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An Ask Meme I Just Made Up

I wanted to make one, so here you go. Drop a number in my askbox. Or reblog it and steal it for your own.

1. Are you a side, back, or front sleeper?

2. When you hum random music what song is it?

3. Explain your username

4: Explain my username

5: How did you fall into the tumblr hellpit?

6: What fan interest of yours would you least prefer to explain in your workplace?

7: What fan interest or yours would you most enjoy explaining in your workplace?

8: Last song you listened to?

9: Weirdest thing on your dash today?

10: In a perfect world, what animal would you most like to adopt?

11: What animal would you most like someone else to adopt?

12: What’s something trivial you have strong opinions about?

13: What would your super-villain finishing move be?

14: Explain your icon.

15: You meet your true love(s) today. Possibly again. Describe your ideal hilarious romcom meetcute. (can be aromantic)

16: Your comfort food, and why.

17: What type of mad science will you Show Them All with? (ex: mad chemical engineer, mad library scientist, mad linguist). Which of your creations will probably turn on you?

18: Favorite cheesy trope?

19: Favorite trope nobody writes enough of?

20: Rec me a book, comic, or anime, or other piece of media you wish there were more like.

21: Wierdest tumblr drama you’ve been a part of or stumbled across.

22: You know those things from a million years ago your brain suddenly reminds you to feel embarrased/guilty/bad about in full technicolor? Tell me one of them.

23: What is something you collect?

24: Pens. Do you know where the one closest to you came from? Would you be distressed if someone took it?

25: The last game you played is crossed with the zombie apocalypse and now going down outside your window. How boned are you?

26: What was the last thing that made you cry?

27: Most embarrassing/weird/personal body thing you’re willing to talk about.

28: Your icon is now the voice of your inner therapist. How is this gonna go?

29: Name a kink you only like hypothetically.

30: Name a kink you find bewildering.

31: You have acquired: a mouse, a lizard, a rabbit, a spider, a domestic fox. Name them! Who gets to sleep on the bed?

32: What was your favorite childhood toy? Do you still have it?

33: Hit “shuffle” on your media player and tell me your favorite lyric from the song that comes up.

34: What fan media (of yours or someone else’s) would you most like to see art/fic for?

35: What do you ship that you think would be hard to explain convincingly to other people? Attempt an explanation.

36: What meme gets on your nerves?

37: Showers or baths?

38: Who was your biggest childhood nemesis and why?

39: First writing prompt that comes to your head.

40: Least favorite color.

41: What was the last thing you got really obsessed with?

42: What’s the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on a mind-altering substance? (prescription, recreational, otc, or food)

43: Shuffle up a random song on your media player. Now tell me what ship/story goes with it.

44: What’s making you happiest recently? :)

45: What’s scaring you these days? :(

46: Post a funny video for me.

47: Did you ever have a dream/nightmare that stuck with you for years?

48: What’s a movie you thought you’d hate but you turned out to love?

49: Tell me a really obscure fact you know.

50: Hot or cold?

51: How did your parent(s) punish you as a kid? What do you think of that?

52: What’s something you thought was true about yourself that your feelings have changed on over the years?

53: Write a story in seven words.

54: What is your favorite curse word?

55: Favorite food for every color of the rainbow.

56: If you were a poltergeist where would you haunt and what would be your preferred style of prank?

57: What is an art style, craft, or skill that you can’t do, but you really admire in others?

58: What is a skill you have that people probably don’t know about?

59: Name a pet peeve you have, and something you do that is probably a pet peeve for others.

60: Dragons, dinosaurs, or aliens?

61: What was the last big fight you had with someone about?

62: Insult the asker of this question creatively.

63: In an ideal world, what would you like done with your body after you die?

64: Find me a weird stock photo and post it.

65: What was your bedtime ritual as a kid? Did you have one?

66: What are the three traits you value the most in others?

67: What are the three most interesting wild animals you’ve encountered in your life?

68: What is a word you really enjoy saying?

69: Answer number 60 like it was a “fuck, marry, kill” rhetorical.

70: Describe something that happened to you today as if you were a narrator in a film noir, nature documentary, or 50s teaching video.

71: Create five new nicknames for yourself as quickly as you can.

72: Shorts, pants, skirts, or other?

73: What’s a song you hate and why?

74: If you were a superhero, what would be your one weakness?

75: Describe a weird encounter you had with a bug.

About the Uprising Arc

Well I want to give my 2 cents about Attack on Titan Season 2 and explain why I think it will also include the Uprising Arc. The main argument IS..


ATTACK ON TITAN Junior High was a sign that the Uprising Arc was priority for Araki’s team two years ago. Her first appearance in the original story..

SNK 53 ~ The Uprising arc 

She appears in Eren’s dream, with him seeing her from her own perspective while she looks into a mirror and brushes her hair.

Do you want more hints?





Draw your own conclusions ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

i expected to do a rundown of book reviews before school starts but i didn’t read anything during vacation. i half-blame kdramas. i half-blame the burnt out feeling i experienced when the semester concluded. there’s that, and i’m really sorry for my main blog because it has been neglected this holiday season even if i promised i wouldn’t put it aside anymore. i’m so bad at keeping up with it. 

nonetheless, i want to share some thoughts i have about some kdramas i watched (and finished) this holiday season because i loved a bunch of them and i just want to talk about them. 

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1. W: Two Worlds- the first one I decided to binge-watch. the chemistry between the characters of this drama was A++ also, i took interest in it because of the world it promised in its synopsis. nonetheless, it didn’t disappoint. everything in this drama was obviously so well-though of. although i’m not a fan of the female lead character, i loved kang chul’s character and that was enough to keep watching the drama till the end. i tackled this drama expecting a romantic love story but it isn’t much of that because it’s really action and suspense packed. anyway, i realized that too late to turn back from my interest in the world in this drama. 4.5/5 

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2. Cheese in the Trap- the setting of this drama is just so relatable because the characters are in college. kim go eun is an acting goddess. hats off for both park hae jin and lee sung kyung. nam joo hyuk is an adorable human once more. this drama had great acting and a great story rolled into one. it would only seem light at first but the story gradually becomes darker as it progresses. this drama gets your mind working because of how it drops its foreshadowing and all that so you know that this is a well thought out story. 7/5

