55 inch

Egret Series No. 3.

Great egret (Ardea alba), in Norfolk, Virginia. Male egrets are responsible for most nest construction. They will present building materials to their mates for approval before weaving them into their coarse nests. Finished nests will be up to three feet wide (90 cm) and a foot deep (30 cm).

This bird’s wings are almost fully extended - with a span of about 55 inches (140 cm).

Please click photo for full view.  

my parents got a new tv recently and it’s a smart tv with chromecast built in which means i can interrupt any tv show at any time without any warning to stream harry styles’ sign of the times music video in glorious hd on a 55 inch screen technology is truly amazing

MoMA PS1: Exhibitions: Mark Leckey: Containers and Their Drivers

British artist Mark Leckey’s first comprehensive U.S. survey opens today at MoMA PS1. Since coming to prominence in the late 1990s, Leckey’s dynamic and varied art has addressed the radical effect of technology on popular culture. The exhibition will bring together a broad array of video works and sculptural installations alongside new pieces made specifically for the exhibition.

[Mark Leckey. Untitled (Harlem SoundSystem). 2011. 4 low range speakers, 2 mid range speakers, 3 high range speakers, 1 wooden sound buffer, 4 amplifiers, 1 equalizer, 1 stereo/mono crossover, 1 mixer, cables, 114 ½ x 55 ½ x 27 inches. Image courtesy Mark Leckey and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York/Rome. © Mark Leckey.]

(via MoMA PS1: Exhibitions: Mark Leckey: Containers and Their Drivers)

a long time ago i was watching a captainsparklez stream and he said “55 inches in the bedroom” in reference to his tv at one point and i think that’s why i haven’t unsubscribed from him yet

Jack Gilinsky - Comfort zone (based on Paper Towns)

Request: Can you do a paper towns inspired imagine for jack gilinsky?


Okay, I had been working on this all afternoon, evening and half of the night, I don’t know if it turned out to be okay and like the requester imagined but I tried my best.

The way I figure it, everyone gets a miracle. Like, I will probably never get struck by lightning, or win Nobel Prize, or become the dictator of a small nation in the Pacific Islands, or contract terminal ear cancer, or spontaneously combust. But if you consider all the unlikely things together, at least one of them will probably happen to each of us. I could have seen it rain frogs. I could have stepped foot on Mars. I could have been eaten by a whale. I could have married the queen of England or survived months at sea. But my miracle was different. My miracle was this: out of all the houses in Omaha, I ended up living next door to Jack Gilinsky.

This all started when I was nine, and one day that big van appeared in front of the house next to ours. Then another car pulled over and there he was with all of his 55 inches. I was playing in the garden with my dog as he laid his eyes on me, gave me a bright smile and then ran into their new home.

Mostly because we were close in age we started to hang out and another neighbor kid, Johnson joined our little squad. We used to play until late night and Gilinsky quite often ended up in my window asking me to sneak out, but I was too much of a chicken to do it. He then always just shrugged and went on the adventure by himself.

The years passed by and puberty hit us. I started to hang out with girls and him and Johnson focused on their project. They uploaded short videos to the app called Vine and created a YouTube channel. People liked what they were doing and soon they became part of the Magcon tour. We weren’t talking anymore, they were the famous and popular guys that everyone wanted to be around, while I was just an average girl trying to get through high school. But I was kept dreaming of the day when he finally remembers that I existed and realizes how cool of a girl I was. I sat in my room in the night watching their videos and glancing outside the window waiting for him to appear, however I knew he was always on the road, so there wasn’t too many chances I would see him. It was until one night, when he mysteriously appeared in my room.

I was sleeping peacefully, when I was woken up by a strange noise. I sat up in my room and saw a shadow move from my window to my bed. I was scared to death and was literally thinking I would die in that moment. Then the shadow too his hoodie down and I recognized Jack.

“What the hell?” I groaned trying to calm myself down.

“I need your car,” he explained.

“I don’t have a car,” I said quietly, because it was a touchy subject for me.

“Well, then I need your mom’s car.”

“Jack, should I remind you, that you have your own car?” I asked raising my eyebrows at him.

“My parents took my keys, so I’m in a desperate need of yours.” He took a look at my desk before sitting down to the edge of my bed.

“What do you need a car for in the middle of the night?” I asked realizing I was in my pink pajamas, so I tried to pull the covers up a bit without him noticing my outfit.

“I have a problem to take care of,” he answered diplomatically.

