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Round 7: DEANS FANCY GUN WITH THE COOL WHITE HANDLE "that was my gun he was pointing at your head and my gun dont jam" This gun has survived more episodes than nearly any other object. Whenever Dean loses it it miraculously reappears in later episodes. Dean also frequently pulls it out of his ass when needed, especially when he really didn't look like he was packing in a previous scene. This gun cannot be killed. Not even by this show. Also its a Colt, and thus gets honorary sacred significance.


I like the ass pull implication just because, so I’m gonna give you 5 bonus points 


I can make a socially inept gecko space on the scoreboard if you like, although you are helping “anon” back up to the winning spot bit by bit :P

shinee has been revealed as one of the three nominees on the inkigayo #1 chart for tomorrow’s broadcast. they will be competing against blackpink and snsd’s taeyeon. 

 a breakdown of both the percentage and maximum number of points given in each category can be seen below:

digital ■ 55% (5,500 points)
sns ■ 35% (3,500 points)
live voting ■ 10% (1,000 points)
domestic pre-vote ■ 5% (500 points)
album ■ 5% (500 points)
total: 11,000 total points avaliable

11,000 is a perfect score, and there is no sharing of distribution of points. the way that inkigayo goes about handing out their points is usually linked to where each nominee falls into all categories in terms of first, second and third place in regards to sales, youtube views, the amount of live votes they get, etc.. example: the nominee with the highest digital ranking on gaon for the week will get the full 5,500 digital points while the second place will normally get somewhere in the 3,000 range, so on and so forth. this week, shinee is ranks first place in album and second place in digital. their status for pre-vote is not known, and sbs counts music video views until just before the start of every show which leads us into an important note: 

we must try to raise the views for the music video as much as we can in the next two days. give that shinee is second in digital it will likely be detrimental for them to rank first in live vote, pre-vote and as high as possible (if not first place) in sns in order to grab a win. this will be their last chance at winning for the song, and likely the only chance that they have (because it is unlikely that they will win on music bank today). so, please! use the link below to watch and spread around the video as much as you can!

 Andersen earned two shutouts in as many appearances, stopping all 48 shots he faced, to propel the Maple Leafs (23-15-9, 55 points) to two victories in three contests. He turned aside 26 shots in a 4-0 triumph against the Calgary Flames Jan. 23 and made 22 saves in a 4-0 win over the Detroit Red Wings Jan. 25. In doing so, Andersen posted consecutive shutouts for the first time in his NHL career (164 GP). The 27-year-old Herning, Denmark, native - who is in his first campaign with the Maple Leafs - owns a 21-10-8 record with a 2.55 goals-against average, .921 save percentage and three shutouts in 39 games this season. [x,x]


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The Math of Inkigayo (161006 version)

okay, so I promised a post about how Inkigayo calculates weekly points. the math is all explained on the website, but it’s in Korean, and lord knows it’s confusing so I’m going to try to break it down as simply as possible.

first of all, here is the list of how points are calculated, from what sources, etc.

□ Chart Aggregation Period

- Monday two weeks before broadcast ~ Monday the week before broadcast
- SNS points are aggregated up until the day of broadcast

□ Chart Aggregation Itemization and Weight

① Preliminary Data Aggregation
DIGITAL SALES POINTS: 55%, from Gaon Digital Chart
SNS POINTS: 35%, from Youtube Official MV views (both 1theK and the ent company’s official channel)
PHYSICAL SALES POINTS: 5%, from Gaon Album Chart
VIEWER PRELIMINARY VOTING POINTS: 5%, from MelOn homepage + app

② Live Broadcast Data Aggregation

□ Chart Ratio Scoring Methods

- 5000 points are given to the 1st place in terms of the Gaon Digital Chart
- 3500 points are given to the 1st place in terms of MV views
- 500 points are given to the 1st place in terms of the Gaon Album Chart
- 500 points are given to the 1st place in terms of preliminary voting
- 500 points for the 1st place in terms of the expert opinion survey conducted before broadcast
- this adds up to a total of 10,000 points

- the 2nd place for each chart aggregation item is calculated as follows: <2nd place digital points/1st place digital points x 5500>, <2nd place SNS points/1st place SNS points x 3500>, <2nd place physical points/1st place physical points x 500>, <2nd place voting points/1st place voting points x 500>.

- in terms of live voting, there are 1000 points given to the artist with the highest number of votes. the 2nd and 3rd places are calculated as follows: <2nd, 3rd place votes/1st place vote x 1000>. that number is added to the “preliminary voting” number for a final score.

to give an example, if the points are as follows (I have highlighted the 1st place in each category for clarity) :

A) digital points 10,000 / SNS points 2,000 / physical points 10,000 / voting points 2,000
B) digital points 5,000 / SNS points 5,000 / physical points 5,000 / voting points 10,000
C) digital points 2,000 / SNS points 10,000 / physical points 2,000 / voting points 5,000

then it will be calculated as follows (I have highlighted the 1st place in each category for clarity):

A) <10000/10000 x 5500 = 5500 points> + <2000/10000 x 3500 = 700 points> + <10000/10000 x 500 = 500 points> + <2000/10000 x 500 = 100 points> = TOTAL 6800 points
B) <5000/10000 x 5500 = 2750 points> + <5000/10000 x 3500 = 1750 points> + <5000/10000 x 500 = 250 points> + <10000/10000 x 500 = 500 points> = TOTAL 5250 points
C) <2000/10000 x 5500 = 1100 points> + <10000/10000 x 3500 = 3500 points> + <2000/10000 x 500 = 100 points> + <5000/10000 x 500 = 250 points> = TOTAL 4950 points

so you can see how, using the calculations above, it’s totally possible for a group to have weak SNS and physical scores, but still win on their digital score alone.

□ Basis for Chart Aggregation

- the top 150 songs from the Gaon Digital Chart are included in the Inkigayo Chart
- only 2 songs per album can be included in the chart
- OST songs are excluded from the chart
- songs from audition shows and variety programs, etc. are excluded from the chart
- songs that are deemed inadmissible after deliberation by SBS are excluded from the chart
- songs that win #1 on Inkigayo three weeks in a row are included in the SBS Hall of Fame, but are excluded from the chart in subsequent weeks

that’s all folks! if you have any questions please feel free to ask via PM, I’ll do my best to answer them.

[!] BTS is nominated for Inkigayo today!

☆ The important thing we need to help them win is digital streaming

Streaming is 55% of the points~ Stream RUN once every hour!

☆ 35% SNS Points MV (Bighit/1thek) WATCH BOTH

☆ 10% Live SMS Voting (Number to be posted later)

Lets try our best ARMYS♥


11 treys from Kyrie Irving’s 55 point performance vs the Trailblazers


26 year old Italian gymnast Federica Macrì fulfills her dream of bringing back the DTY she had not competed since 2007 (when she ruptured her tendon) during the last Serie A1 competition for the 2016 championship in Torino. Her 15.450 score (no bonuses) boosts her AA total, allowing her to reach a total of 55.950 points (no bonuses) and crowning her as the virtual AA champion of the day. 

Exactly 10 years ago, in 2006, Federica helped team Italy win the European Championship team gold in Volos. What a queen!


The best part in all these is that eventhough we did not win,almost everyone participated and gave their all so at the end of the day,the thought of being able to be their for LR and bring them to the 2nd place with just a 55-point difference should overpower the regret of not doing enough.it was that enough that should make us proud coz whatever differences we have,we managed to help LR and each other get a really good number.Thank you St☆rlights!