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3. Oh My Ghostess- this one only started to hook me around the middle part. but i’ll say it was great to watch. i was sincerely rooting for park bo young’s character that i didn’t fancy the parts with kim seul gi’s character possessing her and seducing jo jung suk’s character– and that’s quite a lot of parts. that doesn’t mean i hated kim seul gi in this, it’s just that i really, really wanted to see things work for chef sun woo and bong sun. this show, nonetheless, challenged park bo young, obviously, because she was technically doing two roles in one drama. and she did a great job!! also, it’s impossible to not fall in love with jo jung suk who was every second lovable and adorable in this drama. i also discovered another favorite actor in this drama which is kwak si yang. 4.9/5

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(everyone needs a kwak si yang smile in their life. also, because the next kdrama i’m going to mention has si yang in it)

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4. Second to Last Love- adult romance and family drama. not a lot of people know about this drama but apparently, it aired the same time as scarlet heart ryeo and jealousy incarnate in SBS. i watched this just because of the promise that kwak si yang is in this drama. and he is!! kim seul gi being an amazing actress in this and sharing the screen with kwak si yang is a big bonus. i fell in love with him during oh my ghostess and i looked for dramas where he acts in and this is one of them. he’s the second lead in this drama and he did a terrific job in it. i’m a new fan!! anyways, this drama isn’t the usual thing to watch if you’re looking for oppas with hot bods to scream about. it’s a feel-good drama with plot twists so it’s not boring and not very light either. this is the quality and kind of drama that i hope filipino family dramas would achieve. even if it has a sad, dark back story, it is still relatable which makes it speak to audience. 3.8/5

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4. Cinderella and the Four Knights- the title should be enough warning if you’re not into common and overused storylines. it already has cinderella on it so you already know what to expect right?? the story seriously reminded me of wattpad stories where a mistreated, poor, golden hearted girl’s life turns around 360 degrees because she meets this rich old man who lets her live with his super handsome and super bratty heirs. it just saddened me that it’s the case because jung il woo and park so dam who were both great actors. i think their acting was what really pulled me into finishing this series. eitherway, the other characters were too simple in a black and white way too so that didn’t impress me. i gave this drama a chance because i wanted to see if they’ll do something innovative with the cinderella concept but no. it wasn’t what i got. i continued watching it nonetheless because the acting was good, and i was looking forward to the happy ending of this drama that’s why i kept watching it. 2.5/5

some other stuff i’d like to mention: 

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-hwarang is still on going but i am loving it so far!! i can tell it will go down as a great story, especially with the interesting historical setting. on the leads, even if i love park seo joon being sun woo so much, i’m kind of rooting for park hyung sik’s character, sam maek jong. also, the other boys are adorable characters as well. 

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-pls go ahead and watch weightlifting fairy kim bok joo. it didn’t really get the rating it deserved during its run but it has a promising story and great characters and talented actors. this is a very light but very well thought of drama. i talked about it on this blog a couple of times already and you’re probably tired of me saying it but go anead and marvel at the beautiful lee sung kyung and nam joo hyuk.

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-goblin is a huge hit because it has a stellar cast, a stellar concept and a stellar story. i think it rose to popularity because of the leads but it is so much more than that. i’m looking forward to seeing more of this drama. huge bonus if you like aesthetically pleasing shows. i know a lot of kdramas have pretty cinematography but this one is just one of the best i have ever seen. i will always give this one a 10/10. 


(Not in any particular order)

