly closed behind him. Keith felt his throat close up in panic as his surprise wore off. He wasn’t ready for this. He couldn’t face Lance.

Realistically, however, he knew it would have to happen eventually. Besides, Keith couldn’t stand the uncertainty anymore. Thus Keith prepared himself to ask why Lance was in his room, why he’d come to see someone he obviously hated. He intended to, but words failed. And so, it was to Keith’s utter embarrassment that when Lance had leaned over him, FAR too close, that the first sound he made was an awkward croak as he cleared his throat. He sat up abruptly as Lance jumped, falling backwards as he overbalanced. The silence lay heavy between them as they both sat in Keith’s room, wondering what the hell they should say.

Lance recovered first, springing up so suddenly that he almost overbalanced again. He kept starting sentences, only to stutter and backtrack. Unfortunately, due to the lack of light, Keith was unable to make out Lance’s face, his eyes only adjusted enough to make out his blurred silhouette. Yet, from his tone of voice, Keith could only discern embarrassment, though it lacked Lance’s usual forced laughs. The difference was stark to Keith’s ears.

A crinkling sound brought Keith’s gaze lower, to where Keith assumed Lance was holding… a piece of paper? Odd. He didn’t know whether Lance could tell that he had looked down, or whether he’d just remembered the paper he’d been twisting, but Lance quickly shoved both of his hands behind his back, effectively hiding the paper from sight. Not that Keith could read it at the moment. At last Lance managed to form a coherent sentence.

“Sorry, Keith. I didn’t mean-… I didn’t want to- I’m sorry, I didn’t think you were here. I’ll just go and I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow?” Keith’s heart clenched at the words. Apart from the high pitched squeak at the end of the question, Lance’s tone was so /familiar/. Not the Lance whose eyes were wild with rage nor wide with shock, but the Lance with whom he spent more time bickering than speaking. This was his Lance…but that wasn’t right. Keith now knew there was more to him, and he couldn’t face it. Then Lance moved.

His body twisted and after a second his arms raised slightly to balance him in the dark. Keith watched, his silence still unbroken, his mouth failing to form any words, as Lance took the first couple of tentative steps. Was this how it was going to be between them? Stilted silences heavy with awkwardness? He’d rather have Lance’s sharp retorts from when they’d first met. It felt like this moment was foreshadowing their future. He couldn’t face it. But, if he didn’t do anything…

Lance’s small noise of surprise shocked Keith out of his thoughts. He looked down in confusion, only to blink at his hand and its grip on the bottom of Lance’s shirt. He ripped his arm back, cheeks burning as he turned to look down at his pillow. What the heck?!

“Keith?” Now unwilling to speak for fear of the sound of his voice, Keith settled for shuffling along his bed, clearing space for Lance. It took a few moments before Lance actually sat, though as Keith considered the oddness of the situation, he felt the hesitation was justified. Keith, after all, was a secretive and solitary person. He barely ever had anyone in his room, and he’d certainly never invited them to his bed (*clears throat*).

Keith had to say something. He needed to understand, he needed to apologise.

“I’m sorry.” It was not the first time it had been said, but Keith was still shocked to hear the quiet apology. “I didn’t mean what I said back there. I don’t even remember most of it. I just…I lost it. It wasn’t your fault!” Lance hastened to add, his voice raising from the low murmur he had adopted. “You were just in the wrong place, wrong time. Please just… just forget about it. Can we just pretend it never happened?” Keith at last fond his voice, brought back by the relief and panic that Lance’s words ignited. He wasn’t angry with Keith, but they were just going to ignore what happened? Put up fronts for one another? Before he could voice his dread, Lance had already started speaking again.

“No, wait, that’s not fair. I can’t, /we/ can’t, forget what we saw… Right! Ok. This is fine. Um, do you…do you mind if I just talk?” The question was uncertain and quiet, another glimpse at a Lance he didn’t know, but now wanted to, needed to, so that they could move past this. Keith nodded his head, only afterwards considering how dark it was, but luckily Lance seemed to have seen the motion because he began to talk.

Keith listened as Lance began to tell him about himself. He didn’t know what he had been expecting, but Lance started telling Keith about his family. He told Keith about how big and warm and loving his family was. Names rolled fondly off his tongue, though Keith found it hard to keep track. He found it hard remembering names at the best of times.

