53rd st. and 6th ave

Broadway and 53rd St (Percy Loomis Sperr, 1928) - View to northern border of Times Square where 6th Ave El crossed along 53rd St. The Hammerstein blue marquee on the other side of the El is site of future Ed Sullivan Show.

From a note in the MoMA artist file of James Lee Byars, “This biographical statement was distributed for the Byars performance which took place in Nov. of 1967 for the opening of the “Made with Paper” exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts. The performance consisted of large stripes of water soluble paper being laid down on West 53rd St. (between 5th and 6th Ave; requiring the block to be closed off) in the form of a man. To conclude the performance two NYC sanitation trucks drove over the paper man turning it into foamy suds.”  

some images of the event here: http://www.rolublog.com/2014/02/3418/ -ds