1. CeCe claims that she wasn’t the one to talk to Melissa (even though she told Emily that she talked to her to get the tapes and we saw a flashback) and that it was Bethany. So how is Melissa and Bethany talking if they don’t know each other and how did Jason know what Bethany looked like to mistake her for being CeCe?
2. The rooftop incident is one of the biggest plot holes from 6x10. First of all, why would a institution let patients on a rooftop WITHOUT supervision? No hospital does that. And how is Charles 12 years old when Marion died in 2007? yes I know you wanna kiss me.
3. Why did it say “prom queen” in the yearbook if cece didn’t go to school at rosewood high? Just sit on down so we can take your picture even though you don’t go to school here.
4. What was the point of bringing up that Mrs. D and Mr. Young (Bethany’s dad) had an affair if it’s never not going to be addressed again? Further more, who the fuck are Bethany’s parents and why did Mrs. D tell Bethany to call her “aunt Jessie”? Also we didn’t see Bethany’s face only when she was a child…
5. What does Sara Harvey have against Hanna? I recall seeing redcoat burning Hanna’s doll head off…
6. How did CeCe become an expert in the medical field?
7. Apparently CeCe found out that Ali was alive in 3x24 but yet weren’t Noel and CeCe helping Alison the whole time? I can’t remember if it was an assumption since Ali helped CeCe escape to Paris and we assumed it was because Cece helped Ali stay in hiding, too. So if someone can explain that to me that would be great.
8. Marlene confirmed in via interview that CeCe buried Mrs D so CeCe is just going to send a video of burying her mom and send it Alison even though she claimed that she loved her? but now we’re being told that Mary might been the one to bury her…. well what the fuck.
9. What the fuck happened to Eddie lamb?
10. Why did A need a tux rental if it was CeCe and Sara?
11. So did CeCe turn herself in at the end of 4x23? Or did someone else turn her in? It’s a plot hole until explained.
12. Why would CeCe dress as a male in the dollhouse if she identifies herself as female now? Also that was a MAN not a woman.
13. In 6x06 Mona said that Leslie said that two patients snuck out that night CHARLES and Bethany, who the fuck is Charles? That would’ve been Charlotte by then.
14. Why did Barry help CeCe escape?
15. If Jessica was protecting CeCe, then why bother telling the girls that she didn’t want Ali and CeCe spending time together. If she was protecting CeCe, why cast any suspicious light on her at all?
16. Why didn’t Mrs. D show any emotion to CeCe being arrested? She just glared at her.
17. If she was a patient at Radley while attending U Penn, then how in the hell did she have a room mate when she went to U Penn? If the room mate was just a person she hired, then why have her tell the girls that she blamed them and Ali for her getting kicked out of U Penn.
18. Why did Wren make CeCe a visitors badge if she was already a patient?
19. How was CeCe allowed to go to cape may if she was in radley? They’re not going to let you out for summer trips….
20. Spencer said she felt something familiar about the guy in the dollhouse, now before y'all say that it’s because CeCe and Spencer are sisters, this wasn’t planned back then and CeCe and Spencer barely had any interaction with each other. So how is the person going to feel familiar to you if you barely know them?
21. “One of you have been touch by the one Alison fears the most.” We can all assume that it was because Aria touched CeCe when she was about to fall in 4x12 but Alison never feared CeCe and I just don’t think so….
22. Why are the girls irrelevant to the mystery and are just being tortured for fun?
23. Why was Mary at the blind school in 7x10?
24. Who was the blond girl in the window of Alison’s bedroom in 1x01?
25. When and where did CeCe and Sara meet?
26. Why did Sara help CeCe and what were her motives?
27. Marlene confirmed in via interview that Ian killed himself, okay why?
28. What was Alison talking about in 4x24 that she saw Ian walk out of the church after pushing him off? I recall Ian looking colorless on that rope….
29. Who was the person in 5x03 that was behind the glass with Mona while Hanna is getting her hair done?
30. Who was the person in the black cap talking to Melissa on the security footage in 5x07?
31. Why would CeCe frame her sister for murder if she loved her so much?
32. Why would CeCe toss her fucking brother down an elevator shaft? “Oh Charlotte was angry.” Confirmed in via interview. um okay we need better answers than that marlene….
33. Who was the blond girl at the reptile place in 4x20? With our luck they’re probably going to say it was Sara…
34. Who exactly knew that Alison was alive? Because it seemed like a lot of people knew….
35. Who dug up Alison’s grave? Who exactly was there that night? You could say it was CeCe but it never came out of her mouth that she did it.
36. How did Maya die? Is she really dead? Why didn’t we get any closure? Lyndon was the one who supposedly killed her but yet he had no relevance to the story… and he didn’t even confirm that he killed her. “What do you think?” Isn’t confirmation.
37. Was Melissa really the other queen of hearts? We didn’t see her.
38. Who gave Ali the bloody lip?
39. Why was Noel helping CeCe in the dollhouse? What did CeCe have on him?
40. What did Alison have on Noel?
41. What is Melissa’s significance to the story? Why did Melissa take that photo of Wilden, Alison, and CeCe on the boat at cape may?
42. Why didn’t Eddie and Wren not like each other that much? “The minute that guy got here it wasn’t for the right reasons.” well what the fuck.
43. Who did Mona, Jenna, and Sydney meet at the park in 5x05?
44. Who was Wren talking to on the phone in 4x10? Why did he want
45. Was Bethany really the one who was writing to Alison or was it it CeCe?
46. Marlene said black widow was Endgame so is Sara Harvey endgame?
47. Why did Melissa want the NAT club videos so bad?
48. What were on the NAT club videos and what happened to them?
50. What happened to Cyrus?
51. Why were 3 people wearing yellow tops that night?
52. What did Maya know? That Nate was in town? Because Nate isn’t relevant to the story
53. Why did Jason have a stab wound on his side?
54. Who did Aria stab with the screwdriver?
55. Marlene confirmed in via interview that Wilden was acting alone but yet we heard two voices talking?
56. Who did Spencer hear scream in 1x01?
57. Who was the person in the black hoodie that Mona gave the pills to in 3x13?
58. Who hit Toby over the head that night and planted that lighter?
59. Jenna said that Wilden saw Alison that night, how come Alison never mentioned this when she came back? Was Jenna lying?
60. Why were Melissa and Ian in such a rush to get married? What did they need the alibi for?
61. What blond girl was Dr. Palmer talking about?
62. Why are there two different versions of the kissing rock video?
63. Who the fuck is Dr. Sullivan’s son? Mona was apparently threatening him in 2x25.
64. Why was Andrew being adopted brought up in the first place if it’s just going to be dropped?
65. Why were Jenna and Shana afraid of Melissa?
66. Why does 214 keep being brought up and what’s the significance of it?
67. Since it has been “confirmed” that Noel pushed the girl down the steps at the frat party, why did cece’s roommate say that Alison was the one to push the girl down the steps which resulted in getting cece kicked out?
68. What did Jenna give Shana at the park in 2x24? “You know what you have to do.” What did she have to do?
69. Who did Jason give the 50,000 dollars to? And what kind of information did they give him in order for him to give them the money?
70. Why did Mona tell Wren “that’s before I knew where your loyalties lie.”?
71. Who attacked Alison on Halloween? We were led to believe that it was Lucas but it was never confirmed.
72. Who opened the door to that creepy house in 2x13? And why was there a radley car outside of the house?
73. What was the significance of the ghost girl and how come only Ashley saw her?
74. Who was the person in the redcoat Wren was coloring in?
75. What led Ezra to believe that Mrs. D was A?
76. What happened at Ali’s house when Alison came over to Spencer’s house crying?
77. Who was that little boy at the doll shop referring to when he said “a man and woman with dark hair.”?
78. Why did Mike have 18,000 dollars in his bank account?
79. So Shana’s death was just forgotten about? Will anybody ever find out about it?
80. Where was Jason when he was suppose to be at rehab?
81. Did Cyrus really cut Alison’s leg? And if not where did it come from?
82. Why would Alison take pictures of Aria while sleeping?
83. Why did Melissa and Alison have masks made of themselves?
84. Who did Alison get in the car with outside of hectors?
85. Why did Alison need money from hector so bad?
86. What did the lawyer in 5x22 tell Ezra? He basically said that “If you don’t tell me then you can tell the police.” but yet he came out and said he wouldn’t tell him anything? What?
87. Who set up the A extravaganza bullshit at the park in 5x01?
88. Who was the guy that knew Emily’s name?
89. What was up with the bloody bandages in Jason’s trash?
90. Why was Holbrook kissing Alison at the ice ball?
91. Why was CeCe on Ezra’s payroll?
92. Why was CeCe eavesdropping on Aria and Ezra in 4x11? Yeah she’s A but for what purpose was she eavesdropping on them for?
93. What the fuck happened to Pepe and Tippy?
94. Why was Alison blackmailing people for money if she wasn’t planning on running away?
95. Who was Ali’s friends boyfriend that pulled the gun on her?
96. How is CeCe hanging out at a pub where Ezra and Ali met if she was suppose to be at radley?
97. What was Grunwald talking about when she said “Each one hated the other because each one feared the other because each one knew something about the other.”?
98. Who was hiding upstairs in the dilaurentis house?
99. Who was living under the crawlspace at the dilaurentis house? Was it Sara or CeCe?
100. Who was Bethany talking about on the tapes?
101. Why are there quotation marks around the word “Dr.” Kingston on the police board?
102. How did Alison’s ‘Jenna Thing’ bracelet get on Bethany’s body if she left it with Mona at the Lost Woods Resort?
103. What is the ‘plan’ Bethany is talking about on the tape?