Every so often, Lance’s voice would break or stutter, and Keith wondered whether Lance’s eyes glistened with homesick tears. It was nice to learn more about Lance, instead of having to try and piece it together from the glimpses of memories he’d see during mind-melding training. Lance spoke of being a middle child, something that Keith had never known to hold any significance before now. He spoke of fond memories of playing with elder siblings and looking after his younger ones. Then his voice started to lose the warmth it held.

He spoke of how sometimes he wished he was older than his siblings, so that his accomplishments didn’t feel like a competition with his elder siblings.

“Not that they ever made me feel that way! I just couldn’t help but compare us… Y’know, part of the reason I actually joined the Garrison was just to get away from that feeling. Of course, I wanted to be an astronaut, but the fact that it was something my siblings had never attempted…well I think it helped convince me…” Lance went on to speak about his younger brothers and sisters. He loved them, it was clear to hear in his voice as he chuckled at private memories, but he spoke about his lack of personal time. He had to help, since his elder siblings and parents were often busy, and he didn’t really mind that. He accepted it with a smile, and never spoke up about how he wished he could just have some time to go out on his own and actually make some friends his own age. How could he speak up after everything they’d done for him? Lance told Keith how he ended up bottling everything away. Lance felt like no one deserved to hear the thoughts and anger that would occasionally ring in his ears.

Not once did Keith speak, scared to break whatever resolve Lance held. By the end, Lance sounded quieter, his posture relaxed so that he leant back against the wall.

“I never hated you.” The admission was shocking considering the animosity Lance had clearly held towards Keith at the beginning. “You… frustrated me. You had an amazing talent, as everyone knew, but I know you worked hard. I wasn’t angry at you for getting good grades and praise. I was angry at myself for not putting in as much effort as you. Of course I wanted to do well! But I find it hard to sit still and concentrate. I always ended up getting distracted, and then would distract myself from acknowledging that I could do better. I made myself busy so that it didn’t feel like I was just avoiding studying, but that’s exactly what it was.

“You weren’t my rival, not really. You were an… an i-idol, or a goal of some sort, someone I wanted to be. Someone with whom I could be rivals, because that would mean that we were equals. It would mean that I /had/ worked hard, and that I did have skills…” Lance’s voice gradually grew quieter until the last bit came out as a whisper. The dark and quiet of the room made a very private atmosphere. Keith felt like he didn’t have to hide, and so at last he spoke. He told Lance about his childhood, but in far less detail. He dragged out the good memories, uncovering some that he had completely forgotten, and tried to skip over some of the worse ones. But he didn’t hide how ugly some of his past was. He was going to be honest with Lance.

He lost track of what point he was making. Had there ever been one? He didn’t know, and right then, he didn’t particularly care. He felt lighter the more he spoke about his past. It was something he’d kept hidden away for so long, that the relief of not having to hold back made his shoulders sag and he lay down on his bed as he recounted the many memories of faces and names he’d long forgotten.

After a while he fell silent. His throat was dry. He hadn’t spoken so much in a long time.

“Hey, Lance? I do think of you as a rival, just so you know. I think you just don’t realise the skills you have, as they just come naturally to you. There’s a lot about you to be jealous of… It just makes me thankful that I know you, and maybe, from being around you, those qualities will rub off on me…” Suddenly a weight fell onto Keith’s side and he realised with a shock that Lance had collapsed. His worry fell away as he heard, felt, the deep, heavy breaths coming from him. Keith chuckled lowly before he yawned, his own exhaustion catching up with him. He looked to Lance, considering waking him to save him from any cramps due to his odd sleeping position, but couldn’t muster up the nerve to do so.

He fell easily into a sleep in which he was conscious of the constant warmth and weight at his side. As he thought back to his childhood he smiled. Keith wasn’t alone now. He never had to be again.

Epilogue (or sequel, however you want to think of it)

“Keith, are you coming to practice?” At the call of his name, Keith groaned. His mind was foggy with sleep, and he realised, with some surprise, that he had managed to sleep through the entire night. “Keith? Oh, you left your door open.” What? But he always locked it. He must’ve really been tired last night.

At the sound of his door opening, he groaned. Whilst he was normally grateful for the chance to spar with Shiro, this morning he felt delightfully comfortable and drowsy, and for once was reluctant to get up.