“Can’t just your girlfriend give you her car? I’m sure she has a better one than my mom.” Touchy subject number two. I wasn’t quite happy when I saw the news online that Jack got together with Madison Beer. Actually, I had a typical teenage breakdown, when I sat in my room for an entire day, watched awful romantic movies and ate half a gallon icecream. I’m not proud of that, I have to admit it.

“Ex-girlfriend. And no, because she is a big part of my problem.”

What can you say to this? Probably I stared at him with a weird expression before I managed to speak up.

“Okay, let’s go.”

He exited through the window while I quickly got changed and got the keys to the car. If I was badass enough I would have gone back and followed him through the window, but I chose the front door. He was waiting outside for me, we got into the car and made our way to…

“Where are we going exactly?”

“First we need to have a round in Wal-Mart and then our destination is going to be Hilton Garden Inn,” he answered checking something out on his phone and then giving me a mysterious smile. From what he said I figured out that Madison may had been in Hilton Garden Inn, but I hadn’t knew why she was part of the problem exactly, but I chose to save this question for later.

Jack was the first to talk in the car.

“Have you ever felt utterly betrayed?” he asked looking out to the street.


“Who made you feel like that?” Turning towards me he shifted his gaze to my face waiting for my answer. I wanted to say ‘you’ but I didn’t want him to know how deeply I was affected by him.

“You don’t know him,” I shrugged. “Do you feel betrayed now?”

“More than ever.”

“Will you tell me why?”

“I could, but I guess it will be funnier if you just see it yourself.” He showed me exactly the same smile I got when we first saw each other and it totally distracted me from the topic.

I was used to trips to Wal-Mart with my mom, where we bought usual things. Now with Jack, we also bought usual things, but in that context it occurred to be weird. Coke, Veet, Vaseline, two bags of chips, and a can of blue spray paint.

“This isn’t as weird as it looks,” I told the check-out woman, but she just cleared her throat and said:

“Still weird,” she muttered.


“Jack, I really don’t want to get into trouble,” I said as we were heading to Hilton Garden Inn.

“Don’t be afraid, if we get busted, I take the blame, since you are just the very pretty assistant here.”

“You still don’t want to tell me what happened?” I asked while the word ‘pretty’ was echoing in my mind.

“If I’m not mistaken, you will see it yourself within twenty minutes.”

After finding a spot at the parking lot in front of Hilton Garden Inn, we just walked inside with the bag full of our weird stuff. He walked straight to the reception. A beautiful blonde girl was standing behind the counter, her smile immediately grew wide as he saw Jack.

“Good evening, Mr. Gilinsky. How can I help you?” she asked clearly flirting with him. And I was just standing there awkwardly, feeling useless in that situation.

“Hello, I would like to have another card to my room. Unfortunately I lost it today on my rehearsals.” It was impressing how believable he could lie.

The girl looked at him for a moment before turning around and getting another card.

“Thank you. Just add the lost one to the bill,” he winked and then turning around stepped back to me. “Come on, we have to get started.”

Taking the elevator we went up to the tenth floor. Seemingly Jack knew where we had to go, and walking through the hallway he stopped at room 1023 and turned to me.

“Okay. We are going in, but we have to be quiet. Your task is going to be to put Vaseline to the doorknobs, but only in the insides, okay? I will take care of everything else.” I nodded and took out the Vaseline from the bag handing everything else to him. “Alright. When I say ‘run,’ you have to run and not look back, okay? Just go to the car, ignite and go, I will be right behind you.” I nodded again. He took out the card from his pocket and quietly opened the door.

It was dark inside, but as soon as I got used to it, I could see two figures lying in the bed. Walking closer I saw that it was Madison with an unknown guy… they both were naked. I was shocked, but looking over to Jack I didn’t see any sight of surprise on his face. I shook my head and started to do my task. When I was done, I went to check out what Jack was doing. By that time a huge letter G was spray painted to the wall and he was doing… something on the sleeping cheaters. Stepping closer I could see that he was spreading Veet to Madison’s eyebrows, and the guy was already eyebrowless. I saw him take off the cream and abracadabra, her eyebrows were gone.

“Oh my God,” I gasped trying to hold back my laughter. Jack was grinning too, but he made a mistake, the cream spilled to her face waking her up.

“Run!” Jack whispered immediately as Madison sat up and realized what was happening. I did as he told me, we ran through the hallway, down the stairs and out of the hotel. “Go! Go!” he shouted laughing, my heart was beating madly as I quickly ignited and left the parking lot.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe what just happened!” I screamed when we were far away from the hotel.

“See? I just gave you the biggest adventure of your life!” he laughed happily. When our laughter faded I finally realized that we just busted his girlfriend with another guy.

“Jack, how did you know what was happening there?” I quietly asked glancing over to him for a moment.