104. Was the story Mona told Spencer about her seeing Alison as Vivian in Brookhaven in 2x25 true? Or did she just make it up? If it was true, who was Alison watching?
105. What was on page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report?
106. Who took the photo of Alison and the Liars in 4x13 that was given to Holbrook?
107. Who took the photograph of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the background the night she disappeared?
108. Is Alison’s ghost story about the twins real? If so, who are the twins?
109. Why would CeCe let the Liars think Ali was A? She said she was mad at the liars for being glad that Ali was dead, but she actively let them hate her.
110. Why did Bethany have Melissa’s riding helmet?
111. Why did Melissa say she saw Toby in London when she didn’t?
112. Why did Wren misspell the word “diagnosis”?
113. What happened to Toby’s file and why was it important?
114. How did Wren know what Melissa and Spencer were talking about in 1x01 if he was in the barn and wasn’t present? Eavesdropping?
115. How did the moms get out of the basement?
116. Why was Alison threatening Spencer to tell Melissa the truth about Ian? She worded it as almost if someone else was going to plan on telling Melissa.. and why does it matter to Alison?
117. “Once she finds out the truth about you she’ll hate you.” What’s the truth about Toby?
118. Why was Toby in the girls locker room when Emily and Ben were in there?
119. Since the girls were blocking all unknown numbers, why was Wren’s number blocked when Wren tried calling Spencer? Wouldn’t Wren’s contact information be on Spencer’s phone since she tried to get in contact with him to tell Melissa the truth?
120. Why was Wren pretending to be drunk when he broke into Spencer’s house?
121. Who recorded Wren and Spencer and what happened to it?
122. How did Toby become a cop in 3 days?
123. Who was the fortune teller talking about when she said “There’s darkness in him maybe even violence or vengeance.”? She could’ve been talking about anyone….
124. Why wasn’t Ian shocked to see Alison when she pushed him off the bell tower? He’s like “What are you doing here?” Did Ian know she was alive?
125. Mona sent a text saying “Thanks for getting Toby out of my way.” What the fuck was Toby in her way for?
126. Why weren’t Ali’s parents at the memorial service?
127. When Ian and Melissa went on their honeymoon they send a picture and Spencer says “isn’t that outside of dads office?” And Veronica says “Oh it doesn’t where they are when they’re in love.” so where did they go on their fucking honeymoon?
128. When exactly did Melissa loose her baby? Was Ian really the father?
129. Why did Mrs. D hire a PI if she didn’t want anyone to find out who hit Alison and that she buried her?
130. How did Toby’s sweater get back in his house?
131. Ian said “I’m doing this because I love your sister.” when trying to push Spencer off the bell tower but yet Melissa has been protecting Spencer all this time? So it doesn’t make any sense?
132. How come Mona didn’t know who pushed Ian off of the bell tower? A is suppose to know everything..
133. Who cleared out Mona’s lair the day after she got revealed? CeCe couldn’t have done it.
134. Why didn’t nobody notice that Mona left for awhile to go hit Hanna with the car? Further more, all Hanna saw was Ezra and Aria making out and Noel writing on the back of the window so how did Hanna know “everything” like it was said in that text? She didn’t know shit….
135. Who was Melissa talking to when Byron saw her on the phone where she says “do I have to call 911 to get your attention.”?
136. Charles liked vintage things and this was said by Jessica, but yet why did CeCe have a red convertible car in 3x09 that looked NOTHING like a vintage car?
137. A has OCD and likes everything neat especially their black hoodies so why did CeCe have her books all over the place in her room at radley? They didn’t seem organized to me….
138. Who was the lady in the red dress at the ball in 2x25? The camera kept focusing on her.
139. Who was the person that was wearing the black veil costume in the A mobile lair? Sara Harvey did not have a mask on when she came out of the church and got in the car with CeCe..
140. Who got Wilden’s car out of the lake? Because I recall CeCe being at the lost woods and so was Sara..
141. What did Spencer put in Alison’s casket? We learned about what everyone else put in there except for her.
142. What’s with all the apple references?
143. Who was the person in the greenhouse that attacked Emily? If it was Mona, then how would she have thrown Emily across the greenhouse if Emily is bigger than her?
144. Who set the fire at Jason’s when Hanna pulled out Jenna? Never confirmed if it was Mona.
145. Why was (supposedly) CeCe stroking herself on the computer screen in the Halloween store? (Was in Pretty Dirty Secrets)
146. Marlene confirmed on twitter that the bag Ian gave Jenna in season one had her flute in it….. why was Ian giving Jenna her flute? Why did he have it?
147. Who was Jason talking to on the phone in Pretty Dirty Secrets?
148. What the fuck happened to Meredith? We never heard from her again.
149. Who was the beach hottie? (Never confirmed but Marlene said she “thought” it was Wilden in an interview but I’m not taking that as confirmation when she doesn’t remember shit)
150. Who was the person in the redcoat at the Halloween store in Pretty Dirty Secrets?
151. Why was Jason staring at Lucas when they were on the Halloween train? Was it like a group thing to push Aria off? Like what the fuck.
152. Who was taking pictures for Ezra’s research?
153. Who smashed Connor’s car?
154. Were Alison’s visits to Spencer and Aria real?
155. What was the “prior engagement” Alison had to go to after leaving Emily’s house the day she disappeared?
156. How did Ali get Jason cut from their grandma’s will?
157. Why did Garret want to keep Spencer safe?
158. What else was in Ezra’s “research” boxes?
159. Why did Jenna wanna become friends with CeCe if she tried to drown her?
160. Why did Eddie Lamb recognize Aria?
161. Is Ezra really board shorts? That was never confirmed.
162. Who gave Emily the massage? Because according to Lucas, he didn’t start working for Mona until the ball in 2x25.
163. What was purpose of “Walking After Midnight”?
164. How did Mona end up in possession of Toby’s sweater, considering Alison did not have the sweater when Mona took Alison to the Lost Woods Resort that night?
165. Whose blood was on Toby’s sweater?
166. When Spencer was a person of interest in Alison’s murder, Veronica appears to trust that Spencer had nothing to do with Alison’s murder. However, in season four, Veronica tells Spencer to forget about that summer because she thought Spencer could have done something to Alison’s disappearance, based on how erratic Spencer was acting that summer. So why wasn’t Veronica more suspicious of Spencer when there was actually incriminating evidence against Spencer?
167. Considering Mona was the only “A” at the time, that would mean she was the one who got the picture of Alison leaving the hospital visiting Hanna. So does this mean that Mona knew Alison was sometimes roaming around Rosewood all the way back in season 1?
168. Who sent Alison the note saying “Your friends will see you soon” while she was in jail?
169. How long had A been planning/building the dollhouse?
170. Why didn’t Mona look shocked seeing Alison walking down the road when she got hit considering Mona thought she killed her? All of a sudden she realized in 6x10 that she killed Bethany? What?
171. Why did Leslie hate Bethany?
172. How does the hockey stick come in to play if Spencer was seen with a shovel and Ali was hit with a rock?
173. Did Mrs. Grunwald really save Alison or did she save Bethany?
174. Why was Holden at the Kahn parties? What is Holden’s relevance?
175. Did Alison really lure Bethany to her house for Labor Day weekend or was someone contacting Bethany by pretending to be Alison?
176. Why aren’t the girls asking Alison questions or asking Ezra any questions since he’s got a bunch of important shit in his research?
177. Who did Nigel Wright call in New York City?
178. Since Sara Harvey is black veil, why was she delivering flowers to Bethany’s parents?
179. Who was the blond girl Ezra yelled at?
180. What was the original plan between Mona & Red Coat the night of the fire? (“you’re getting what you’ve always wanted”)
181. What was Garrett & Jason’s convo about on Jason’s porch? (Garret: “want to make sure we’re still cool Jason.” - Jason: “What does it matter now, it’s over.”)
182. Who’s blood is on Alison’s Ankle Bracelet?
183. Since it was “confirmed” in VIA INTERVIEW by Marlene that Shana was on the rooftop, why did it look like a fucking guy?
184. Who actually drugged Emily the night that the grave was dug up? Was it really Lucas?
185. Why were Lucas and Melissa told to distract Jenna at the Masquerade ball?
186. If Maya was already supposed to be dead how did she give Jason Ali’s belongings?
188. Beyond the Maya knew message is there more significants to Mona saying “miss Aria your a killer not Ezra’s wife”?
189. Why was Jenna at the Halloween store in a queen of hearts costume?
190. Why was Noel at the Halloween store fighting with Garret?
191. Other than Ali’s flashback, is there more to the importance of the isle of the dead painting?
192. Why was Toby driving the same car when he was trying to run down Lucas that Cyrus has?
193. What 2 things did Mona not do in season 1?
194. Why was Shana in ravenswood?
195. Why was Ezra’s lair in ravenswood?
196. Which friends cabin was it that ezra and Aria were staying at?
197. What ever happened to Ali’s grandmother and her will?
198. Did Garrett know Ali was alive because he said “people lie medical records don’t”? Or what was he talking about?
199. Where was Alison during those years when we thought she was dead?
200. What was the connection between Maya, Jenna, and Noel?
201. Why was Spencer attacked on the train and by who?
202. Who else was on the Halloween train?
203. What were “Spencer” and Wren arguing about in 7x15?
204. Why were Jenna and Sydney dressed like twins?
205. Did Noel really kill Sara like Jenna said? How are we suppose to believe her like Marlene SAID ON TWITTER if she’s working for AD?
206. Who was the person that had the British accent that called Hanna in 7x06?
207. What is Uber’s A motives? Are they like CeCe’s motives where she was just doing it for fun?