“Oh, umm, tell you what, we can spar later!” Shiro’s tone had a hint of amusement that put Keith on edge. When he cracked his eyes open, the smirk on Shiro’s face was even more disconcerting. What was it? Was he drooling? Nope, didn’t feel like it. His bed hair? He raised his right arm to feel for it. Or at least he tried, but something had his arm trapped. Keith looked down, only to be met with a curly mass of brown hair.

…what the heck?! He blinked, but the hair remained and he became aware of the weight of the person across his side and, yes, as he looked past the hair, he could spot an arm draped across his chest. Why was Lance in his bed?! He desperately thought back to the day before, ignoring Shiro’s comments as he left. When it came back to him Keith was overwhelmed by the memory. So much had happened, had changed, between them. However, Keith felt no panic or uncertainty as he lay there, contemplating whether to get up. He felt his heart constrict at the sight of Lance sleeping peacefully. He must’ve been as tired as Keith. He thought of going back to sleep, knowing how easy it would be, but then remembered Shiro’s wicked smirk. And the fact that his door was unlocked.

He looked down at how Lance and he were embracing, and winced at the thought of the others reading into it. Pidge and Hunk would never let them live it down if they were to come in. It was this which convinced him to manoeuvre his right arm so that he could gently shake Lance’s shoulder. It proved not to be enough as it only resulted in Lance snuggling more into Keith. With phantom steps ringing in his ears, Keith ignored the guilt as he shook Lance more firmly, calling out for him to wake up.

Eventually a deep groan escaped Lance who finally rolled off Keith, only to stretch and end up punching him in the face. The contact seemed to shock Lance as much as Keith and he sat up, turning to look down at Keith with wide eyes.

“Uhhh…” To be fair, Keith suspected he would’ve said the same thing in Lance’s position. Keith wished he could explain the situation, though why he would need to explain it, he didn’t know. Lance’s mouth continued to open and close as he obviously tried to remember why he had been sleeping with Keith.

Just as Keith resolved to try and break the awkward silence between them, Lance’s stomach grumbled. He quickly wrapped his arms around his stomach, as if hoping it would silence the noise. His reddened face and embarrassed pout were too much. Keith laughed. Keith laughed until he was clutching his sides. Then his own stomach complained about not having enough food and Keith’s laughter paused as he looked up to gauge Lance’s reaction. As he looked up, Lance met his eyes and after a couple of seconds the two of them started laughing.

To be honest, Keith didn’t really know why they found it so funny, but he felt so giddy that he just couldn’t stop. He suspected the relief from the night before was partly to blame. They were both breathless by the time their laughter died down.

“Shall we get something to eat?”

“Sounds good.” With that they headed off to the dining room, pleasantly surprised to find that Hunk was up, and he quickly offered to serve them both. They started eating in silence, and though the tension had disappeared between the two of them, Keith felt a little lost about how he should behave around Lance. He now knew that the appreciation he held for Lance was mutual, but did that mean they wouldn’t bicker as much, now they knew the truth?

Suddenly Lance’s spoon dived into his bowl, taking out an enormous scoop of Keith’s breakfast. Keith watched in shock before he protested, grabbing a hold of Lance’s arm and trying to wrestle the breakfast into his mouth. Eventually he was successful and he glared over the top of the spoon as Lance pouted before raising his hands in a shrug.

“It was your fault for being such an airhead, Mullet. Your breakfast was just wasting away as you contemplated how to use your cutlery.”

“Wha-?! Why would I be thinking about cutlery?!”

“You tell me. You were certainly glaring at it long enough,” Lance snickered. Keith felt his cheeks burn, before he smirked.

“Well, at least I still /have/ cutlery,” he retorted, waving the two spoons he held tauntingly. Lance spluttered before launching forward, trying to make a grab for his spoon, but Keith had seen it coming. Lance continued to chase after the spoon as Keith got up and they dodged between the chairs in an impromptu game of chase. Keith easily kept out of reach, Lance’s moves so easy to predict. The thought slowed Keith down for a second, long enough for Lance to pounce, cheering as he snatched his spoon back.

Keith took note of the fond exasperation he felt. It had been a common emotion around Lance before, and as he turned to find that trademark Lance smirk upon the blue paladin’s face, the familiarity of the situation made him breathe in relief as the last of his worries faded. Maybe they didn’t have to change, not if they didn’t want to. Keith enjoyed their relationship, minus some of Lance’s more stubborn moments, and it was nice to know that they could keep the easy banter and bickering. However, a part of Keith knew it would have to change in some way.

