540 flip

I’ve had this headcanon since the food fight that Ruby skates / surfs / snowboards. Now that Reese Chloris has been revealed I can’t help but imagine them meeting in the Vytal tournament:

Ruby: “Oh my God, REESE?!”

Reese: “Ruby! Where you been?! I haven’t seen you at a skate tournament since…”

Ruby: “The Vytal Pro’s last year. Yeah I got moved up 2 years and things have been pretty hectic.”

Reese: “I can see that. Still can’t believe you landed that 540 laser flip to take 1st from me -”

Referee: *Clears throat*

Wiess: *somewhere in the stands* “What are you doing you DOLT!”

Ruby: *sheepishly pulls out CR* “Right, we’re supposed to be fighting.”

Reese: *laughs* “Sure. Catch up after?”

Ruby: “Deal.”