I decided to update the list. WE NEVER GOT CONFIRMED ANSWERS FOR THESE. We might have possibilities but we never got confirmed answers. Let’s see how all this is answered in the 2 hour finale. Or let’s just wait for Marlene’s next interview.

Mystic Messenger: V’s Route Chat/Call Times

V’s Common Route | V’s Route Days 5-11 | Bad Ends Walkthrough Masterpost

This guide only includes the chat/call times. Please keep in mind that I am playing the route for the very first time and playing day by day. Not 100% accurate.

I recommend that you call everyone before and after chats. If you have the calling cards for everyone or any character, take advantage of it and make sure to call them! 

**Please DO NOT copy and paste anywhere else.**

Keep reading

Latest & Greatest Sherlollilist 06/02/17

Three lists in one day…53 stories added in total. Time for a nap?

A New Partnership by afteriwake (Rated K+, One-Shot) Victorian, TAB Inspired AO3 2017

A Special Kind of Love by flimflam99 (Collection) AO3 2017

An Overabundance of Cherries by afteriwake (Rated M, In Progress, Two-Parter) Jealous!lock, S4/NAG AO3 2017

Charming by hobbitsdoitbetter (Rated M, One-Shot) PWP, Married Sherlolly AO3 2017

The Cool Dad by thescienceofsherlolly (Rated T, One-Shot) Married, Parent!lock AO3 2017

Cycle by angelqueen04 (Rated T, One-Shot) Reincarnation, SAW 2017, Fantasy/Supernatural tumblr 2017

Does Count After All by afteriwake (Rated K+, One-Shot) Post Reichenbach AO3 2017

Experimentation of Passion by loversdwell (Rated M, One-Shot) PWP, Barts Is the New Sexy tumblr 2014

Elemental, My Dear Hooper by SimplyShelbs16 (Rated K+, One-Shot) Teen!lock AO3 2017

Flying Lessons by sherlolly-fics (Rated K+, One-Shot) Potterlock tumblr 2014

How Would You Feel by MissClaraOswinOswald (Rated T, One-Shot) SAW 2017, Potterlock AO3 2017

“I let you win” by rebeltimedork (Rated K, One-Shot) Uni!lock tumblr 2017

“I may be an idiot, but I’m not stupid.” by theemptyquarto (Rated K+, One-Shot) Drunk!lock, Proposal/Engagement tumblr 2017 

“If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.” by thescienceofsherlolly (Rated T, One-Shot) Fake Relationship AO3 2017

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.” by WritingWife83 (Rated K, One-Shot) Married Sherlolly, Victorianlock tumblr 2017

In Trouble by SimplyShelbs16 (Rated K, One-Shot) Married Sherlolly, Pregnancy Fic, Parentl!lock, Soup to Nuts AO3 2017

