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@54below:  Everyone try to #Breathe: @mandy.gonzalez just brought us all to tears with her powerful song from #InTheHeights

newsies things that need to be on itunes

THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MOON x dan deluca and joey barreiro

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO x mike faist and adam kaplan

ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN x liana hunt and adam kaplan

TO KISS A GIRL x ben fankhauser

WHAT YOU OWN x ben fankhauser and corey cott

LETTER FROM THE REFUGE x crutchie morris

HELLO PARADY x chaz wolcott, iain young and company

SANTA FE x joey barreiro

SHUT UP AND DANCE TAP RENDITION x dan deluca and company

KING OF NEW YORK / WHY SHOULD I WORRY x jacob kemp and company

TOP OF THE WORLD x ben cook

UNEMPLOYED x ben cook and josh burrage

Brandon Uranowitz - What More Can I Say


@54below:  In honor of her friend Lin-Manuel Miranda, @mandy.gonzalez brings down the house with “How Far I’ll Go” from #Moana.

brandon uranowitz @ 54 below

OKAY IM WRITING THIS BEFORE I FORGET. this is lowkey out of order too oops

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What Baking Can Do
Laura Osnes
What Baking Can Do

“I did have a conversation about a month ago that for 24 hours got me very excited about the prospect of possibly getting to bake pies on Broadway. But it’s not happening and it’s probably for the best because I’m really not right for the role. But baking does just so happen to be one of my favorite past times, which I used to do with my mother.”

some happy things about the falsettos revival since we’re all a lil sad about the robbery that was the 2017 tony awards
  • an AMAZING and beautiful cast that is actually a tight knit family and is as in love with the show as we all are
  • the proshot coming to movie theaters!!
  • anthony rosenthal
  • more christian borle dad jokes
  • reason to talk about andrew rannells’ hair
  • brandon uranowitz shows at 54 below!
  • the tony performance guest starring christian’s wig and andrew’s boner
  • stephanie j block and brandon uranowitz’s offstage relationship and hearing them always talk about how in love they are
  • everything about the lesbians from next door
  • That Photoshoot. you know the one
  • getting to hear in detail the story of how brandon uranowitz almost came out to his parents feat. gay porn and “WELL OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE’S HACKED INTO OUR COMPUTER”
  • betsy wolfe a beautiful ray of sunshine who went from shiska caterer to WAITRESS!!
  • the cast handing out cookies at schmackary’s like actual angels from above
  • anthony rosenthal’s friendship with tracie thoms
  • watching andrew rannells and christian borle fall totally in love with each other from their first interview together to literally caressing each other like a couple at every single event

I know I’m definitely missing some things so PLEASE feel free to add on to this list!!