It happened not even a fortnight after their night together. Though nothing was said by anyone, though Lance acted like his usual self, the tension radiating from his body was tangible. There was also a strain to his smile, and his eyes wouldn’t light up as they usually did when he laughed. It had started after they came back from their recent mission.

Keith knew the others could tell from their shared worried glances, and though they tried to casually, carefully, ask if something was wrong, Lance just brushed off their concerns. Keith couldn’t stand it when Lance acted like this. After what they’d been through, he shouldn’t have to hide anything from Keith. Yet, if Lance didn’t want to speak to him, Keith wouldn’t force him. He still felt like he ought to do /something/.

Keith didn’t see Lance the rest of the day, but ran into him leaving the dining room the next day. He contemplated for a moment how to approach him, deciding speaking to him, only to change his mind as he watched Lance try to smile and avert his gaze from Keith’s. Hardening his resolve, Keith caught Lance’s wrist in a light grip, firm enough so that his intention was put across, but gentle enough so that Lance could shake it off if he wanted to. He didn’t.

Keith led Lance down the corridors of the Castle, not knowing whether this approach would work, but knowing that right now Lance didn’t want to talk. So Keith reckoned he should try the next best thing. Whenever Keith felt tense or stressed, he would always resort to training. Yes, it was not always effective, but since talking was out of the question, it was the only other way Keith could think of to help Lance.

Surprisingly, Lance didn’t question or struggle against Keith guiding him to the practice room. Only once they entered did Lance question what they were doing, and only when Keith replied that they’d be sparring did Lance show any reluctance. Luckily it didn’t take too much persuasion (read: goading) to get Lance to adopt a fighting stance. And so it began.

The two of them spent a good hour circling around the room as they threw punches, kicks and blows at one another. Although Keith was slightly better at hand-to-hand combat, Lance didn’t make it easy for him by weaving around most of his attacks, his agility making up for any skills he lacked. Keith was impressed.

After the hour was up, Keith called for them to take a break. He watched Lance out the corner of his eye as they both took a well-deserved drink. He noted how whilst Lance’s posture had relaxed slightly, his face was still set too tight, still etched with tension. Although there was clearly improvement, there was still a ways to go. However, Keith judged from their previous heart-to-heart that what Lance needed was to voice his worries or troubles. He needed to let it out. Apparently he couldn’t do that just through physical exertion, as Keith often did. The question was how to be there for Lance to talk to, without Lance worrying about him listening or judging whatever was bugging him.

It took a couple of minutes for an idea to form in Keith’s mind, but when it did, the longer he thought of it, the more he became confident in it. This might actually work. He excused himself as he ran off to set his plan in action.

As lance watched Keith disappear behind the door, he sighed, frustration and anger making his head pound and his stomach churn. Annoyingly, most of it, if not all, was directed at himself. He knew he was making the others worry again, but no matter how well he tried to hide it, it obviously hadn’t worked. At least, going by this impromptu sparring session with Keith. He was actually very grateful to work off some of the energy he had built up since the day before. Jeez, even thinking about it made him tense up as his anger spiked. To take his mind off it, he thought of how Keith was trying to help him. It helped, his muscles relaxing as a warmth spread through his chest at the thought.

Lance was wondering idly whether Keith’s sparring was a result of their night together, when a sudden booming sound filled the room, causing Lance to cover his ears for fear they’d burst from the volume alone. What the quizak?! His hands did little to shield his ears from the tone that shook the room, his only solace was that the monotonous sound was not high pitched, only leaving his head buzzing, rather than splitting his ears with its pitch.

Lance was rushing to the door, to get as far away from the sound as possible, when Keith ran in, quickly covering his own ears as he grimaced. Lance made to dodge around him, but Keith’s arm swung out in front of him before he could reach the door. He looked to him in confusion. Didn’t Keith want to get away from the sound too?! He shouted as much to him, and as he started, Keith slowly pulled his other hand from his ear, his eyes fixed on Lance’s mouth as he yelled. When he was finished Keith just shook his head, his mouth opening and closing rapidly.

It took Lance far too long to realise that Keith must’ve actually been shouting, the drone of noise too loud for Lance to actually hear anything he said. As Keith signalled that he couldn’t hear lance, he nodded to show his understanding, before gesturing to the arm still blocking his way and shrugging in question as to why it was there. It seemed as if Keith didn’t understand, either that or he ignored Lance as he pushed him back to the centre of the room. Lance’s struggles became weaker the further they got into the room. By now his ears had become used to the noise, and though his head was buzzing and he could feel the threat of an oncoming headache, the initial shock had worn off, and he could stand the noise without covering his ears.

