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Chapter 1 of 5

4000 words

Rated E

Cullen has been a regular at the library where Dorian works for a while now, and when Dorian notices that Cullen has been spending a lot more time there, he bites the bullet and asks him out. But life never runs smoothly for Dorian, and this is no exception.

art by @dankou! :) and thanks to @just-some-random-face @somanynugs and @redxluna for advising, guiding, and just plain encouraging me. you guys are the best. <3

“He’s back,” Varric said, nudging Dorian.


“Your Buffy fan.” Varric pointed towards the corner of the audio visual suite, where a distinctive mop of long, curly blond hair was just visible over the top of one of the cubicles.

“Is this is the fourth day in a row?” Dorian hissed. Until now, Dorian had been lucky to see Cullen once a week, but it seemed the man had been here almost all day, every day, for the past four days. Not that Dorian was objecting; he had been harbouring a painful crush on Cullen for months.

“Yeah, Cassandra said he was here while you were off. He’s up to season three now. He must be getting through half a season every day.”

Dorian watched the top of Cullen’s head for a moment before sighing and getting to work shelving DVDs from the trolley. During his shift he kept glancing back to the corner of the room to make sure Cullen’s hair was still visible and he wasn’t passed out on the desk. Apart from the occasional trip to what Dorian assumed was the bathroom and a lunch break in the middle of Dorian’s shift, the guy barely moved the whole afternoon.

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