Hello, it’s #optomstudies here again with another Sunday Study Tip on university life! This will be a multi-part series that hopefully will give a unique insight, since I can go on and on about university, and I love giving advice and helping others :)


Figure out your major as soon as possible. I think this generally helps no matter which education system you’re in (US, UK, Australia, etc.). Just a brief explanation: in Australia, you enrol in a degree, which is the name of 3-5 year program that will appear on your testamur, and you can usually choose to major in at least one stream, made of usually 48-60 units of credit at my university (each course you take, e.g. MATH1131 is usually worth 6 units of credit). 

Just knowing what direction you want to take can really help you to maximise the use of your time, particularly regarding the use of your electives. I have a friend who is doing a double degree and will graduate with four majors on his testamur because courses in those majors overlap, and because he has planned out which courses he will take for the rest of the degree. 

Once you know your major, figure out which courses you take in advance to avoid trouble with prerequisites and co-requisites using your university handbook. It could potentially save you at least one or two semesters just waiting around for the course to be available. And that’s equivalent to an additional year that you can spend in the working force. 

Get to know your student support centres. There are plenty of places at uni that are funded by your student amenities fee, so take advantage of it. At my uni, apart from clubs and societies, there’s also the student union/SRC, legal advice, psychological services, academic advice, and much more. You might not end up using all the services, but it’s good to know that it’s there. 

The other thing about student support and administration is that it’s often incredibly inefficient and no one knows who has the information you need. Especially if you’re doing something that’s a little different from most of the student population, trying to get approval for something like a class clash can send you all around campus twice over. Do your research and be thoughtful about who you go to for information and what you say to them. Some people just send you around and the others can approve things in no time. Other people even make it more difficult for you. Also, act like you know what you’re doing and what you need (because if they secretly don’t know they’re more likely to waver in your favour). 

Read university guides made by your uni. I don’t think a lot of people pay attention but these are actually pretty comprehensive and can be used as a studyblr all by themselves hahaha. Apart from having step by step tutorials on all administrative matters, they usually have study tips for students transferring from high school to uni :)

A personal note~ being in optometry is really good on the administration end of things. Your whole degree is basically decided for you, and you have four choices to make. What level of maths, what level of physics, and which two general education (gen ed) courses you want to do. Everything else in optometry is pretty much a straight up ladder system because of the requirements listed by Optometry Australia about what an optometrist has to know, so there aren’t any hassles as long as you don’t fail any subjects. Although we don’t get much flexibility, we do save a little bit of stress :) That was my little personal tidbit :)

Enrolling in classes is hell. If you go to a uni that decides your timetable you get to avoid this biennial click-fest and stress/freak out session. Waiting for the clock to tick 1 second over the enrolment time before logging in and scrambling for classes for the best timetable is the worst. I imagine it’s even worse if you miss out on classes or have a part time job and needed a specific time. 

Don’t arrange early classes the first semester. Unless you live on campus, you will have your head stuck to the table from sleeping. Aim to start classes such that you sleep from 11pm ish to 7am. For me, 10ams are a good start. Only after you get used to it should you try anything earlier. 

Don’t worry about course fees. The education system in Australia is completely different than the situation that many American students have to face, so I do not understand why people act like their student fees are a big problem. Course fees all go into your HECS-HELP loan, meaning you don’t have to pay it back until you earn more than $54000, and only as a percentage starting from 4% to a maximum of 8%. You don’t have to pay a cent towards actually attending the university until you are enjoying the benefits of it. 

Mark census dates down if you are changing courses. I haven’t personally had to deal with these, but the university gives you a large leeway in regards to changing courses, so try to adhere to it lest you be stuck with the fees for a course which you never completed. 





If you search up “8 rue du of docteur grandjean 54000 nancy, meurthe-et-moselle lorraine france” on google maps, you would be able to find this strange looking nonhuman figure on the balcony. 

However, Google maps blurred it out, but this is what it originally looked like. 

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Chosen (Ao3 link HERE)

Chapter 1 of 5

4000 words

Rated E

Cullen has been a regular at the library where Dorian works for a while now, and when Dorian notices that Cullen has been spending a lot more time there, he bites the bullet and asks him out. But life never runs smoothly for Dorian, and this is no exception.

art by @dankou! :) and thanks to @just-some-random-face @somanynugs and @redxluna for advising, guiding, and just plain encouraging me. you guys are the best. <3

“He’s back,” Varric said, nudging Dorian.


“Your Buffy fan.” Varric pointed towards the corner of the audio visual suite, where a distinctive mop of long, curly blond hair was just visible over the top of one of the cubicles.

“Is this is the fourth day in a row?” Dorian hissed. Until now, Dorian had been lucky to see Cullen once a week, but it seemed the man had been here almost all day, every day, for the past four days. Not that Dorian was objecting; he had been harbouring a painful crush on Cullen for months.

“Yeah, Cassandra said he was here while you were off. He’s up to season three now. He must be getting through half a season every day.”

Dorian watched the top of Cullen’s head for a moment before sighing and getting to work shelving DVDs from the trolley. During his shift he kept glancing back to the corner of the room to make sure Cullen’s hair was still visible and he wasn’t passed out on the desk. Apart from the occasional trip to what Dorian assumed was the bathroom and a lunch break in the middle of Dorian’s shift, the guy barely moved the whole afternoon.

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The left image is a screenshot taken of a humanoid figure on a balcony in France. The second image is of the same place but found a week later. Google may have blurred the image as it resembles a person however don’t they only blur the faces?

Want to see it for yourself? Paste this into google maps:

8 Rue Docteur Grandjean, 54000 Nancy, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Lorraine, France