Ladies and Gentlemen....

Resolution #3 is complete!! With the help of three of my friends (Ellen, Anna and Amber) we collected enough litter to fill a plastic bag from H-E-B! 

A few comments that I have about this task:

1. It was embarrassing.  We got PLENTY of funny looks as we stopped to pick up other peoples’ trash.  It definitely was out of the social norm.

2. I have amazing friends to help me stick to my resolutions!

3. It was worthwhile! Definitely left us with a smile on our faces.

4. Texas State does a freaking amazing job of keeping this campus litter free.  Which, in turn, made this task a difficult one! Congrats TxSt!

Here’s a few snapshots of our litter crew cleaning up the world as we walk to the Rec Center!

A tab from opening a milk bottle…

and then the milk bottle that goes with said tab!

Just call us the Litter Ladies.

Ah yes, a Budweiser can.  A heady contribution to our stash of trash.

You get that cardboard, girrrrrrl.

Party hardy, and then throw your bracelet on the ground.  Don’t worry, we got ya covered!

They missed the trash can…

So we watered the plants…

And then recycled!

Here is your finished product!

A great experience, and a very worthwhile one at that! Check back tomorrow to see what Resolution #4 is!!

Resolution 4 was...

more difficult than I thought it would be! If you follow this blog, then you know that this last weeks resolution was to meet someone new.  Now, I know what you are thinking.  "Well she lives on a campus of 35,000 people, surely she meets new people every day.“ And I suppose you would be right…to an extent.  You see, the reason this resolution was so difficult for me was because I wanted to meet someone and then have a picture of them and me to post to my blog!…..Yeah….so what do you think I was gonna do? Just walk up to a random person and say "Hey, I’m doing one resolution each week of 2013 and this week I’m supposed to meet someone new, can I take a picture with you and blog about you?”


I walked up to TWO random people and said “"Hey, I’m doing one resolution each week of 2013 and this week I’m supposed to meet someone new, can I take a picture with you and blog about you?”

Okay so here’s the story….

A few days ago I was walking through the quad on campus off to meet the AAA guy who was going to replace the battery in my car, which so kindly decided to quit on me the other day in the middle of a stop light intersection.  Fantastic, right? Anyway, I was walking through the quad and I saw these two girls sitting on the bench and one of Texas State’s EXTREMELY brave and friendly squirrels was sitting nearby watching them eat their ice cream.  The squirrel got really close, creeping up stealthily and one of the girls saw him and stomped her foot on the ground.  That squirrel shot in the air like nobody’s business and I laughed for a solid amount of time, until one of the girls saw me laughing and then I felt awkward and creepy.  Soooo, since I was already the awkward and creepy girl, I decided to kick it up one more notch and introduce myself! I did exactly what I said I did.  I walked over to the girls, told them about my blog, and invited myself to sit right between them and chat it up. haha! Those poor girls.  They were SUPER friendly and I don’t think I creeped them out too bad.  Of course, they couldn’t believe I was from Iowa, but they eventually came to terms with it.  

SO without further adieu, Ladies and Gentlemen…..Chloe from the Woodlands and Diana from Dallas! My new, creeped out, yet very friendly acquaintances! 

Thank you to these two for being so cooperative and inviting to my crazy self.  

This blog was a day late getting up, so the next resolution will be posted in a few minutes!!! WoooooHOOOOOO!

Thanks for reading!

I LOVE....

Resolution 17!!!!!!!

For those of you who don’t know, my 17th resolution was to volunteer at the animal shelter.  Now, I created this resolution in December, in hopes that it would urge me to leave my dorm at Texas State and go to the animal shelter in order to volunteer, because I knew how much I would enjoy it if I just went and did it. 

However, I beat my resolution to it.  You see, over a month ago, I had a bunch of free time and got a wee bit lonely being so far from home.  I was really missing my man Bruiser (my toy fox terrier), and I just needed to get out of my dorm.  So, I called up the animal shelter and went in for a volunteer training.  For the last month I have routinely been going to the San Marcos Animal Shelter, where I walk dogs, play with cats, wash dogs, comb dogs and clean kennels.  That being said, when I found out that my resolution was to volunteer at the animal shelter, I was beyond excited (and kind of proud of myself).  I was excited to be with the animals more, and I was proud because I had already conquered this resolution! I had gotten up the will power to leave my dorm and go to the animal shelter.  I stepped out of my box and I did it without a slip of paper telling me what to do.

