HH Dagchen Rinpoche closes the Hevajra Mandala of colored sand after the highest yoga tantra empowerment using a gold dorje, Tharlam Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism, Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal on Flickr.

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What does the symbol of a white sail mean for us? It is linked to a lot of good emotions:

Hope. Fancy yourself on a deserted island. After months of futile waiting, you finally spot a white sail in the distance! Can anything in the whole world make you happier this very second?

Freedom. Off into the sea, towards new discoveries and mortal dangers! Just you and the horizon, and miles of water rolling ahead… You are free as you can ever be!

Change. A white sail never appears for nothing. It brings news from distant lands and calls you to action. Once you see it, you know that your life will never be the same.

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Addiction -  Pearlet [Chapter 4]

Based on the Blink-182 song ‘Sober’ (lyrics scattered throughout fic)

Jason had never experienced a love so beautiful. He had also never experienced one so tormented. Matt doesn’t want to get help, in fact, he doesn’t think he even needs help. And all Jason can do is sit back and try to ignore the pain of his heart breaking as he watches the love of his life slowly kill himself.

Chapter warnings - chapter includes mentions of child abuse, drug use, bad language, violence, mild self-harm references,and is a little angsty. It wasn’t until I edited this chapter that I realised Violet isn’t in it at all, this is a Pearl-centric chapter giving a glimpse into his past. Please leave feedback :)

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Word Count - 5326

Chapter 4

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