It’s Always Been True by LadySolitaire83 (Collection) SAW 2017 ff.net 2017

“It’s okay to cry…”/ “Can I do your hair?” by sunken_standard (Rated K+, One-Shot) S4/NAG AO3 2017

K-I-S-S-I-N-G by afteriwake (Rated K+, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) Uni!lock AO3 2017

Mood Swings? by afteriwake (Rated K, One-Shot) 24/7 series, Married Sherlolly, Pregnancy fic AO3 2017

Nothing Left To Lose by flimflam99 (Rated T, One-Shot) PHLV AO3 2017

Oh, What  A Night! by SimplyShelbs16 (Rated K+, One-Shot) Wedding fic (John & Mary) AO3 2017

Sleep Deprived by afteriwake (Rated K, One-Shot) A Little Holmes series, Married Sherlolly, Parent!lock AO3 2017

Slow Burn by kickasslibrarian (Rated M, One-Shot) Barts is the New Sexy, PWP AO3 2017

Stuck in an Elevator and Camping Gone Wrong by sunken_standard (Rated T, 2-For-1 One-Shots) Trapped Together AO3 2017

Time for Change by holmes-osapien (Rated K+, One-Shot) Potterlock ff.net 2014

Turf War by mizjoely (Rated K+, One-Shot) Married Sherlolly ff.net 2017

Two to Tutor by mrsfrankensteinwinchester (Rated K+, One-Shot) Teen!lock tumblr 2017

The Undesirables by afteriwake (Rated T, In Progress, Multi-Chapter) Uni!lock AO3 2017

“We’re not playing strip poker…“ by sunken_standard (Rated T, One-Shot) S4/NAG AO3 2017

“You’re competitive and so am I…” by i-blame-this-on-sherlock (Rated K, One-Shot) Teen!lock tumblr 2017

Yule Ball by holmes-osapien (Rated K+, One-Shot) Potterlock ff.net 2014


1.       Who was the last person you held hands with?

2.       Are you outgoing or shy?

3.       Who are you looking forward to seeing?

4.       Are you easy to get along with?

5.       If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?

6.       What kind of people are you attracted to?

7.       Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?

8.       Who from the opposite gender is on your mind?

9.       Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

10.   Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

11.   What does the most recent text that you sent say?

12.   What are your 5 favorite songs right now?

13.   Do you like it when people play with your hair?

14.   Do you believe in luck and miracles?

15.   What thing are you looking forward to the most?

16.   Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

17.   Do you think there is life on other planets?

18.   Do you still talk to your first crush?

19.   Do you like bubble baths?

20.   Do you like your neighbors?

21.   What are you bad habits?

22.   Where would you like to travel?

23.   Do you have trust issues?

24.   What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?

25.   Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?

26.   Who are you most comfortable around?

27.   Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?

28.   Do you ever want to get married?

29.   Is your hair long enough for a pony tail?

30.   Spell your name with your chin.

31.   Do you play sports? What sports?

32.   Would you rather live without TV or music?

33.   Have you ever liked someone and never told them?

34.   What do you say during awkward silences?

35.   Describe your dream girl/guy?

36.   What do you want to do after high school?

37.   Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

38.   If your being extremely quiet what does it mean?

39.   Do you smile at strangers?

40.   What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

41.   What are you paranoid about?

42.   Have you ever been high?

43.   Have you ever been drunk?

44.   Have you done anything recently that you hope nobody finds out about?

45.   Ever wished you were someone else?

46.   One thing you wish you could change about yourself?

47.   Last thing you ate?

48.   First thing you ate this morning?

49.   Ever won a competition? For what?

50.   Been suspended/expelled? For what?

51.   Been arrested? For what?

52.   Ever been in love?

53.   Tell us the story of your first kiss?

54.   Do you like your internet friends more than your real friends?

55.   Facebook or Twitter?

56.   Twitter or Tumblr?

57.   Names of your bestfriends?

58.   How many pillows do you sleep with?

59.   Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

60.   How many stuffed animals do you think you have?

61.   What colour is your underwear?

62.   Favourite ice cream flavour?

63.   Favourite tv show?

64.   First person you talked to today?

65.   Last person you talked to today?

66.   Name a person you love?

67.   Is there anyone you want to punch in the face right now?

68.   In a fight with someone?

69.   Last movie you watched?

70.   Favourite actress?

71.   Favourite actor?

72.   How are you feeling?

73.   Do you have any medical conditions which affect how insecure you feel?

74.   Do you type fast?

75.   Do you regret anything from your past?

76.   Do you miss anyone from your past?

77.   Ever been to a bonfire party?

78.   Ever broken someone’s heart?

79.   Have you ever been on a horse?

80.   What should you be doing?

81.   Have you ever liked someone so much it hurt?

82.   Do you have trust issues?

83.   Who was the last person you cried in front of?

84.   What was your childhood nickname?

85.   Have you ever been out of your province/state?

86.   Are you listening to music right now?

87.   Are you afraid of the dark?

88.   Is cheating ever okay?

89.   Can you keep white shoes clean?

90.   Do you believe in love at first sight?

91.   Do you believe in true love?

92.   What makes you happy?

93.   Would you change your name?

94.   What your zodiac sign?

95.   Your bestfriend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?

96.   Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?

97.   Favourite lyrics right now?

98.   Can you count to one million?

99.   Dumbest lie you ever told?

100. Do you sleep with your doors open or closed?

110. How tall are you?

111. Curly or Straight hair?

112. Brunette or Blonde?

113. Summer or Winter?

114. Night or Day?

115. Favourite month?

116. Are you a vegetarian?

117. Dark, milk or white chocolate?

118. Was today a good day?

119. Mars or Snickers?

120. Do you believe in ghosts?

121. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

anonymous asked:

Hi there! I was wondering if you could recommend resources for someone learning about Islam with intentions of converting? I studied Islam a couple years ago and sadly lost touch, but now I'm looking to find my way back again. Unfortunately, I've lost track of so many resources I used to use! Thank you so much for your time and your efforts ❤️

**There are some issues of fiqh in the articles - there are differences of opinion on certain matters (Example: niqab, women traveling w/o mahram, etc.)**

General Info:




Wudu & Ghusl:






http://www.themessagecanada.com/english/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/02-How-to-Pray-Salah.pdf (when it comes to the foot position in tashaddud (right foot up, left under your bum), it’s okay if you sit differently. It caused my knee to have long-term pain since I was not used to sitting that way, so if it’s not comfortable, you don’t have to sit that way. it’s sunnah to sit that way). 