For those of you who are stressed, or depressed, or maybe just alone at college, I’m telling you to GO TO THE ANIMAL SHELTER.  If you love animals, it’s the place to be.  These animals love you.  They are trapped in a kennel all day, waiting for their future family to come and find them, and when they realize that you are going to take them out to play, they couldn’t be happier.  Some of these animals have been through some really rough stuff, yet they remain happy.  It’s amazing.  I mean, if you are having a bad day, and you get to go see those adorable little dogs and cats, how can that not bring a smile to your face?  It’s been a huge blessing to me.

Now, in just a week and a half, I will be home to my babies. My dogs and cats.  I’ll be just as excited to see them as I will be to see my sisters and dad :) What can I say? I love animals! But, until then, I will be so thankful for the San Marcos animal shelter, and the animals that bring a smile to my face everyday.

If you have an animal that you don’t want, please don’t ever put it on the side of the road.  Bring it to your local animal shelter and let us take care of it.  Also, if you find an animal with no family, let us help you find the right home.  Animals help us all every day with their joy and beauty, and they depend on us. We have to be trustworthy and do our part. 

Thank you so much for reading! Look for Resolution 18 soon!

My Eighteenth Resolution Was...

to read a story from the Bible, and I chose Luke 15: 11-32, The Story Of The Prodigal Son.

For those of you who maybe haven’t checked this story out, it is about a father who has two sons.  The younger of the two sons asks his father to give him his part of the inheritance right away.  The father agrees and splits up the inheritance.  The younger son gets his money, moves away, and wastes all of the inheritance.  Long story short, he is suffering without money and a way to live and realizes how much better his life was back home.  He goes home and his dad hugs him and welcomes him and throws him a huge party with a feast.  The older son can’t believe that he has been slaving away and that his disobedient brother gets a feast thrown for him while he gets nothing. 

Here’s why I LOVE this story…not only do we learn about greed and the negatives of materialistic ways, but we can also apply this story to our walk with God.  This passage is ended with “In the same way God wants his people who have wandered away to come back to him. He also wants his other people to welcome them back home.” Meaning, when people stray from God we should still love them.  More importantly, when they find God again, we should never be jealous and we MUST welcome them home with open arms.  Just as our father does.  Just as the boy’s father did.  That’s the way of the Lord.  This story is so easy to relate to and I truly believe that everyone can find a way to relate to it.

Thank you for reading this week, and I hope that you can check out this Bible passage if you haven’t!  No matter who you are, or where you come from, you can always relate to the Bible.  So much to learn and prosper from, even if it is just basic morals to use in everyday life.  That’s what God wants us to know! :)

God Bless!

So...uh....Resolution 12?

Yeah, not a fan.

I think that it may be safe to say that I’m just not a huge advocate of being healthy. Not for it’s effects, but more so for the process. It’s just not that fun! Let me lead you through my week…

First thing’s first. I had been home the week before this resolution week, and because of the fact that I would not be home during Easter, my mother bought me Cadbury Creme Eggs as a “going back to college incentive”, if you will. So, I packed those carefully in my suitcase and headed back to Texas. Well, I get back to college and I reach my hand into my bag of resolutions and pull out none other than Eat Healthy For A Week. Ohhhhh FANTASTIC. Let me just unpack these chocolate, creme filled eggs of deliciousness and hide them in the closet. It was a very sad day. I felt like those Cadbury eggs really wanted my attention, and I just wasn’t able to provide them with that. However, you better believe that when I finish this blog for the week, I’m taking those bad boys out of the closet and diving right it. (I might be slightly deprived)

Moving on though, here’s the deal. I live on a college campus, which has proven to be not such an easy place to get a healthy meal! This week consisted of a lot of the salad bar and cold meat sandwiches. I’m not gonna lie, that got old quick, so I tried to come up with some more options. I drug myself to the grocery store and bought myself some cottage cheese and peaches, because Lord knows I was going to go get those chocolate eggs to snack on while I was doing homework if I didn’t get something yummy and healthy in my room STAT! Cottage cheese and peaches saved my life this week, and that bag of pistachios that I had in my backpack! Two snacks that I may be keeping on hand more often now.

