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Act 1, scene 5

AU in which Kurt and Blaine are NYADA students in the same acting class but haven’t ever talked to each other until they are assigned to be scene partners. It’s a kissing scene. They might have to practice.

Thanks to alwaysfallingforanidea for being my beta.

Warning for a lack of much plot. The whole point is to get into all of the lovely kissing ideas from this tumblr post. There’s a little tension and a lot of humor…but mostly, there’s kissing.

The title is a reference to the scene that they perform. It’s famous. You’ll probably recognize when you read it it if you don’t already.

Rather than posting the whole thing here, I’m posting a teaser/excerpt. You can read the full fic on AO3 (5307 words, rated T to be on the safe side, but really it’s just kissing…lots and lots of kissing…)

Ohmygod  Kurt, your scene partner is so cute!” Rachel gushed toward the end of lunch, after having explained at great length why she was so excited about being partnered with some guy named Brody. Kurt had seen him in class but hadn’t ever met him. Rachel, apparently, had been crushing on him all semester.

“I mean, it’s probably karma, or a sign or something, right? That we got partnered for this assignment?”

“I’m pretty sure that Mr. Peterson just went through the slips we turned in and randomly assigned straights with straights and gays with gays,” Kurt informed her in a bored tone as he picked at the last bits of his salad. “It’s only beginning acting. I’m sure that in intermediate acting we’ll be asked to stretch ourselves and kiss girls.”

“Do you really think so?” Rachel set her chin in her palm and cocked her head to the side. “I’ve never kissed a girl. I probably should, to make sure I’m well-rounded as an actress.” She was staring at her plate but suddenly glanced up at Kurt. “Should we practice? I mean,” she gestured back and forth, “with each other?”

“I’m sure that’s not necessary, Rachel.”


“You already know how to kiss boys, I’m not a girl, and I’m not concerned about this.”

“No, but Kurt, at least half of the leading men on Broadway are gay. If I’m going to be on Broadway maybe I need to practice kissing gay men.”

Kurt gathered up his things and stood to leave. “I can’t believe I’m hearing this.”

“Kurt, perfecting my method is important!”

He leaned down, setting his hand flat on the table so that he was nearly nose-to-nose with her. “I need to go to class, Rachel. And I adore you, but if you ever suggest that again I may reconsider that decision.” He stood up and straightened his jacket. “I’ll see you tonight, ok?”

She stuck out her lip in an exaggerated pouty face. “Fine. I’ll have to find some other pretty gay man to kiss.”

“Ha!” he called over his shoulder as he strode away.