52 Reasons Why I love you...

I plan on making Josh one of those sappy yet cute 52 reasons card decks, because we always play cards and I think it’ll be cute!

1. You make me ridiculously happy.

2. Your smile.

3. The way you look at me and say I love you

4. When I get hurt you laugh and then ask if I’m ok

5. I sleep best when my head is on your chest

6. Our late night trips to Walmart

7. Laying in bed all day watching movies

8. You take care of me

9. The sweet texts that I wake up to

10. You’re DINO-myte

11. I can have fun doing nothing with you

12. You let me win at board games, except clue.

13. You hold me tight when I wake up from a nightmare

14. Even when I feel ugly you make me feel beautiful

15. I can be myself around you

16. I can be stupid around you

17. You’re funny :)

18. You always cheer me up

19. Our hands fit perfectly together

20. You’re my rock

21. No matter what, you don’t give up on me

22. You’re never afraid to be silly

23. I feel so safe when I’m with you

24. You’d kill someone if they ever hurt me

25. You always say what’s on your mind

26. You’re honest with me

27. I can tell you anything and I know that you’ll help me however you can

28. Scratching scratch offs with me

29. Putting up with all the glitter!

30. Supporting my dancing

31. Always encouraging me

32. You’re determined

33. I’m so comfortable around you

34. Your laugh

35. When you say I love you, I can tell that you mean it

36. You listen to me tell the same story over and over

37. You are so cheesy

38. You choose me over everyone else

39. There’s never a dull moment

40. You make me stay up late even when I’m really tired so we can spend as much time together as possible

41. When you squeeze me till I go bleh!

42. All the silly faces you make

43. You’re all mine and I’m all yours

44. You wash my clothes for me

45. You let me steal your hoodies

46. When I’m not there you sleep on my side of the bed

47. You let me put my cold feet on you

48. Forehead kisses, and every other kind of kiss for that matter

49. We fight but always come out stronger in the end

50. The way you make fun of me and my wittle feetsies

51. Our late night texts

52. I love you for you!


I finished Dennis’s 6th Month present! I like the way it turned out. I wish I had bigger binder rings though.

Anyway, I’ve been working on the 52 Reasons I Love You for almost a month now. Each card has a reason why I love him, and on the back of each card there is a picture of us.

I completely finished that yesterday. Then, I bought his favorite candies and his favorite kind of chips. I also got him a shirt that says “Bazinga!” because he loves the show The Big Bang Theory. I bought a basket and put it all in there. 

Our 6th Month is on Sunday, I really hope he likes it.