Another change that I incorporated into my diet this week was looking for healthy items on menus when I go out to eat! I’m not going to lie, it was VERY difficult for me to go to iHop and not order the Two x Two x Two with pork bacon extra crispy, eggs over medium and extra butter with my pancakes, all smothered in original maple syrup, but I did it! Instead, I went to iHop and ordered the grain and wheat pancakes filled with blueberries and topped with bananas with a side of scrambled egg substitute. I’m not gonna lie, it wasn’t too bad! Only 540 calories, AND I felt like a champ when I walked out of that place. You will not break me, iHop!

That’s not to say that there wasn’t anything that broke me this week. Yes, that’s right. I, Sarah McGriff, faltered in my 12th resolution of 2013, but I have reason! So…a couple that goes to my church here in San Marcos has taken me in as their somewhat “adopted granddaughter” and yesterday they treated me to a meal at Saltgrass for my birthday, and yes, birthday cake. I wasn’t going to tell them no to the cake, and COME ON! It’s my birthdayyyyy. (or at least tomorrow is) So I was celebrating and I ate a small piece of the most delicious chocolate cake that any deprived chocoholic has ever had. I felt like an addict going into relapse, and I was so okay with it. Sorry…but I’m so, very not sorry.

Regardless, I learned a lot this week about how difficult it is to stay healthy day in and day out, but also what my options are. Hey, I tried new foods. Healthy foods! I’m pretty excited about that. It was a great learning experience and I’m glad I got to do it. Now, if you would excuse me, there are some eggs of the chocolate variety that are literally screaming at me from my closet. I better go see what they want.

Thank you for reading, and check back tomorrow, ON MY BIRTHDAY, to see what resolution 13 will entail! :) Whoooo for eating healthy! Have a fantastic week!

Resolution 8 Wasn't Exactly...

something that was up my alley, but it was fun!

For my eighth resolution of 2013, I had to create a piece of art.  Now, I’d say I am a fairly artsy person, just not in the way that I had to be this week.  I’m an artsy person on the musical side, but not so much on the draw/paint/sculpt something side.  I think that we can all agree that my sister, Katie, got those genes in the family.  See?….

Yeah, all sketches by my sister.  My BLOOD RELATIVE.  Needless to say, after you see the artwork that I did this week, you may start doubting my actual relation to Katie, but I promise that she really is my sister!

Alright, so for those of you who don’t know, I visited my family in Florida this last week.  While there we made a trip to Cocoa Beach and I pounced on the opportunity to draw in the sand! I mean come on, not only is it making art, but I get an excuse to play in the sand. Plus, I can blame the poor quality of the art on the fact that it’s a sand drawing…shhh don’t tell. 

Sooo, here’s MY artwork….*trumpet fanfare*….

Alright, so maybe it wasn’t “trumpet fanfare” worthy, but the fact that I have finished 8 resolutions almost is! Anyway, it was a lot of fun to step outside my box and try to be “Katie Artsy.” :) I encourage everyone to make some art this week, it’s pretty relaxing! Also, if you get the chance to play in the sand, I’d probably jump on that opportunity as well!

Thank you for reading, and I’m sorry that this blog is being posted a day late.  College student probs… Resolution 9 will be posted in a matter of seconds! YAY!

Resolution 19 Made Me...

feel like an ULTRA girl.  Even though…I’m not quite sure what that means. I just felt really girly!

Yup, I wore a dress every day for a week.  However, this wasn’t how I envisioned this resolution going.  You see, I planned on drawing this resolution during the warmth of summer or the hot days of Texas.  INSTEAD, I drew this resolution when I was packing up and transitioning from warm Texas to the chilly Spring of Iowa.  So…I got to wear a dress on a 57 degree day in Iowa.  Not ideal, but hey, It’s the sacrifice I must make for my resolutions! ;)

I didn’t get a picture of every day that I wore a dress, but I did get a few! Enjoy, make fun, giggle…either way…here they are!!

So there is a few pictures! Now, go out and be dressy! It does make you feel a lot more confident and happy about how you are presenting yourself.  It was nice to set aside the sweatpants and t-shirts for a little while.

Thank you for reading and get ready for RESOLUTION 20 tomorrow!!! WOOOOOO! :)

Happy Monday!


Resolution 15! I learned a song on a new instrument.  FLUTE!

Here’s the deal, I’m a brass player, so me no likey the flute.  However, my roommate rocks at flute and she graciously taught me everything that I need to know to play a mean version of Hot Crossed Buns.  So here it is! Enjoy!!! :D