60 days Klaine hiatus challenge-> Day 52: Favourite moment after the proposal.

The make up scene in “New New York”.

This scene shows perfectly how much they have grown.
They understand that the situation is getting out of their hands and, TOGETHER, make a step that is not easy, but that is necessary to preserve and to protect their relationship.

“We just wanted to be us, together!”

“And we are together, we are SO together, but I just think that, maybe, living together, in less than ideal circumstances…”

“..Maybe we don’t need that pressure right now. It’s such a scary decision to make, I just..I feel like…”

“I know, I know…It is scary, but I think it’s a less scary if we make the decision together..”

“We can’t go backwards!”

“We’re not going backwards! I think we’re being smart!”

“By protecting something that is very precious to me…You know that, right?”

“Of course I know that, of course! Always, I know!”


FMLS90 Day 52

Day 52, Friday - Share any tips you have learned to help overcome specific travel challenges like long flights, train rides and car rides.

I seem to nap while my husband drives. It takes forever. Most of the time I take either late or really early flights I can sleep on. So obviously I don’t like long trips. All I do is nap.

Also, make a new playlist that is all new music. Take the time to learn some new music since you have the time anyway!

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And I have to say to my active accountability partners, sorry I haven’t been super active. Going to make a change next week.