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Can you please stop petting my husband?

Original request: Can you do one where T'Challa gets turned into a cat by Loki, but then Captain America finds him and he doesn’t know he’s a cat and starts cuddling him and babying him until the reader, T'Challa’s wife, explains what happened?  I would die laughing!

A/N: this wonderfull human @cupcakequeen1999 keeps giving me those great ideas! Go check out her own writing blog @cupcakequeen1999-3 she is getting started and she is a great writer! Also I wrote this while our ‘Easter Family meeting’. Happy (late) Easter or what you celebrate! Enjoy!

Warnings: Swearing (oh god, you know me already don’t you?)

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader, Loki x Reader (Platonic)

Word count: 1.2 k

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How Did the Elite Freshmen Do?

I was curious because this is definitely one of the strongest freshman classes in terms of former U.S. National Team members (this post only includes those who made at least a semi-major international team (i.e. Pac Rims, Pan Ams)). Please let me know if I forgot someone!

Maddie Desch (Alabama):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: N/A

Beam: T-59th (9.8000)

Floor: T-46th (9.8500)

Rachel Gowey (Florida):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: T-16th (9.8875)

Beam: T-25th (9.8750)

Floor: N/A

Amelia Hundley (Florida)

All-Around: 12th (39.4125)

Vault: T-24th (9.8500)

Bars: T-26th (9.8625)

Beam: T-52nd (9.8250)

Floor: T-30th (9.8750)

Madison Kocian (UCLA):

All-Around: 7th (39.5500)

Vault: T-18th (9.8750)

Bars: T-22nd (9.8750)

Beam: T-33rd (9.8625)

Floor: T-7th (9.9375)

Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma):

All-Around: 29th (39.1250)

Vault: T-5th (9.9000)

Bars: T-1st (9.9500)

Beam: 81st (9.3500)

Floor: T-10th (9.9250)

Kyla Ross (UCLA):

All-Around: 6th (39.5750)

Vault: T-29th (9.8375)

Bars: T-1st (9.9500)

Beam: 1st (9.9625)

Floor: T-64th (9.8250)

Mykayla Skinner (Utah):

All-Around: 2nd (39.6125)

Vault: T-5th (9.9000)

Bars: T-38th (9.8375)

Beam: T-8th (9.9125)

Floor: T-1st (9.9625)

Sabrina Vega (Georgia):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: N/A

Beam: T-74th (9.6500)

Floor: N/A

Bucky/Darcy, ‘Daydream’

for @amidtheflowers

Daydream - Wallace Collection

Bucky found his mind wandering more often than usual lately.  Although, he wasn’t sure if it counted as wandering if it always went to the same place…

Always up a few floors to where Darcy was working with Dr. Foster up in the Stark labs.  

Of course, once he got there, it sort of morphed into something else.  Unless Stark actually had a sunny field of flowers on the 52nd floor or something.  Bucky wouldn’t put it past him, but he didn’t think it was possible.  

And Darcy didn’t usually wear sundresses to work.  Definitely not pretty blue ones.   And she didn’t walk around barefoot up there either.  Barefoot.  Amid the flowers.  

Barefoot, amid the flowers, with him.  None of which was happening right now, unfortunately.  


Steve’s voice brought him out of his daydream abruptly.  He frowned.  “What?”  He was still in the weight room with Steve.  And if that wasn’t a bucket of cold water, he didn’t know what was.  

Rolling his eyes, Steve answered.  “Oh nothing, you were just supposed to be spotting me, not making goo-goo eyes at a dame that ain’t even here.”  

Bucky snorted.  “I’m not making any eyes at anyone. Punk.”

“You were making eyes at someone.  And unless it was me or Sam…it was at Darcy.”

Scoffing, he shook his head. “Darcy?  Darcy who?”     

Sam choked out a laugh from across the room.  

Steve shot him an incredulous look. “Just go upstairs and ask her out.  That’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do ya know.”  

“You what else is a perfectly acceptable thing to do?  Minding your own business,” Bucky retorted, already planning his trip up to ask Darcy out on a date later that day.

Waiting - Eisuke Ichinomiya

An attempt at a little angst - not 100% sure about this. Let me know what you think. May go with another idea and delete haha.

