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My #writercrushwednesday this week is going out to someone really dear to my heart.
This page takes me places. It makes me feel things. It makes me reflect. The journey is a roller coaster; pieces of nostalgia, regret, love, abandonment, growth, and sadness. A display of memories revisited, thoughts entertained, dreams delayed and desired, and a good measure of cheeky fuckery because well, what would life be without it?
KC also happens to be an incredibly kind, compassionate and beautiful soul. I have rarely encountered such a profoundly generous spirit. I hope you all do yourselves a favour and follow @52shadesofgay if you’re not already. Spread the love to someone who continuously spreads love, passion, talent, and friendship. ❤️ #wcw #writers #52shadesofgay #KC #follow #igpoets #igwriters #poetrycommunity #writersofinstagram #love #poets #artists

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Happy N7 day!

I’m a mass effect nerd and I will apologize for naught for bowing down to a companies made up day. I might take some new pictures of my statures to celebrate.  And I’ll try doing something different by starting a ME save with a Mshep! Because…I don’t normally do that. and now Mordin for being happy for no reason. 


I so did'nt miss a day or anything. Anyway. 

  1. Favourite Character

I’m sorry, what sort of question is that at all even a little? I love so many characters. So many. I love Thane, and Samara. Kasumi and I even loved the Illusive man. So I sort of decided to take this question as the charater who affected me most as a person. Who I smiled every time he came on screen. Who’s ending broke my heart yet it couldn't have been more perfect. 

You run those tests on those sea shells.

Mordin was one of the most..complex characters they had. His arc was stunning. His mission was beautiful. is ending in Mass Effect 3 was everything it needed to be. 

So Mordin. 

That’s my answer. 


Day four. 

Oh, don’t give me that look. I’m just as shocked as you that I made it this far. 

  1. Paragon or Renegade?

Paragon, all most all the way. I feel bad when I’m playing Renegade. Though, even when I play a paragon Femshep, there as still a few Renegadeish moments. She might explode one or two things. Burn a krogan who’s ranting at her. That sort of thing. 


DAY 3. 

Look at me. Doing it three days in a row. I’m just as shocked as you are. I might go take a few random photos if I feel the urge. Since I haven't posted a photoset in a while. And I’m getting a inch again. Anyway, onto the question. Because, I doubt anyone wants to listen to me ramble on. 

  1. Favourite Class

I’m aware 1 to 2-3 are a little different in classing systems. So I'll divide them.

Mass Effect: I loved Adept  While it  fucked me over in terms of armor and the fact I’d die a billion times because of the fact I was weak as all fuck. There was still something fun in using warp to kill a few decent bad guys.

Mass Effect 2-3: VANGUARD CHARGE.  Seriously. I’m not the most… patient player on the best of days, sometimes I’d just slam into a group of bad guys and clean house. It was also fun in MP, got me out of a few close calls. 

I have no fun gif today. Deal with it. 


Because this will make me log into my Tumblr everyday and force me to upload more things. Good for me. 

  1. Favorite Game of the Series

I think my answer is the very close to the many peoples others. Mass effect 2 would be the answer. I adored one and I actually loved 3, even when it had a crappy ending. But two has some beautiful moments in it. From the ship exploding at the start. To Samara’s intro. Thane’s talks. It had so many characters that I adored and cared about just as much as I did my real friends. Which, is a little sad at times. I know. 

And I loved all of the romances in this game At least the ones I played though. Garrus was adorable and awarked. Thane was always sad from the outset. And I loved every character story in this. Mordin’s. Even Jacob’s.