i’ll repost my dream codes for those interested:

machine: 4400-5525-9193
(connected storywise with rei, but not much is implied. one character is completely unfinished housewise simply since they’re actually for another game cartridge i’m going to work on with my lover.)
has been recently updated.

rei: 5900-5528-1951
(horror themed town in progress, main character was inspired by hitokui village for the most part, that might end up being obvious though. one of the character’s houses has nothing implying what they are, but talking to them hints at it i suppose)
has been recently updated.

usagi: 5500-5523-8490 
(not a horror town / my main town.)
has been recently updated.

i’m working very hard on these towns so… !
feel free to signal boost this post if you like my towns, idk.

also feel free to uh, post things about them…
just tag “glitchevent” in them? that’s my art blog and the tag i check the most. “toybonnie” is fine too but i don’t check it as often.

Requests are Open

As you may know, I hit 5500 followers today and asdfghjkl; I’m speechless and I don’t know how and why but THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! :o You’re all so amazing, every single one of you, and blahblah get to the good stuff already girl..

Anyways, I’m opening my requests up consisting out of 8 spots, and I hate to say this, but who comes first comes first and when the spots are filled, I’m not going to add more..

Fill in all these points and send them to me in an ask or fanmail (preferably fanmail because i like to collect fanmails lol)

  • No anon requests
  • .sim files only
  • If you’ve requested more than 2 times already, I’d prefer if you’d let other people request this time :)
  • My exams will be over this Tuesday, so that’s when I’m going to start making them! Keep that in mind please!
  • The requests will take about 2 weeks in total I think, I’ll be working in order of who requested first, so the 8th spot will be done last.


  1. deathbycowplant
  2. pxelberries
  3. gilded-phoenix
  4. @glisimc
  5. boosiim
  6. easysimoleons
  7. @simsismybae
  8. kinzthesim

anonymous asked:

Según mis cálculos si a 5500 le dividimos 365 da 15,06 entonces ¿tienes 15 años?

Perdona, hace poco cumplí los años y le olvidé de cambiar la cifra:( Ya la puse bien jajajaja, tengo 16.


5,5k?!!!! WAT????

Thank you so much guys!!! ♥ I love you all!!! ♥

“ I love you all and thanks for all the supporting messages, the lovely comments and everything. :) You guys are made my life better and i’m trying to do my best, draw more and improve my skills to give you better fanarts. :)”

and “I want to say ‘thank you’ to danisnotonfire and amazingphilfor being in my life. You are always able to make me smile.:)  ”

It’s almost november, Halloween, birthday, cold, warm stuff, crows.. Ah.. i like this season. 

Here are some amazing people to follow. :D

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Every single person is important in this fancommunity.
Don’t forget to: be nice to each other, help the others and don’t send hate!!! We are a big phamily!! ♥