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Wait nama-chan.. Those big hands that grabbed Mika and Yuu Did Shinoa do that? Since she ordered Shi-chan to grab them... Just a little confused and curious

I knew I forgot something! (In all the recent LN findings) but yes! That was Shi-chan that picked up Yuu and Mika. I had said it was Genbushin after the original spoilers. My bad, sorry guys! (>人<;)

Listen guys. HYYH Young Forever is not just any other album. It’s a summary of bts’s hard work over the past year. It contains all the songs from their most important era. It’s an album that they wrote, composed, and produced themselves. It’s an album that contains their lyrics about their dreams and never giving up, their youth and growth. It’s about working hard even if society is against you, its about their passion and lonlieness, their friendship and trust, and all of their physical and emotional struggles and just- I am so fucking proud and happy for them, they really deserve it all and the fact that they won with such an important album makes the meaning behind this award even greater.