Day 52- 60 Day Disney Challenge

Day 52- Most Magical moment

Ok there’s yet another three way tie again, people :D

Beauty and the Beast- Beast’s transformation- Ok I may not be biased, towards my favourite film, but I love this scene, soo magical <3

Cinderella- Cinder’s dress- This may be old, but I still love this scene, the original disney princess transformation. ^_^

Tangled- Magic Tear- This is a fairly new one, but this is still a sweet and magical moment, it pays a nice tribute to the original Brother’s Grimm tale, were Rapunzel’s tears healed the prince’s eyes. Magic <3

52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge: 1. Why start this challenge?

52 weeks of Gratitude Challenge: 1. Why start this challenge?

  • To find a new outlook in life or maybe the old one which was happy bubbly and positive.
  • To appreciate things more especially the things you take for granted and maybe people you take for granted.
  • To see the positive at least once a week if not once a day
  • To be a do gooder
  • To feel alive

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