It was as if I could feel a sickness beginning to stir vigorously in the pit of my stomach; something akin to the feeling of melancholy laced intricately with rage and sugar dusted with regret. The bright; art style night skies of Tokyo filtered in through the penthouse lounge windows to wash over me; a romantic comedy buzzing on the ridiculously oversized tv which I had no interest in; nor could I make out through blood shot, tired eyes. A numbness; a feeling of rejection had pulsed and flooded through my veins.

Crossing and uncrossing my legs over and over and over again uncomfortably, I sunk further down into the grand leather sofa and fixated my eyes on the underwear I’d placed on the coffee sidetable to my left – the underwear that I’d found on the floor beside our bed – a lacy, tiny red pair that just oozed with sex appeal and instant betrayal. Words tried to slip from my lips; songs of a broken bird agitated and upset, yet instead only a sigh escaped – no words at all to be said. They weren’t mine – the underwear that is – the inventory of what I owned; of what Eisuke liked and approved played over and over inside my head and this; finding this, meant a combination of three things. One – there was another woman; - ha, what a surprise. Two – he had cheated on me. Three – worst of all; he had lied to me.

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Maybe a Little Too Clearly

Cloud wasn’t exactly sure how to take his exam results. It was a lot better than the all out rejection from his first try (and he knew Zack had to kiss a lot of ass to let him try in the second try surprises) but it wasn’t exactly what he was hoping for. 

“You results were higher than expected,” Cloud read, “but due to your low absorbtion rate and current eye handicap-”

“It’s a safety issue,” Zack pointed out, “wouldn’t want you in a mako coma or something…or loosing an eye." 

"We recommend you try for…what the fuck is Basecom?" 

"Ooh,” Zack said, “They want you for Base Communicator?”

“What. The Fuck. Is it?” Cloud asked. 

“It’s like…a jack of all trades position,” Zack said, “You learn how everything works and communicate with guys on missions to make sure they know what’s going on. You learn a lot faster than normal Thirds is what it means. And you get a hell of a lot more training time. This is, like, the best option you could have gotten Cloud." 

"It sounds like they’re making me a secretary,” Cloud said. 

“…Eh, kinda,” Zack admitted, “you won’t see much combat, but you figure out how SOLDIER works and get promoted a lot faster as Basecom. Angeal was one.” Cloud nodded. 

“It’s a good position, Cloud,” Zack said, “Imagine…all of the SOLDIERs out on the field right now are like…a giant wheel.”

“And I’m the axel in the middle making sure they turn,” Cloud finished. 

“Exactly!” Zack said, “you meet with pretty much all the higher ups a lot and you talk with the guys out there doing missions and everybody likes you because you tell them what to do and how to do it. It’s a good position." 

"So…a middle man,” Cloud said. Zack nodded. 

It didn’t sound too bad, and if Zack was right he’d be caught up in no time with all the supposed extra training time he had. 

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Revenge - KBTBB/HLITF (.001)

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Rei’s POV - One December Eve

“Have you told the children?”

A nervous sweat cursed across the back of my neck as the elevator inched up quickly towards the penthouse. It should have been nothing; I’d been coming here for years every Friday to collect the children for the weekend yet for some reason - this afternoon - after the phone call Eisuke and I had shared, whether pleasant or not; I couldn’t help but feel awkward, hesitant - near bothersome as I played with the hem of my cardigan trying to calm myself down.

“I don’t see any reason why this should be something they have to know.”

The familiar ping sounding as the doors opened onto the 52nd floor snapped me into reality. Cold and harsh. Pursing my lips together; feeling the drugstore brand of scarlet red gloss glue together momentarily gave me a chance to collect my thoughts, pull myself together and gain and small ounce of confidence which I wasn’t expecting to have. Heels clicking against the polished floorboards, I stepped through the lounge; surprised to be met with an unfamiliar silence.

“You’re their father. You’re getting remarried. I’m sure they’re old enough to work everything out after they see the ring on her finger but it’s still something I think you should talk to them about. I want you to. It might bother them if you treat it like a secret.”

“Kaia! Itsuki! Kids where are you? Eisuke?”, my voice flooded throughout the penthouse yet after a few moments, it was clear that I was to be met with nothing but the same silence I’d walked into. Picking up the remote off the couch I could remember spending lazy Sundays lounging around on, I turned off the tv; cutting short the reruns of Sailor Moon I knew my daughter was grotesquely obsessed with and further ventured into the house.

“Does it bother you?”