“Johnson heard her talk with this dude and then it was easy to get the picture together.”

“I’m really sorry.”

“Thank you, but I’m just happy I could take my revenge.”

We drove back home in silence, I thought he would need some time to take everything in, I didn’t force him into useless talking. When we arrived I parked the car down and we got out meeting at the front.

“Thank you for helping me,” he said giving me that smile once again.

“You’re welcome. I have to admit I had fun.”

“Because you got out of your comfort zone. You should do it more often.

“I don’t think so,” I giggled shaking my head. “It’s too complicated and dangerous and…” I couldn’t finish my sentence, because I was cut off by his lips on my lips.

I had been dreaming of it since I knew what kissing meant and now it was happening. But it ended as fast as it started. He pulled away before I even could realize what was happening.

“Out of your comfort zone. The fun is there,” he said and then just turned around, walked inside their house, like this night didn’t happen. But I knew I would remember to it as long as I live.

One last post of the owl letter I drew for my Gryffindor niece – how it unfolds it’s 22 inch/55 cm wingspan. I’m not sure if I’m more excited sending this owl than she will be receiving it :) And I’m so curious to know if the anonymous sender (me) will be a mystery to her or not. I suspect I will be the prime suspect as I’m the only wizard she knows… and an artist at that.

Anyway the owl flew earlier today so I will know soon enough :)

Alternative firepower: a look at different methods of discharge

All successful guns throughout history have utilized gunpowder in some way, as to create an explosion that propels a projectile towards its target. This is the way it has been for centuries and there are no signs that this system will be replaced in the near future. But it has its drawbacks - it’s loud, emits a visible flash and generates recoil. Thus, inventors past and present have sought ways to propel projectiles through other means. These are but a few.

Air guns

When somebody says “air gun”, the first thing that springs to most people’s minds is an airsoft or BB gun; essentially a non-lethal recreational weapon. But when the air gun was devised, it was originally intended to be very lethal indeed. The principle is simple: the sudden release of compressed air will launch a projectile at speed.

Perhaps the simplest and oldest form of an air “gun” were blow-pipes used by South American tribes to fire sharpened darts. These were encountered by the Spanish and Portuguese in the 16th century, and although they were surprisingly long-ranged, they were not particularly accurate or effective compared to the Conquistador‘s rifles.

Fast forward to 1430, when Guter of Nuremberg is said to have developed an air gun, although no records of it remain; only references to the fact that he invented such a device, without any description of the device itself. Samuel von Schmettau, a Prussian Field Marshall, is said to have owned an air gun that was dated to 1474, which may well have been one of Guter’s works. This gun was allegedly found in his armory after his death, and had parts missing.

By the Renaissance, air guns were fairly commonplace, at least in Italy. Leonardo da Vinci devised such a device and recorded how he made it. His air gun was about 55 inches long and fired steel darts. Some authors made casual references to air guns, suggesting they were quite well-known. In 1615, an Englishman visiting Rome claimed to have seen three air guns, all made of brass, being sold at 40 crowns a piece. These guns were designed to store air in the stocks, which pressurized over time. Reporting with some enthusiasm, he described one of the guns punching a hole through wood.

Marin le Bourgeoys’ air gun, c.1607.

In 1607, Marin le Bourgeoys invented an air gun that fired a steel dart from a 36-inch barrel. David Rivault de Flurance wrote that Marin’s gun was effective at over 300 meters. In 1655, a man purchased an air gun in Utrecht that he planned to use against Oliver Cromwell. Although he never attempted this, he did do history the courtesy of describing the weapon, claiming it had a range of just over 100 meters and had a magazine of 7 shots.

The Royal Society of London developed an air gun in 1664 that was reportedly “sufficient to kill a man”. Their invention never came to anything, but it does indicate that an interest in militarized air guns was developing by this time, whereas previously they had been reserved for hunting purposes.

Interestingly, the Royal Society were also the bearers of “the most ancient air gun ever known”, as reported by Michael Bernhard Valentini in 1688, but it was donated to the British Museum in 1781, who lost it. Clever.

Other powerful air guns were developed by the scientist Robert Boyle and the gunmaker Johann Georg Günter, who made repeating air guns that cost a small fortune.

Engraving of a hunter pumping an air gun, c.1654.

Steam guns

There have been few attempts to harness steam power to launch projectiles, but Leonardo da Vinci developed a steam-powered gun, the idea of which he attributes to Archimedes. Da Vinci said this of the weapon:

“It is used in this manner: the third part of the instrument stands within a great quantity of burning coals, and when it has been thoroughly heated by these, it tightens the screw which is above the cistern of water and as the screw becomes tightened, it will cause that below to become loosened. And when consequently the water has fallen out it will descend into the heated part of the machine, and then it will instantly become charged with so much steam that it will seem marvelous, and especially when one sees its fury and hears its roar. This machine has driven a ball, weighing one talent, six stadia.” 

