It might not look like much…but the Halal cart at the corner of 53rd and 6th in Manhattan might be the most delicious food you’ll ever taste.  I get a mixed chicken and gyro and rice platter for $6; they’re open from ~noon until 4AM and the white sauce…has crack in it (it MIGHT).  It might be the best food I’ve had regardless of source or price!


Imagine being a fortune teller able to really see the future and Stephen Strange showing up at your doorstep to find out if you really have a gift and aren’t just a fraud. And you are the real thing to consult you. -Requested by anon
This is the last part, since a few of you asked for a part 3 :D ✯

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You supposed you should be used to the good Doctor showing up in your humble shop, yet somehow he always manages to catch you off guard.

His visits have been more and more frequently lately. Sometimes he needs your help when it comes to saving the world. Other times, he needs help locating the nearest Thai food place. Regardless, your day always seemed to brighten when he showed up. You’d even go so far as to say he was your friend.

An orange ring of sparks suddenly appeared over the carpet. Unfortunately for you, you were in the middle of a reading. When you saw the first signs of the portal, your eyes widened. “- and, uh, yup! You’ll find what you truly desire in the park!” You got up quickly and brought your confused client to her feet.

“But what about my-”

You cut her off, hurriedly rushing her towards the door. You made sure you were standing in front of the sparks so she couldn’t see. “Yes, yes, your missing dog Lucky is currently at the kennel on 53rd and 6th. Thank you for stopping by! Come again!” With that, you rather rudely slammed the door shut. You locked the door and flipped the sign to “Closed”. You didn’t have time to feel bad about your client because at that second, the portal opened fully and out popped Stephen.

“What’s up, Doc?” you joked. He didn’t laugh.

He stared blankly at you. “Don’t say that ever again. Just… it’s Strange.”

“… Right, sorry. What’s up?”

When he spoke, his words came out a little rushed.“I assume you’re not busy with anything important, hm?”

“Actually, I was in the middle of a reading,” you muttered. “I had to cut the session short. Why?”

He lowered his voice (though it was unnecessary as you were the only two people in the shop), “I need your help with something very important. Something Wong doesn’t even know about. Have you noticed anything… different about me?”

You stared at him for a few seconds, but you didn’t really notice anything different. “Uh… there’s more grey streaks in your hair than usual?”

“What? No!” He took a step back, slightly offended. He smoothed back his hair self-consciously for good measure.“My cloak! Can’t you see my cloak is missing? I need to find it!”

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From a note in the MoMA artist file of James Lee Byars, “This biographical statement was distributed for the Byars performance which took place in Nov. of 1967 for the opening of the “Made with Paper” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts. The performance consisted of large stripes of water soluble paper being laid down on West 53rd St. (between 5th and 6th Ave; requiring the block to be closed off) in the form of a man. To conclude the performance two NYC sanitation trucks drove over the paper man turning it into foamy suds.”  

some images of the event here: http://www.rolublog.com/2014/02/3418/ -ds

The Halal Guys, NYC

Headed out for a late lunch today and noticed there were only four people in line at The Halal Guys on 6th Ave. So I of course got on it…

For those unfamiliar with The Halal Guys, they’re one of NYC’s most iconic and delicious food carts. Everyone from Bourdain to Zimmern to Zagat raves about them. Google them. They’re lines are notoriously long. I just got lucky with my timing, I guess…

The cart on 53rd and 6th is their flagship and most popular, so you know.

There are lots of impostors though, so you need to look for the yellow bags…

Their menu is very limited, mainly chicken and/or gyro over rice, served with pita smothered in as much white sauce and hot sauce as you like. But as Wolverine would say, they’re the best they are at what they do!

You can’t beat a lunch (or dinner) like this for six bucks…

I was recently on a plane watching an old ep of “How I Met Your Mother” where the gang was listing things you had to have done to be considered a real New Yorker. “Eat at Halal Guys” should definitely have been on it!!

oh, springtime in new york, why do we love thee?

1. outdoor movie nights in bryant park (complete with a fizzy refreshment in plastic glasses and cheddar on triscuits.)

2. sipping fresh-squeezed lemonade while strolling the high line.

3. browsing the dollar book carts at the strand.

4. people-watching in paley park.

5. grabbing a slice at joe’s on carmine.

6. bicycling along the hudson beside the west side highway (wondering what it is we’ve spotted in the water).

7. ordering french fries and white sangria at pier i café.

8. gallery hopping in chelsea.

9. frozen cappuccinos at café angelique.

10. heading into smalls to catch a jazz set just as the sun sets in the city.

11. leash-free mornings in the park.

12. walking across the brooklyn bridge at sunset

13. buying an armload of peonies in the flower district and carrying them home on the M5 downtown.

14. indie movie nights at the IFC.

15. chatting with the staff at rebel rebel records.

16. the halal cart at 53rd and 6th avenue.