“Kaia! Itsuki! Mommy’s here. Guys… if you’re playing hide and seek this isn’t funny.” Tip-toeing around, I proceeded to check the kitchen, the office, the children’s bedrooms, the balcony, the billiards room. Photographs hanging on the walls had been changed - not a single frame contained my image anymore. So much for 9 years of swearing by ‘til death do us part’. A sneer crossed my lips, one fuelled by sheer repulsion as the thought of her. A scoff choked up in my throat.

“That’s not the point Eisuke.”

The bitch that ruined our relationship.

“Does it…?”

The sound of water running; coming from the ensuite in the master bedroom got me curious. Humming to myself in an attempt to remain calm, I made my way over - prying as to why the door was ajar. Eisuke had always been one for privacy.

“What do you want to hear? That it does? ….fine! Yes! It bothers me that my ex-husband is moving onto a much younger, slimmer, more attractive, half brained bitch who’s only after his fortune.”

“Eisuke - you in there? Where are the kids? It’s 4 o'clock. You know you have to have them ready by now to leave.” Knocking, I was surprised to not get an answer. “Eisuke, honestly - this isn’t funny. I don’t have time for games.” Huffing out a long, frustrated sigh, I checked over my right shoulder as if scared of the thought I’d be caught out for walking around the place I use to call home and forced the ensuite door open with a heavy push. Steam rushed to escape past the door. Coughing and tucking some hair back behind one ear, I was surprised to find water; stained the colour of my lipstick pooling on the bathroom floor.

“No need to be like that. What happened to playing nice?”

A figure of a woman’s body lay still in the oversized tub I can remember sharing with him; a champagne flute hanging between her fingertips. As I stepped further in; water began to splash up at my ankles which I noticed was cold - how odd. I swore I’d only heard the water turn on after I’d come in. “Azusa - it’s um.. Rei. I was wondering if you could tell me where the kids are.” Again, I was met with complete silence. “Or perhaps where Eisuke is?” Still - silence. Frustrated still, I decided to walk over and shake her shoulder - perhaps she’d fallen asleep. Perhaps she was just flat out ignoring me like the bitch I knew she was. Reaching down and touching her skin I noticed that she was cold - as cold as the water running; as cold as demise. That didn’t bother me until her head snapped falling back as I shook her; eyes open wide - cloudy like bleach and a thick, deep gash artistically showing across her neck. Not being able to scream; as if forgetting how to - I rushed back out of the ensuite running into the one person all morning I’d been hoping not to.

“That sounds a little hypocritical coming from you doesn’t it?”

His eyes were just like the first day I’d ever saw them - cold. “What are you doing in here?”, Eisuke asked quietly with a firm grip on my wrist. They weren’t words that were meant to conjure up feelings yet without realizing; without wanting to, tears began to swell and fall as I dropped my head forward to stare at the ground around my feet. A shiver cursed down my spine; worse than the nervous sweat which had froze down the back of my neck. “I… I..”, I whimpered with shoulders shaking, hands curling into fists; my body and mind having to snap into mother mode - into maturity as the sounds of careless laughter and small feet ran into the bedroom.

“What do you want me to say?”

“MOMMY! YOU’RE HERE!”, Itsuki yelled; rushing over to greet me. Kaia followed only a few steps behind, “Daddy was teasing all day saying that you’d forgotten us”, he continued burying his face into the crook of my arm. His familiarity; his warmth, his carefreeness all something which eased and calmed me nerves.

“Anything Eisuke… anything as long as this time, you’re not lying; as long as this time, you mean it. Just tell me a truth.”

“Ha”, Kaia sounded, “You’re such an idiot Itsuki - I told you Mom wouldn’t forget about us.” Hugging them both; I tried to think of an excuse to give Eisuke and I just a few moments alone. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to explain this.

“I… still… love you.”

Clapping my hands together; I got the kids attentions with ease. “How about you two go grab your bags and decide what you want for dinner tonight? Mommy and Daddy need to talk. Alone.” Whether it was the shakiness in my tone of voice or their eagerness to listen; both Kaia and Itsuki rushed out of the bedroom and off to their own; bickering and arguing over something that sounded like pizza and nachos.

“Do you mean it?”

Taking a deep breath, I stepped back to pull shut the ensuite bathroom door and noticed Eisuke’s eyes travel over my shoulder to stare at what I’d just done. “You can’t go in there”, I stuttered; hearing him chuckle in response. “My house, my rules; I can do what I want.” “Trust me Ichinomiya – you… you don’t want to.” Folding his arms across his chest and licking his lower lip - Eisuke snickered in response to what I’d just told him; trying to push past me. “Eisuke; don’t please… let me explain.” “Let you explain what Rei - that my fiancé’s having a bath and you decided to be a creepy ex-wife and walk in?” “No.” “Then what Rei - tell me….”