When Keith finally stopped shoving him, Lance turned, ready to make a break for the door, when a fist came flying at his face. Lance narrowly dodged it by dropping to the floor and was going to shout at Keith when he shrieked as a foot collided heavily with his back. Lance growled as he looked up at Keith from where he lay sprawled across the floor, frowning as he watched Keith’s mouth work in what he assumed were very loud shouts, judging from how deep the breaths he was taking. Had he forgotten that Lance couldn’t hear him?! Lance couldn’t understand how that was possible with the endless noise filling his ears. Lance couldn’t hear any of Keith’s insults or provoking, so why would he use up energy yelling what was on his mind, if no one could hear it…

Lance froze at the thought and watched Keith closely, dodging a couple of jabs as Keith’s mouth continued to form words which remained beyond Lance’s understanding. Lance yelled back as he took his next swipe at Keith’s midsection, a move that was easy deflected. Lance, however, was not paying much attention to his own moves, eyes tracking Keith’s expression. He didn’t even twitch at the insult. Feeling more confident, Lance shouted again, for longer and even louder than before. Keith’s face showed no reaction to the words that Lance spat.

Lance felt strangely giddy as he continued, even as his words became less teasing and angrier, more hurtful and directed at himself. His head was so consumed by the never-ending drone that he couldn’t even hear the words. Strangely, he didn’t feel at all embarrassed or frightened as the words left his mouth, comforted in the knowledge that whilst he wasn’t alone, his words would never reach Keith. Couldn’t hurt him. So Lance screamed, all his frustrations with his failings in the last mission torn away from his mouth before he could even hear them. All the while he never stopped moving, his actions becoming more precise as he learnt more of Keith’s attack patterns. Without the weight of his thoughts on his mind as he let them spill from his lips, lance found it easier to actually concentrate on their sparring match.

After a couple of close calls, that grazed Lance as he dodged them, he spotted an opening. He pounced. Having spent the majority of their match on the defensive, the sudden switch to full offense caught Keith off-guard. He fell easily as Lance threw his weight at him, landing hard on his back. Lance watched as Keith’s expression morphed from pain to surprise and finally to a pout accompanied with a blush that spread from his cheeks all the way too his ears. Oh, wait! If Lance’s eyes weren’t deceiving him, he could spot traces of red making their way down Keith’s neck. It was too much. Lance laughed.

He giggled, the sound probably mirroring that of his little sister’s, yet Lance couldn’t feel any embarrassment as he didn’t have to hear the offending sound. He laughed with the same sense of relief and giddiness he had felt when Keith and he had woken up together. Speaking of which, said red paladin apparently /did/ feel embarrassed about Lance’s laugh, even if he couldn’t hear it. He began squirming to get a grip on Lance to throw him off, and Lance quickly rearranged his legs and arms so that Keith’s were trapped. Though this left him leaning over Keith’s body as Lance straddled his waist, his shins and feet pressing hard into Keith’s thighs whilst his hands wrapped around Keith’s wrists, pining them either side of his face. Lance’s laugh barely faltered as Keith’s flush deepened and his struggles intensified.

Eventually Keith went slack as he finally gave up. Lance couldn’t help but grin down at him, smug and ridiculously happy over winning just a small match.

The tone abruptly cut off and Lance felt Keith jump beneath him as they both looked up in surprise. Lance’s ears rang uncomfortably, and from the sound of Keith’s groan, his did too. Lance wondered whether the exposure to such a loud sound for so long had actually caused any damage to their ears.

He didn’t contemplate it long as the door opened and everyone rushed in, their shouts merging into a mass of noise that made Lance’s head pound. Luckily the shouts quickly cut off. He sighed in relief until he spotted their faces, equal mixes of surprise, shock and, most worryingly, glee. The last came mostly from Shiro and Pidge whose smirks were so foreboding, they sent a shiver down Lance’s spine. He followed their gaze back to between Keith and himself, only just taking note of what position they were in.

Lance scrambled to his feet, surreptitiously straightening his clothes. Or not, judging by the badly concealed snort from Pidge. Luckily, Keith and Lance were saved from any of the paladins teasing by a sudden scolding from Allura. Apparently blasting a loud drone, which echoed through the entire Castle, was not a good idea. To be fair, how was Keith to know that was an Altean alarm?

