30mins of being uncomfortable is better then being uncomfortable your entire life.

Today I lost a total of 54kg. In fact I lost the 10kg that I put back on in the process of healing. That makes it 64kg. Today I’m only 8kg away from my goal weight. I can’t fail. I’m going to make it.

I count my blessings everyday because I’m alive and I’m given another chance today to eat better and get my life back on track. @motiveweight - submission

Before, January 2015: 190lb(86kg)
After, January 2016: 120lb(54kg)

I took the first picture last January. I hit my highest weight, 225lb, in June 2014 and had been losing slowly since then. I got to 180lb in autumn, but I had been drifting off my low calorie diet. I ate very small portions, mostly lean cuisines and weight watchers. It was hard to stick to, and I gained 10lb over the holidays.

So that January I made a New Years Resolution. I wanted to be healthy. Two ways I could do this were by quitting smoking and changing my diet. I wanted to lose weight, but I didn’t want to feel so deprived. I had grown up vegetarian and already loved fruits and vegetables, so I decided to go vegan in 2015. No more tasteless diet foods, I ate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and learned how to cook for myself. I always had a big salad for lunch, and I cut out processed foods. I also got a fitbit and made sure I hit my step target most days. I discovered a love of running as well, and I never thought I’d enjoy exercise so much!


If you are making a New Years Resolution to get healthy and lose weight, I recommend a strictly plant based diet. IT CHANGED MY LIFE!! Go vegan in 2016! Plant based diets are beautiful, wonderful, delicious, and I FEEL GREAT! Follow my journey at losinggain.tumblr.com



Sunday 15th January.

I had to work this morning & of course with my gym being so close to work, I decided to get a good workout in afterwards.

Food intake:

Bowl of sustain & skim milk.
2 banana yogurt pouches (60 cal ea)

Roast chicken BLT smash wrap from red rooster @ around 550 cals.

Sweet and sour chicken & brown rice.


184 cals in total burnt via elliptical.
20 6kg medicine ball slams.
20 mountain climbers.
20 step ups.
30 crunches.
20 8kg Russian twist.
50 heel taps.
20 x 115kg leg extension.
50 x 54kg lat pull.
20 x 80kg leg press.
30 x 35kg chest press.
20 x 35kg shoulder press.
50 x 54kg low row.

anonymous asked:

Can you explain a bit about your water fasts? How long do you do it for? What results do you normally get? How do you keep going? What kind of exercise do you do while you're on your fast? :)

Okay, I will tell you about the last time I was fasting, which it was for 15 days, i lost 10kgs., when I started i was 54kgs (5′4).. the hardest part was the first three days after that i was okay (no more pain)and i was only drinking water nothing else.

It seems to be hard to do it but once you started it you gonna like it believe me. I don’t do any exercise (you can’t do it cause you want to save energy) and for me I really hate muscles so I don’t do it! You can go for walks instead. 

❤ Aldini Twins Profiles ❤

Takumi & Isami official profiles
Translated by me from Jump fes newspaper 
((special thanks to my dear friend who send it to me))

✽ Takumi ✽

🎂 Birthday: July 19th
⭐️ Astrological Sign: Cancer
💉 Blood Type: A
⬆️ Height: 168cm
Weight: 54kg
💡 Hobby: Cooking (duh!)
💓 Favorite type of girl: Someone with beautiful manners 

✽ Isami ✽

🎂 Birthday: July 19th
⭐️ Astrological Sign: Cancer 
💉 Blood Type: O
⬆️ Height: 182cm
Weight: 70kg (in Summer)
💡 Hobby: Teasing Takumi :D
💓 Favorite type of girl: Someone who makes him feel relaxed when they are together

credits: cute gif from shokugekis


Ensemble Stars newest idols!

Mika Kagehira - CV: Jun Oosuka
Birthday: 12/26
Unit: Valkyrie
Club: Handicrats
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 54Kg
Blood Type: B
Likes: Hemlines on long clothing
Dislikes: When people look at his eyes
Family: Parents
Hobbies: Collecting stuffed animals.
Special Skill: Cat’s Cradle

Shu Itsuki - CV: Hiroki Takahashi
Birthday: 10/30
Unit: Valkyrie
Club: Handicrafts
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 59 kg
Blood Type: A
Likes: Antique dolls
Dislikes: Places with lots of people
Family: Grandfather, Parents, Older Sister, Older Brother
Hobbies: Sewing western style clothing for dolls.
Special Skill: Knitting lace

Algumas coisas sobre Kentin:

1- Kentin sabe tocar flauta.

2- Kentin, mesmo usando lentes, usa óculos em casa.

3- Kentin não fez amigos na escola militar, por querer voltar rapidamente para Sweet Amoris.

4- Kentin chama Lety de louca, por importuná-lo desde a antiga escola.

5- Kentin tem medo de Castiel, mas após o episódio 12 nega isso.

6- Kentin tem uma personalidade doce e carinhosa.

7- É muito fácil de conviver e conquistá-lo.

8- Kentin, em sua antiga escola, era tímido e mal chamava atenção.

9- Kentin, na sua antiga escola, muitas vezes era esquecido da lista de chamada, devido sua timidez.

10- O signo de Kentin é peixes.

11- Nasceu no dia 6 de março.

12- Antes da escola militar tinha 1,65 de altura, depois dela cresceu 5cm.

13- O tipo sanguíneo de Kentin é O+.

14- Antigamente Kentin tinha 54kg, hoje em dia tem 65kg.

15- Kentin não gosta de comida apimentada.

16- Kentin ainda sente algo pela docete, mas não é uma paixão obsessiva.

17- Na escola militar Kentin pensava na docete.

18- Kentin, Armin e Alexy tem uma boa amizade.

19- Kentin compra um cachorro, e se chama Cookie.

20- Se Kentin fosse pai, seria do tipo carinhoso, atencioso e bondoso. Faria o máximo para fazer seu filho feliz. (Conclusão feita por mim).


Margot se aproximou da mulher, que estava de costas, ela a cutucou com um pequeno sorriso lhe pintando os lábios. ❝ Você é Andromeda Jobs, certo? Cabelos negros, olhos azulados, 1,60, 54kg. Nasceu no dia 5 de Abril de 1993, Ariana com ascendente em leão. Tem uma tatuagem de fênix nas costelas. Hacker, foi adotada antes mesmo de saber andar, invadiu a NASA com apenas 10 anos de idade. Tá com ficha na polícia por agressão e tem pavor de pombos. Estou certa? ❞ Terminou tudo e continuou com um sorriso e uma sobrancelha levantada para ela.

y-oa submitted: 

 Height: 5'3/162cm
Starting weight: 265lbs/120kgs
4/2016: 218lbs/98kg

Currently I am: 209lbs/95kg~~~

I am on the intermittent fasting diet, with strength training in the morning. I am currently in South Korea, where the food is really healthy. ^.^

UGW: 120lbs/54kg

—- View more & send Before and After weight loss progress photos HERE.