“I do.”

Swallowing hard, I prepared myself for the worse - “Eisuke… she… she’s dead.”

I had a sudden surge of inspiration to write a short cross over series - collaborated with an awesome friend of mine to come up with the storyline; hope you like it. I know it’s a little choppy but trust me (us! haha) it will soon make sense. Let us know what you think. xo

Namie's 2014 Japan Report! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


I’m back from my trip with Lulupu! It’s been 4 years since we’ve seen each other! ^////^ We’ve been planning to meet up have a honeymoon in Japan for a long time… 

I haven’t done reports in forever but it really was a dream come true. I want to record it somewhere. So I have a lot of photos and very spastic commentary under the cut if anyone is interested

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lilith-chii  asked:

Hi hun! Welcome, welcome to the Overwatch writing community!!! Now, I'd like a really nice Genji x Reader. The theme is.... -drumroll- office AU!!!! If you don't mind that is~ thank you~ I hope you have fun!

Thank you! Im glad to be here. ( andI never mind writing Genji) I hope you enjoy it. I’m putting it under a read more because it got long.

(I swear this is an office au even though half of it doesn’t take place in an office)

“Come on, lighten up a little!” your friend told you as you walked to the bar.

“I have to be at work tomorrow,” you reply. “My boss is coming back from two weeks vacation and the last thing I need to be dealing with is a hangover.”

“So only have one drink! You at least have to stay long enough to meet my new girlfriend.”

“Okay, okay,” you agree. “I’ll stay long enough to meet the girlfriend.”

You reached the bar and found out that the girlfriend was running a few minutes late, so you decided to get a drink while you waited. For some reason you decided to get a margarita, even though you knew the tequila wasn’t a good idea. Tequila is never a good idea, you thought, but you took a sip anyways.

“You come here often?” You heard a smooth and slightly accented voice ask. Turning you saw a good looking man standing next to you. He had a dazzling smile, good taste in clothing, and… was that green hair?

“Every so often,” you told him, smiling. The hair was a little jarring at first glance, but somehow it looked pretty good on him. “What about you?”

“My first time,” he told you. “I’m Genji, by the way,” he held out his hand to shake yours.

“I’m (Name),” you said taking it. But instead of shaking your hand he brought it up to his lips and placed a soft kiss on your knuckles.

“A pleasure to meet you, (Name). Can I buy you a drink?”

“I already have one,” you motioned to the glass in your other hand. “And I was only planning on one drink tonight.”

“But if you let me buy you another, I’ll have time to actually learn your last name, oh beautiful (Name).”

“Keep calling me beautiful and I might let you,” you teased him.

And so the night went on, the two of you teased each other back and forth, both of you even leaving the bar to have dinner with your friend and their new girlfriend. Genji was smart, funny, and charming; you couldn’t help but feel small butterflies take flight in your stomach when he looked at you. After dinner the two of you walked outside, and you hailed a taxi.

“I take it this is goodnight?” he asked you.

“I’m afraid so. It was wonderful to meet you, Genji,” you said.

“You know, it doesn’t have to be,” he told you, a coy smile appearing on his lips. You knew immediately what he was proposing. His lips did look soft, and his body strong and lean. You wondered briefly what a night might be like with him. But you only allowed yourself a moment to wonder; you knew yourself to well. You had a tendency to become attached far too easily and a night with this man would only end up hurting your heart.

“I’m sorry, but not tonight.”

He took it in stride, giving you a sad smile. “You break my heart, (Name). Whatever shall I do?”

“Go to sleep,” you told him. “It will hurt less in the morning.”

“If you say so,” he winked at you. “Perhaps I will see you again?”

“Perhaps you might,” you replied before getting into the taxi. He closed the door behind you and watched as the vehicle pulled away from the curb.

You gave a disappointed sigh. Maybe you should have… No. It was better this way, you told yourself. You had to keep repeating it, trying to convince yourself that it was true.

You arrived at work the next day at your usual time. You strode in through the doors and said hello to the front receptionist, Margaret.

“Oh, (Name), before you go up. Mr. Smith isn’t in today.”

