i sit up here,
watching you on the ground.
contemplating whether you’re the one
that can keep me grounded.

i think about what might happen,
if i jump.
will you catch me?

or will i fall face first,
into another mess,
resulting in broken arms, limbs,
and heart?

only to climb back up,
this time even higher -
preventing myself from ever
coming down again.

so i think i’ll just sit up here,
and wonder.

unless you can promise otherwise.

When We Meet

I hope that when we meet, I will finally be ready. That I will be over my past heartaches. I hope that I am not broken. That I am whole, that I have loved myself fully and completely enough to let someone else’s love in. That my heart won’t be too tired to love someone new, that I will still be willing to give my all without any fear. I hope that you will be able to endure my terrible cooking, my insistence on which side of the bed is mine, and the fact that I tend to laugh at everything sometimes for no reason at all. But most of all, I hope that it will be worth it — this wait, these obstacles, and everything else in between. I hope that it will all makes sense when we finally meet.