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six of crows on valentines day headcannons please???

here you go! i made this modern for my modern dregs tag

wylan and jesper, sticking to the headcanon they’re adventurous, spend the day exploring more places for wylan to take pictures of, but he mostly ends up taking candid photos of jesper. he gifts jesper a deck of cards, but he’s painted something personal on each, an excuse to both ruin the deck and remind jesper of “52 reasons why i love you”. (jesper ends up carrying these with him at all times and when he’s itching to gamble he pulls those cards out instead) jesper’s gift is a full homemade dinner at his place, the whole place decorated in candles and string lights. jesper keeps making food puns as they eat and they can’t stop laughing the whole night.

matthias goes all out and buys nina stuffed animals and sweets and breaks into her car to scatter rose petals across her seats. nina buys them matching sweaters, the ugly ones he loves but she despises, and she makes him personalized coupons “for one kiss” and “one massage” etc etc. he insists on taking her some place fancy, he makes reservations at a flashy restaurant. nina dresses up in a red dress with high side splits and heart shaped earrings. she looks like valentines day should be all about her in that outfit. they order dessert first because nina catches sight of the cake menu and can’t stop thinking about it.

inej and kaz have pizza and bingewatch, neither really caring for the holiday. they’re always the type to agree on a budget beforehand so they’re on the same page about gifts (something nina and matthias never are. one goes extravagant, the other goes crafty) inej gets him a flower arrangement and he’s so taken aback by it, he’s an awkward mess, dropping the new throwing knives he bought her. “looks like i need to teach you how to handle them.” they share popcorn and their hands occasionally brush against each other’s in the bowl and they both smile because kaz is totally doing it on purpose, testing himself. and after their shows she asks him to show her card tricks.

also nina set kuwei up with a guy from her class. it’s their first date, they talk about science. the guy is actually an artist and offers kuwei advice in how to improve his own doodles. they hit it off. by the end of the night they agree on a second date.

52 Reasons Why I love you...

I plan on making Josh one of those sappy yet cute 52 reasons card decks, because we always play cards and I think it’ll be cute!

1. You make me ridiculously happy.

2. Your smile.

3. The way you look at me and say I love you

4. When I get hurt you laugh and then ask if I’m ok

5. I sleep best when my head is on your chest

6. Our late night trips to Walmart

7. Laying in bed all day watching movies

8. You take care of me

9. The sweet texts that I wake up to

10. You’re DINO-myte

11. I can have fun doing nothing with you

12. You let me win at board games, except clue.

13. You hold me tight when I wake up from a nightmare

14. Even when I feel ugly you make me feel beautiful

15. I can be myself around you

16. I can be stupid around you

17. You’re funny :)

18. You always cheer me up

19. Our hands fit perfectly together

20. You’re my rock

21. No matter what, you don’t give up on me

22. You’re never afraid to be silly

23. I feel so safe when I’m with you

24. You’d kill someone if they ever hurt me

25. You always say what’s on your mind

26. You’re honest with me

27. I can tell you anything and I know that you’ll help me however you can

28. Scratching scratch offs with me

29. Putting up with all the glitter!

30. Supporting my dancing

31. Always encouraging me

32. You’re determined

33. I’m so comfortable around you

34. Your laugh

35. When you say I love you, I can tell that you mean it

36. You listen to me tell the same story over and over

37. You are so cheesy

38. You choose me over everyone else

39. There’s never a dull moment

40. You make me stay up late even when I’m really tired so we can spend as much time together as possible

41. When you squeeze me till I go bleh!

42. All the silly faces you make

43. You’re all mine and I’m all yours

44. You wash my clothes for me

45. You let me steal your hoodies

46. When I’m not there you sleep on my side of the bed

47. You let me put my cold feet on you

48. Forehead kisses, and every other kind of kiss for that matter

49. We fight but always come out stronger in the end

50. The way you make fun of me and my wittle feetsies

51. Our late night texts

52. I love you for you!

This was one of the few gifts I made for my other half on our one year anniversary. The book was completely handmade along with this hedgehog key-chain I also made (that’s another story).  Since we spent 52 weeks (1 year) together I felt this would be the perfect gift.

Well, he loved it!! :) Now he’s trying to figure out ways to display it so he can look at it every time he wakes up or enters the room. 

52 reasons i love you

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Summary: 52 reasons why you love each other (jimin x reader) (drabble series)

requested (hope it brightens up your mood a little bit)

hope you like it and pls send me reasons why you love jimin (or what reasons you would like to see next) and i’ll definitely add them to the next parts :)

Words: 1.000 

Warnings: None

Genre: fluff

52 reasons i love you: #1 | #2 |

#2  “i love comforting you.”

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Countdown Until Jackson Wang Birthday (97 Reason To Love Him)

Day 52: On Stage

o(*≧□≦)o He is so amazing on stage. He has such powerful dances and heavenly vocals. He gives a 10000% on each performance! 

52 reasons i love you

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Summary: 52 reasons why you love each other (jimin x reader)

hai, i’m back. basically this is going to be exactly what the title says. 52 reasons why you love jimin (or why jimin loves you). drabble series full with fluff. hope you like it and pls send me reasons why you love jimin (or what reasons you would like to see next) and i’ll definitely add them to the next parts :) 

Words: 1.203

Warnings: None

Genre: fluff

52 reasons i love you: #1 | #2 |

#1 I love waking you up every morning

The familiar irksome melody of Jimin’s alarm clock filled your ears, signalizing that the sun had risen, a new day was about to begin and you soon had to abandon the warmness and comfort of your bed. A groan escaped your lips as you shifted closer to Jimin’s motionless body. He was resting on his stomach, his hands under his pillow and his face turned to you; his cheeks were puffed out and his plump lips were slightly parted, a peaceful expression on his face. You nuzzled his arm and ran your hand up and down his bare back, feeling his soft skin, before mumbling “Jimin, turn off the alarm.”

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“Hyuk: In 2012, after China activity, we went to see the first sunrise of 2013 together, we promised that, if 2 years later we open concert, we will reveal this video" 

53/∞ reasons why to love otp: First sunrise, First wish of 2013. (spent together) EunHae said they wished for something when they went to see sunrise on New Year and it was to have their own concert. It came true. (EunHae is like the only otp that ever exist that have their ver own concerts that attract 100k fans. #soproud)

bonus: firsr tweets of 2013

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do you have any general relationship hcs for bokuto?

• on their first year anniversary he bought playing cards and wrote on each of them 1 thing he liked about his lover. 52 reasons why I like you* basically

• while not being shy about taking the lead with PDA, he gets pretty flustered when his lover do. Such as suddenly holding his hand or kissing him

• on their first date he was so nervous he pretty much tripped over everything, including his own feet.

• he likes holding their hand when they sleep together. It makes him feel safe and sound


Whenever I feel super down and sad
I just remember that there are people in my life that genuinely love me.
This is what my best friend made me for my birthday.
52 reasons why she loves me.
There are silly things she loves about me, like my horrendous laugh that sounds like a dying whale or the way I dance like a stoned hippy (which I am)
And particularly small things: the way she sees me whenever I open the door to let her in.

Yes, sometimes you might feel like utter useless shit and you think no one cares if you’d leave this planet but please never ever forget that this planet is HUGE(!) and there is a wonderful and loving person just around the corner waiting for you.
Luckily I found my soulmate already.
Thank you for being in my life,
I love you.