“Did he extend his vacation?” you asked, slightly confused. Your boss, Mr. Smith, was the most punctual person you had ever met.

“No, he had a heart attack a two days ago,” Margaret told you.

“What?” this had to be some kind of joke. Sure Mr. Smith was older, but he wasn’t that old and he was in good health; how could he have a heart attack?

“I know it’s shocking. I only found out this morning. The company sent someone to take his place, temporarily, while he recovers.

“Who did they send?” you asked, your knees suddenly feeling weak.

“They sent president Shimada’s younger brother. I don’t know his first name. But apparently he’s a bit of a playboy, I don’t know why they sent him. But I do know you’ll be acting as his secretary while he’s here, since you know what plans Mr. Smith had in the works and stuff.”

“Alright, thanks for the head’s up, Margaret.” You took the elevator up to the 52nd floor where your office was, as well as Mr. Smith’s - Mr. Shimada’s for now.

As you rode the elevator up, you wondered about your new boss. You knew the company’s president, Hanzo Shimada, lived in the Japan and that’s where the company’s headquarters were. Mr. Smith was the director of the North American branch, one of their largest branches, so it made sense to send the president’s brother.

You arrived at your office to find the Vice President of the branch, Mr. Jones, was there and waiting for you. Actually, he was waiting for Mr. Shimada, since your office led into his. You waited together, making small talk. You asked about Mr. Smiths health, and learned that he should return in six months, if not sooner.

It wasn’t long before there a knock on the door and in stepped your new boss. It took you a moment to process what you were seeing. This couldn’t be your boss, the man was Genji, from the night before. He was wearing a crisp suit and dark green tie that complemented his bright hair.

“Mr. Jones,” he was stepping forward to shake the man’s hand when he caught sight of you. Confusion appeared on his face for a moment but was quickly replaced by his easygoing smile. “And may ask for an introduction to this lovely looking person?”

“This is (Name). They’re Mt. Smith’s secretary and will also be yours while you’re with us,” Mr. Jones introduced you, unaware that the two of you had met before. “(Name), this is Mr. Genji Shimada.” You offered your hand for a shake, but he repeated his action from last night and kissed it instead.

“A pleasure to meet you (Name),” he said smirking at you. Mr. Jones appeared unaware of his flirtatious manner and continued to speak, saying that he’d leave him to settle into his new office, but he’d see him at the staff meeting that was being held with the different department managers at 10. With that, Mr. Jones left, leaving you with your new boss. A man you had been drinking with and flirting outrageously with the night before.

“Well, this is a pleasant surprise,” he said. “I was trying to figure out how to find you again, since I didn’t get your number last night, but look! I’ll be seeing you everyday, I’m very excited.”

“Mr. Shimada-”

“Please, (Name). Call me Genji. It is my name.”

“That’s not a very professional thing to do,” you replied seriously.

“Do I look like the a very professional person to you?” he said, winking at you.

So began five months of working for Genji Shimada. He was charming and flirted outrageously with you, but only when no one else was around. If someone else was around he was the picture of professionalism, except sometimes he’d drop a perfectly innocent sounding phrase, but he’d wink at you so you knew he meant it in a way that was anything but innocent. It became a game, bantering back and forth, him flirting and you preening like you weren’t flirting back at least a little.

One day he popped his head out of his office and said, “(Name? Would you might clearing my schedule for lunch tomorrow? An old friend is in town and he wants to discuss a business deal. I’d also appreciate it if you came as well. Two sets of eyes and ears are better than one. Hands too, if you know what I mean,” he said the last sentence with a smirk and and a smile, pulling hi head back in after he’d wormed an agreement out of you.

The next day you found yourself walking into a nice cafe to meet his friend. The friend’s name was Jesse McCree, who Genji said was some kind of Texan oilman. It was hard not to think of him as ‘Genji’, although you were careful to call him ‘Mr. Shimada’. You knew he’d never let you live it down if he called you by his first name.

The two of you sat down and waited, chatting idly while he continued to subtly flirt with you. 15 Minutes passed quickly and there was no sign of his friend. You nearly jumped out of your seat as Genji’s phone rang. He picked it up with a,”McCree? Where are y-,” You could dimly hear a voice on the other end interrupt him. He listened for a few moments before replying, “I see. Thank you for informing me.” He hung up the phone and turned to you, “I’m afraid Jesse isn’t going to be able to make it to lunch, he’d like to reschedule for another time. But since we’re here, you and I should enjoy lunch.” The two of you ordered and continued to chat throughout the meal. Talking to him was easy, but you had to watch yourself so you didn’t get too flirty. He’s still your boss after all.