Da Vinci’s steam-powered gun, which he attributes to Archimedes.

So a noisy weapon, then, and one that seems to offer no direct advantage over a conventional cannon, but an innovation nonetheless. It was developed no further than this, and the concept of steam-powered weapons was not re-explored until the 18th century, when on the 18th of April 1797, three men in Philadelphia demonstrated a steam-powered musket. These men were G. Turner, R. Wells and R. Storkton. How this musket operated is not known.

In 1814, General Girad, a French officer, demonstrated a wheeled boiler that powered a volley gun of 6 barrels. The weapon was magazine-fed, with a rate of fire of 180 rounds per minute. Like Turner, Wells and Storkton’s musket, the details as to how this weapon operated have been lost.

Jacob Perkins of Newport worked in Water Lane in London in the 1820s, and developed a steam-powered machine gun. Capable of firing up to 240 rounds per minute, the weapon was promising. The projectiles were cylindrical bullets filled with water, with a small metal plug in the rear end. When these bullets got extremely hot, the water within them would reach boiling point and melt the metal plugs in the rear. The pressurized steam generated by the boiling water would propel the bullets with force once the plug melted and the steam was released.

Perkins was optimistic about his invention and patented it 1824. He bought a factory near Regent’s Park and demonstrated his weapon there on the 6th of December 1825. The Office of Ordnance, joined by the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, attended the demonstration. The demonstration went well, but it was not investigated for military application, due to the fact that it required a furnace, a generator, pipes, valves, and 100 gallons of water for every hour of use.

Perkins’ gun ended up being exhibited as a curio at the Adelaide Gallery of Practical Science. Although Perkins’ son Angier, and his son, Loftus, kept developing the weapon, the only use it saw was demonstrations. It made an appearance at the Great Exhibition of 1851, but saw its final use in 1861.

Electric guns

The first gun to be powered by electricity was invented by Thomas Beningfield in 1854. Beningfield marketed the weapon heavily, calling it the “destroying power” and making the outlandish claim that it could fire 1200 rounds per minute. Like Perkins’ weapon, the Office of Ordnance was interested and arranged a demonstration of the weapon, with the Duke of Wellington once again attending. Surprisingly, many of Beningfield’s claims held true. Those who saw it were impressed; it fired lead balls rapidly down a 35-yard range.

An engraving of Thomas Beningfield’s electric gun, c.1854.

Beningfield himself proved uncooperative with the Office of Ordnance, however. He refused to let them inspect the weapon and refused to tell anyone how it worked. He never patented the weapon, thus there is no description of its workings. William Greener theorized that it generated power from galvanic batteries and was wholly dismissive the of weapon, suggesting that it probably required a lot of maintenance like Perkins’ gun did.

In France, Mr. Le Baron and Mr. Delmas of Paris patented a rifle in 1866 that used electricity as a means of ignition. The rifle was chambered for special cartridges that had negative and positive connections and were ignited by an electrical spark, generated by a coiled potash battery stored in the butt. It was reportedly prone to violent vibrations. Mr. H. Pieper of London developed a similar but lighter rifle in 1883, but nothing came of it.

The Le Baron & Delmas gun, c.1866.

A more recent development into the electric gun came in 1933, courtesy of Mr. Virgil Rigsby of Texas. Rigbsy’s gun was a coilgun, meaning that the barrel was wrapped with circular electromagnets that projected a magnetic bullet through the barrel at a high velocity. This way, there is no recoil, no muzzle flash and no gunshot; thus, Rigsby’s weapon was hyped as a “silent machine-gun”. Rigbsy patented his design, but ultimately the amount of power needed to generate the electromagnets was too much to justify it replacing conventional machine guns.

Virgil Rigsby demonstrating his coil-powered machine gun, c.1934.

There you have it. There are other methods I could mention that have been experimented with (elastic, gas, bellows, spring guns), but I think this will suffice for now. Will gunpowder ever be toppled? The newest developments suggest that railguns might be deployed by the Navy in the near future, but are there other designs that future soldiers could be using?


$5 Faux Yarn Locs Tutuorial

I used one pack of the Jumbo Red Heart Yarn - $5.88
For each braid I used 5 strands of 20 - 22 inches of yarn.
For the wrapping I used 3 strands of 50 - 55 inches of Yarn