Eventually they all make their way back to whatever they had been doing before hearing the alarm, leaving Keith and Lance in the training room. However, with their sparring over, they headed off to wash and change. They didn’t speak as they walked, and whilst Lance couldn’t feel any tension, he still felt as if he had to say something. Ughhh… Why did he always struggle to come up with the right words when it really mattered? In the end, he thought about how he didn’t want to disguise his gratitude, and just went for the simplest way of phrasing it.

“Thank you.” He didn’t turn to face Keith, not knowing what expression he’d make.

“Anytime.” The honest and truthful tone made Lance look up to find a soft smile on Keith’s face. The implication that he could, would, do this again made Lance unable to do anything but return the smile.

Maybe showing his true feelings wasn’t so bad.


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5521. The Titans love hearing Starfire talk about alien worlds in the wider universe. They each have their favourite thing to listen about: for Robin its alien military tactics and technology; for Cyborg its alien technology and sports; for Beast Boy its alien animals and games; for Raven its alien magic and history; and for Wonder Girl its alien cultures and their development.

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Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #78

The last four weeks have been a bit, well,  hectic, in the truest sense of the word. Hey, if you can find a better adjective to describe Dean’s meatsuit on the loose, me dislocating my shoulder on a hunt, not to mention Crowley’s new plans for the future and a delicate kidnapping situation, I’m all ears.

Yeah, “shitty” could work too, I guess. I must admit I’m not too picky on the vocabulary these days.

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Radiant Darkness

Part 3

Summary: Phil believes he already met his soul mate, his best friend Jake who he’s known since they were 9 and share literally everything in common with. They can’t wait to be able to start communicating in their dreams when they turn 18, but when Phil turns 18 first and finds out Jake isn’t really his soul mate, how will he be able to cope? 

Word Count: 1037

Warnings: A bit of swearing.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

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Official disabled Marvel AUs

Earth-TRN311 insane
Earth- 9142 paralyzed
Earth- 92272 insane

Black Panther
Earth- 1610 mute

Captain America
Earth- 3010 amputee
Earth- 14850 amputee

Earth- 295 insane
Earth- 987 amputee

Earth- 2182 amputee
Earth- 9591 blind

Doctor Doom
Earth-1191 dementia, paralyzed

Doctor Strange
Earth- 938 amputee
Earth- 42777 amputee

Earth- 371 amputee
Earth- 95099 amputee

Earth- 982 blind
Earth- 1610 depression
Earth- 9511 blind
Earth- 807128 blind

Earth- 982 insane

Iron Man
Earth- 1610 tumors
Earth- 9997 hypochondriac
Earth- 55921 tumors
Earth- 94831 amputee

Jean Grey
Earth- 1031 paralyzed
Earth- 5521 insane

Earth- 295 paralyzed
Earth-1610 insane, amputee

Mary Jane Watson
Earth- 9997 cancer

Earth- 9591 DID

Earth- 9997 dementia

Earth- 9997 amputee

Peter Parker
Earth- 15 sociopath
Earth- 2149 amputee
Earth- 11209 blind
Earth- 81029 insane
Earth- 91600 insane
Earth- 98311 insane

Quintavius Quire
Earth- 4400 insane

Reed Richards
Earth- 2149 insane
Earth- 9997 amputee

Earth- 3515 amputee

Earth- 2182 paralyzed
Earth- 2149 amputee
Earth- 11080 amputee
Earth- 81211 paralyzed
Earth- 92272 paralyzed
Earth- 96099 amputee

http://everydaycarry.com/posts/5521/Coffee-shop-Carry?utm_source=tumblr&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_campaign=tumblr Submitted by Jakob Storgaard

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Nice and easy, I’m now sure if i could ever go wrong with this carry. -The ZT is a large knife but goes unnoticed in the right pants. -The watch is very lightweight, I hardly even notice I’m wearing it, unless I check the time of couse.

5521) Sometimes I'm not sure if I want big breasts. It seems to be a common desire among the MTF community but the idea of having such a weight on my chest (literally) doesn't seem appealing to me, even if it supposedly is "womanly". I'd be fine with a small chest or none at all if I passed (and hopefully got bottom surgery someday) but this seems to be an unpopular viewpoint.