As the two of you left the cafe, he turned to you, (Name), there’s something I wanted to speak to you about.”

“What is it?” You were a little put off by his change in tone, he suddenly sounded very serious.

“It’s about Mr. Smith. He should be returning to work in a week or two, provided no more harm comes to him.”

“That’s wonderful! That… that means you’ll be leaving, doesn’t it?” You felt hollow at the the thought of him leaving and we’re exactly sure why. It couldn’t be that you had, feelings for him or anything. But you couldn’t deny the thought of him leaving saddened you.

“I’m afraid so,” was his answer. You walked a few more minutes in silence until you found yourselves in the elevator headed up to your offices. “(Name), I’ve enjoyed your company these past few months, and I’m afraid I’ve done a poor job at conveying that.”

“You don’t need to worry yourself about that, Mr Shimada. You’ve done a fine job making me feel appreciated.” As soon as the the words left your mouth, you winced internally. That was exactly the kind of sentence he’d take and see to make some outrageously flirty remark. But surprisingly, he passed up the opportunity.

“You misunderstand me, I don’t mean as a secretary. I mean as a person and a friend. And, dare I hope, more than a friend? I’ve been saying things to you the entire time I’ve been here, but know I realize that I don’t think you knew I meant them”

Your brain stopped working. He sounded sincere, far more sincere than you had ever heard him sound. What could he mean by ‘more than a friend’? And was he referring to all his flirty comments, did he actually mean them? “What do you mean, Genji?” You didn’t even realize you were saying his name until after you’d said it. He couldn’t possibly be saying what you thought he was saying.

“I mean, that even after Mr. Smith returns, I’d like stay in the city and get to know you on a more… personal level.” A hint of nervousness crept into his voice, something you’d never heard before.

“You’re saying that you-”

“That I like you, yes. That I want to be your boyfriend, yes. And that I’ve actually meant my flirting all along, yes!” His hands had grabbed your shoulders and he was gazing longingly into your eyes, like he was searching for the answer you couldn’t find the words to.

Instead, you reached up to put your hands on either side of his face and pull him down into a kiss. The first kiss was sweet and simple, it felt so good to kiss him. His lips were just as soft as you thought they’d be. A second kiss followed the second and this one held passion. Both of you had kept your feelings inside for far too long. Breathless, you pulled away to look at him.

“I take it you feel the same?” he asked with a smirk and wink.

So I feel like genji may have a bit out ooc here. I wrote like playboy genji except for at the end, but I feel like it’s all a little rushed, I’m sorry about that.


The pikachu cafe was also really great!
The menu was on the back of a giant pikachu. We all took pikachu hamburgers with jelly dessert and pokemon drink.

It was super tasty too.

It was on the 52nd floor which also hosted a pokemon movie exhibition. Which was surprisingly good. It had a lot on concept art and such.

‘Oh, so you’re a writer? How interesting.’ The boy says,
licks his lips, tries to imagine
what his name might look like in my bedroom;
what his love might look like in my handwriting.
I don’t tell him I write poetry.
I want to tell him I write murder mysteries;
that I will write him dripping against the 52nd floor window,
a closed-door murder and the all newspapers know his name—
and this is because
it isn’t what he wants.
He tells me I’d look good on the backseat of his motorcylce,
but better under his hips;
wrapped up so tightly in his sheets
that I’d never leave,
and oh, he can’t wait until I read him my work in the morning,
how it’d go great with the excuse he’ll leave
for never calling back
when I don’t write the right words.
—  Schuyler Peck, Pick Up Lines

More NY AU because I really like it hahaha.

Annabeth met Piper when she joined the religious summer camp that she attended. They met Hazel the same year while on a field trip to a neighboring camp and stayed in touch ever since. 
After college, they decided to move in together in NY and Piper landed them an amazing deal on an apartment in Manhattan and they all managed to secure jobs in the same area of downtown.
Annabeth works as an Architect assistant for a firm on the 36th floor of a highrise, while Piper works on the 52nd floor of the neighboring highrise as a sales manager for a fashion company. Hazel works the police paddocks and is in training to become a mounted officer and always meets up with Annabeth and Piper for lunch dates at the cafe at the base of Piper’s building.