Quran Weekly YouTube channel











(Ideal) Character of a Muslim















Women in Islam






Basic Arabic Words/Phrases


Tips for Reverts



http://productivemuslim.com/ramadan-and-the-revert/ [posted before in fasting section]

http://blog.islamiconlineuniversity.com/six-ramadan-tips-for-new-muslimsreverts/ [posted before in fasting section]


🌸  I hope this is helpful in sha Allah. If you have any other questions, want more detailed information on a topic, or want me to hunt for other topics, feel free to message me! 🌸

“I never truly understood why the fandom called it "Mystic Depressenger” until I encountered “Another Story”“

Me after the 21:53 story mode on day 10 of V’s route

Prompt list

1. “I’m not coming back, so don’t expect to see me again.”
2. “Blonde bimbo.”
3. “Fuck you!”
4. “I wish I never met you!”
5. “Go die in a hole.”
6. “You can’t tell him that!”
7. “She a slut.”
8. “You were never supposed to know.”
9. “I love you so much it hurts.”
10. “That’s why I’m letting go.”
11. “What did I do wrong?”
12. “I thought you loved me?”
13. “We can’t keep doing this.”
14. “Oh, fuck me!”
15. “You. Are. Adorable.”
16. “I hate you.”
17. “Noooooo!”
18. “You’re so stupid.”
19. “Kill me now.”
20. “What in gods name were you thinking?”
21. “I don’t want this anymore.”
22. “You’re dead!”
23. “Lay a finger on him and I’ll cut your eyes out and feed them to you.”
24. “Haha, very funny.”
25. “Do you really think I’m offended?”
26. “You did what?”
27. “I love you, I really do.”
28. “I’ll always be here.”
29. “Leave.”
30. “It’s a good hurt.”
31. “I will try to fix you.”
32. “I can’t reach the top shelf.”
33. “Help me!”
34. “It’s been a hell of a night.”
35. “Why do I feel like I have a hangover when I wasn’t drinking?”
36. “It’s not worth it.”
37. “You always know how to cheer me up.”
38. “I need coffee.”
39. “She’s not a morning person.”
40. “Cuddles?”
41. “I need a beer.”
42. “Let me drink away my problems.”
43. “This isn’t healthy.”
44. “How bad is it?”
45. “You mean to tell me that…………”
46. “I’m leaving tomorrow, what do you say?”
47. “That hurt.”
48. “I can’t live without you.”
49. “Stay with me?”
50. “I don’t belong here.”
51. “My heart beats for you. Only you.”
52. “Tell me a story.”
53. “Put your hands up!”
54. “I’m gonna make you feel………”
55. “Let go.”
56. “Get off pig.”
57. “It would have been less painful if I never met you.”
58. “Ouch.”
59. “I’m naked, can you give me a towel?”
60. “You know I ain’t no gentlemen.”
61. “Use protection!”
62. “You know you love me.”
63. “I’m going anyways.”
64. “Why can’t I have a dog!?”
65. “Last time I checked.”
66. “Starings rude.”
67. “How long have you been standing there?”
68. “I suggest you leave unless you want me to rip out your vocal chords and eat them.”
69. “Since when do you smoke?”
70. “Where were you?”
71. “Do you have any idea………!?”
72. “Just leave.”
73. “I can’t do this.”
74. “Hide me.”
75. “I hate you!”
76. “You don’t mean that.”
77. “Fuck your opinion.”
78. “I never meant to fall in love.”
79. “I don’t care about what you have to say.”
80. “What goes through your mind when you think of me?”
81. “I’m not worth it.”
82. “Cuddle with me?”
83. “Forever.”
84. “Umm…..no.”
85. “Take your god damn ring!”
86. “What did you just say!?”
87. “Take what’s yours and leave!”
88. “Fuck it.”
89. “Kiss me.”
90. “Your drunk.”
91. “I think I look great!”
92. “Find someone else to join your pity party.”
93. “Don’t cry.”
94. “Go to hell.”
95. “Of course I do.”
96. “Yes, I’ll marry you.”
97. “Do you mind?”
98. “It was an accident!”
99. “People make mistakes.”
100. “I’m my own person.”
101. “I’m trying!”
102. “It’s too cold.”
103. “We were so careful.”
104. “How long?”
105. “Nice butt!”
106. “Long and hard baby.”
107. “Hi can I hel-”
108. “Why are you on the floor?”
109. “This helps how?”
110. “Things get better.”
111. “Stop trying to control me!”
112. “Your not my father!”
113. “Cake!”
114. “Have you seen my bra?”
115. “Dance with me.”
116. “Nothing I can’t handle.”
117. “Stop telling yourself I don’t care!”
118. “Since when do you smoke?”
119. “You work too hard.”
120. “What did you do with my pants?”
121. “Give me the towel.”
122. “ stop saying that.”
123. “You don’t mean it.”
124. “I know you watch me.”
125. “I’ll never be like you.”
126. “I want to disappear.”
127. “Fine by me.”
128. “You dig okay baby?”
129. “Pretty.”
130. “I swear to god if you don’t get your lazy ass out here right now there is gonna be a problem!”
131. “Fucking adorable.”
132. “I can’t handle this.”
133. “You know where to find me.”
134. “Stop trying to control me.”
135. “I know you didn’t mean to.”
136. “It’s okay.” “No, it’s not.”
137. “I hurt you.”
138. “Awe, he blushing!”
139. “Soda! That’s way too much sugar!”
140. “Check the Engine.”
141. “That skirt’s too short, go change.”
142. “I’m tired of this.”
143. “I have to pee.”
144. “If only you knew how much I actually loved you.”
145. “I can’t believe you just said that.”
146. “I try so hard.”
147. “I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself first.”
148. “Nobody’s perfect.”
149. “I’m pregnant.”
150. “Please, ___________, please.”

Send in your requests

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a werewolf Morrison x a female s/o where he finds out you go missing?

I just remembered I had a draft for this one
- - - - - - - - - 


Jack did his best to finish his giant load of paperwork, but the pile seemed to be getting bigger and bigger with every sheet he signs off. He wanted to get this done before he goes out on to his mission where you had been staking out and setting up the safe house. The commander didn’t like being away from you for a long period of time, he become needy and whiny even though he tries not to show it.

