It’s here: the fastest-ever Range Rover

162mph, 542bhp Range Rover Sport SVR is really, really rapid. 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds, anyone?

As Land Rover has mentioned a few times recently, it has spent the last several months working on a range-topping, really-bloody fast version of the Range Rover Sport. This is it. It’s called the Range Rover SVR, and it’s the fastest production Land Rover… in the world.

How fast? 542bhp, 502lb ft and 162mph fast, that’s how. And such is the fashion these days, LR has thrown this two-tonne megabomb around the Nürburgring, thus giving James May a mild aneurism.

This SVR pumped around the Green Hell in eight minutes and 14 seconds, making it faster than - if you believe in such fairytale times at the ‘Ring - the Lexus IS-F, original Honda NSX and as quick as a Merc C63 AMG. [x]