54 days of bad

Crowley Drabble Request

This was requested by @emilyymichelle: 50 “I’ll take your bad days with your good” and 54 “Look into my eyes” with Crowley please?

Word count: 275

Warnings: Angst & slight fluff

Crowley had been looking for you all morning.  He checked the throne room first, thinking you might be waiting for him there.  Then he checked the other usual places you might be.  He never thought to check your room.  That’s why he was concerned to find you still in bed this late in the morning.

“[Y/N] it’s almost noon,” Crowley informed you, sitting on the edge of your bed.  “You usually aren’t in bed at this time of day.”  Your back was turned to Crowley.  When he heard a small sob come from you, he pulled you up by your arms.  He wiped away your tears, cradling your face in his hands.  “What’s wrong kitten?”

“I just don’t feel like I belong here,” you sniffled.  “I know you didn’t wanna deal with me like this.  I’m sorry for bothering you with my human emotions.”

“Look into my eyes [Y/N],” Crowley spoke in a low voice.  When you did as he asked, he continued.  “I’ll take your bad days with your good.  I may not be able to understand what you’re feeling, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care.  You’re not bothering me either.”

“Are you sure,” you asked in a small voice.  

“Positive,” Crowley reassured you.  “Now how about you get out of bed and come with me.  I’ll make sure you get a wonderful breakfast.”  

Crowley let you get dressed before he took you to one of the diners Dean recommended long ago.  He talked to you that morning about all of your feelings.  He’d much rather listen to you than deal with petty demons who couldn’t execute a simple job anyway.

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Day 54 Post Op

Okay, I feel bad. Like I’ve been neglecting posting, even though I want to because I prefer venting here than on my Facebook.

I’m almost to my second goal weight of 350. I’ve been hovering around 353/351 for a few days lol. And I don’t consider the goal met until I’ve weighed in at least twice under 350. But that’s just me lol, I’m strange about the number on the scale.

In non scale news, my clothes are all getting baggy. Like, even some of the smaller sizes my mom ordered for me are starting to feel a little loose. Mostly, I chalk that up to the clothes stretching out… but even I know that isn’t an excuse that works all the time lol.

That being said, I’ve gone from a 5x in catalogue shopping, to a 2 or 3x, depending on the cut and fabric. I’ve also gone from a 34 top something more like a 26/28 … though I’m hesitant to try on clothing from a regular plus size store. I’m also scared to try on jeans. Because like, I don’t want to be disappointed if they don’t fit.

Exercise - last week I did amazing, walking almost 2 miles 4 days of the week. And then this week, I abandoned all routine.

It was vacation week for the kiddies in the area. And even though I have no kids, I volunteered to watch a friend’s youngest for most of the week in the mornings. And this 4 year old was relentless in her need to do something different every hour or so. I was usually mentally and physically exhausted by the time she went home.

And I baked with her 2 of the three days I watched her. So I’ve learned that I can make cake and feel no temptation. But cookies are a big no-no, because even when I give most away, I still grab a cookie left every time I walked by them. No bueno. But it’s a lesson learned.

And I stated back to work this week. Like Monday was great. But today was kind of horrible. Instead of getting to keep moving like I did on Monday, I ended up stuck on a register most of the day. And while the pain is no where near as bad as it used to be, I still got all stiff and sore through my legs and back. But at least I didn’t need to sit down.

I’m making progress in some areas and still learning in others. And totally excelling at other things. And if that isn’t life, I don’t know what is lol.

If you aren’t already following The Heisenberg Chronicles, I suggest you remedy that situation immediately. Not only is it my favorite Breaking Bad tumblr, but it is also one of my favorite tumblrs of all time, period.

Shayne has been counting down the days to the final eight by assembling a voluminous collection of 99% pure meth content, episode by episode. Once finished, this will stand as one of the best Breaking Bad resources in existence, which is a PRETTY BIG DEAL, Y'ALL.