He started to check up on your status more often, not just to see that you’re alright but just to hear your voice. Ana quickly notices his change of mood and tries his best to console him and that he’ll see you soon enough, as comforting those words were they could never match actually being with you. But something was gnawing at him like something wasn’t quite right. Something just felt, off. Every inch of his body told him to go back to his office and check up on you but he needed to go to the training room to grab his gear for the mission.

“Is there something wrong Jack?” Ana asked while preparing her gear. Jack could barely hear her over the voices running wild in his brain. “Jack.” “Sorry Ana, I didn’t hear you.” Jack shook his head looking up at the woman. Ana sighed placing a hand on the young commanders shoulder in comfort. “She’ll be fine Jack, she’s strong. You’ll be with her tomorrow.” Ana bit her lip to try and hold back a certain comment but couldn’t refrain herself. “You also won’t have to steal her shoes for a while.” Jack snarled bearing her teeth. “I don’t take her shoes….” Jack looked away cheeks were heavily flushed “They’re her shirts.” This just caused Ana to burst in a fit of laughter. Jack just stalked off back to his office to grab one last item.

The moment that Jack walked into his office his stomach just dropped leaving a feeling of emptiness while also feeling as though he might throw up at the same time. He timidly opened the locked draw in his desk and reached for his dog tags that included a little token that you gave him. It was in the same shape of his tags but it had little quote that you always told him. ‘Strive for progress, not perfection.’ It reminded him that what he’s doing is making progress even though it’s not perfect. It’s better than nothing. He smiled at the tag heading back out to the dropship.

Jack tried his best to not contact you while flying over to your location as the signal could give away your location and his to Null Sector. He couldn’t risk anything to happen to you after everything he’s done to get you. You’ve been able to keep him grounded… somewhat. There are times when his natural instincts have to take course. Luckily you were able to help him through those tough times. “Just remember the mission Jack.” Ana ordered somewhat jokingly. “I know.” Jack rolled his eyes watching the stars pass by.

“I believe it’s number 53, the two story family cottage.” Ana looked at letterbox after letter box trying to find the safe house. She stopped grin spreading across her face once she found the correct house. “She always had a good eye for nice things.” After the comment Ana walked up to the door with Jack excitedly walking behind. “She must still be up.” Ana commented after noticing that some lights were still on. But there was something in the air that made Jack’s nose twitch the wrong way. “They’re usually asleep by now…” “Or couldn’t get to sleep because she finally gets to see you.” The grunt that Jack emitted cause Ana to furrow her eyebrows and put her guard up. If Jack sensed something was wrong, there is something wrong. “Let’s go around the back.” Jack had his hand on one of his pistols weary of what could be around the corner. He jumped the side gate with ease his body tensing as the off smell got stronger.

The hairs on his body grew thick and stood on ends, nails into claws, mouth morphed into a snout. The back door was open, it lead into the kitchen and dining room. There was a plate with a delicious meal adorned on it. If it wasn’t for the broken glasses and plates everywhere he would’ve smiled and sit down on the other end of the table. One of the knives had blood on it, it wasn’t your thankfully.

Anyone that crosses his path will be lucky that the least they get is a few broken limbs.

the-mongrel-king  asked:

How did this magnificent blog of cats, arts, and the holy chickens come to take form in this most unworthy of worlds?!

(Hey, Paul here!)

To all followers:
Meg and I want to respond more often to messages, especially as Meg gets back from traveling and I finish my teaching duties. Keep an eye out for more replies!

To @the-mongrel-king: this made me smile, and it inspired this week’s post…


Here we go! (In third person!)

  • 2014: Paul finished his short film Thundercluck: Chicken of Thor and started teaching animation at SCAD.

  • 2015: Meg was a student in Paul’s class at SCAD-Lacoste. Paul was beyond impressed by her work.

  • 2016: Meg graduated and asked Paul about job leads. Paul was looking for a collaborator on the book. They joined forces and launched this blog.

  • 2017: Thundercluck has a book deal! And Meg’s posts are super-popular! Life is busy, but good, and there are changes ahead.

Thanks for asking… we’ll keep the cats, arts, and holy chickens coming!

The Freshman Soundtrack

I would like to thank @hollyashton for helping describing each soundtrack. You’re the best, Holly!

1. Welcome to Hartfeld University (x)

College is all about discovering who you are! Kick that journey off by choosing new outfits, perfecting your look and making new friends be it at the suite or in class. Welcome to college!

2. Life of a College Student (x)

You’ve gotten the pulse and the rhythm of college. Now how do you navigate making sure it’s the right choices you are making? The truth is many of the choices you can make are not necessarily right, but they sure will give you a lot to learn from.

3. Campus Rush (x)

You’ll never be short of tasks to do or choices to make, especially in your Freshman year. Enjoy the energy, embrace the fun and no choice will be too hard to make.

4. Here Comes Trouble (x)

Uh-oh, things aren’t going your way. When some things aren’t in your control, you can get a little jarred and jumpy – maybe even a little skeptical. Just think things through and the nervousness you feel will slowly fade away.

5. Consequences (Sad Cynical Theme) (x)

Life happens. It disappoints. It saddens. It breaks your heart. It sucks and you know, you hope, you will move on. But for now, you don’t. You simply don’t.

6. Dilemma (x)

We can’t control what life throws our way, but we can choose how to react, how to see the situation. Bittersweet or beautiful? Boundless or broken? The lens you choose to see it from is all up to you.

7. Me and You (x)

All roads lead to the one who has captured your heart. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing they’ve got your back, that it’s their arms you can find warmth and love in always. You may take it a day at a time, or look towards the future. What you know for sure is that right here, right now, you’re good together and good for each other.

8. The Suite (x)

You’ve got news. You’ve got something to share. You’ve got something to do. Whichever one it is, you can’t wait to tell any of your suitemates and get started – if not on your own, together with them!

Total length: 0:04:53 (4 minutes 53 seconds)


Officially halfway done with the chapter! Page 8/17 and 53 Poses (some names blocked out for spoiler purposes) invested! Plus a bonus shot of Sam and Stefan (I’ve never platonically shipped two people harder in my LIFE).

If it wasn’t almost 2am I would’ve enjoyed staying on this roll and kicked out another 20 more poses, unfortunately, my bed calls to me. 

I’m way overdoing teasers for this chapter, but eh, it’s fun!