52 year old

ok so today i came home from school around the time judge judy comes on. so im kinda walking around getting ready to work out(die), i quickly glance at the tv and i just ???

did i just see butch hartman on judge judy?

52 year old butch hartman, a ‘professional’ animator, on judge judy?

Might i mention ‘butch’ was on for not paying damages to something? is this how butch settles things? court tv? 

when is he finally going to pay for all the plot hole based crimes he commited? when is he gonna pay for the space asteroid that was our ‘finale?

my favorite things from the Women’s March, D.C.
  • little girl holding a sign that says “dear theodosia we’ll fight for you”
  • people cheering when you got off the metro
  • someone was dressed as a middle finger
  • my 52 year old mother: “look at all the pussy hats!”
  • the not one, not two, but three mothers who were breatfeeding their children as they marched (the most metal thing i’ve ever seen)
  • “if you get arrested we aren’t bailing you out” “why are you only talking to me” “olivia, look at you”
  • the little girls (like 6 or 7), chanting “show me what democracy looks like!” and their father responding “you are what democracy looks like!”
  • the same little girls high fiving passing marchers
  • this exchange between my mom and brother, on how long it takes to move half a million people: mom, “this must be what moses felt like for 40 years” brother, “well he only had to deal with a gold calf, not a golden shower”
  • the fact that there were SO MANY women that we all decided to use the men’s bathrooms as well as the women’s bathrooms
  • starting a chant of “love trumps hate” as we marched past the trump hotel
  • really all of the chants though
  • “can’t build a wall / hands are too small”
  • (women) “my body my choice” / (men) “her body her choice”
  • passing a big portrait of obama and everyone shouting “thanks obama!”
  • some people were bouncing up and down (for warmth, idk?) and one guy said “think about it: if we get everyone to do this it’ll be the world record for most number of people doing this”
  • the number of old ladies in attendance
  • a man holding a sign with a downward arrow that read “angry feminist dad”
  • “we shall overcomb”
  • the federal mint has harriet tubman’s face on a big banner right next to washington, lincoln, and hamilton!
  • honestly there were so many moments i probably can’t list them all

reblog and add your own faves and the city you were in!!

Romania nominates first female, first Muslim prime minister, Sevil Shhaideh

  • The biggest political party in Romania, the Social Democrats, has nominated 52-year-old Sevil Shhaideh for the role of prime minister.
  • If she is approved, she will be the country’s first female and first Muslim to serve in that capacity.
  • Shhaideh, an ethnic Tatar, must be approved by President Klaus Iohannis and Parliament.
  • The Social Democrats turned to Shhaideh after winning 45% of the vote in the Dec. 11 elections. 
  • Shhaideh served as “minister of regional development for six months in the last Social Democratic government.” Read more

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Things that were still a thing not so long ago in Finland:

- homosexual acts were a crime that could land you max two years in jail until the year 1971; when you meet a Finnish LGBT member past age 62 this might well have been their reality (boink your dear, serve a year)(I’m calculating approx age based on current age of consent)

- after that it was considered a mental illness until 1981; now we’re thinking about gay people 52 years old and older that lived through this

- discrimination based on sexual orientation was criminalized in 1995, so people born in the 80′s and older had to deal with this

- it was still a criminal offence to “promote homosexuality” until 1999… I was 20 when this was decriminalized 

- the age of consent used to be 18 for homosexual relationships, while it was 16 for heterosexual ones; this was changed to 16 for both in 1999 as well

- discrimination based on gender identity wasn’t a crime until 2005

- before 2009 homosexual parents weren’t allowed to legally adopt their partner’s child

- this year (2017), finally, we’ll have marriage equality!


Newly discovered 52-million-year-old fossil hints tomatillo is a lot older than we thought

  • Turns out old things come in small packages. Tomatillos are fruits that look like small green tomatoes with delicate husks on them, and they might be a whole lot older than scientists previously thought.
  • According to a paper published in Science, researchers found a fossil of a variety of an ancient tomatillo that dates back 52 million years ago.
  • Experts previously believed the tomatillo and other nightshade plants, like potatoes and eggplants, first evolved 40 million years ago.
  • A team of researchers found the fossil, an imprint of the tomatillo’s husk that was about the size of a paperclip, in a former lake bed in Patagonia, Argentina. Read more

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okay this is really why representation is important. My 52 year old, half filipino, half Polynesian mother went to see Moana with my little cousins and she cried through most of the movie because she saw her three daughters and herself in a Disney princess for the first time. We grew up in a predominantly white suburban town and she had to remind me and my sisters everyday that our brown skin, wide noses, dark features were beautiful and that one day we’ll get a princess like us. Not only does she look like us but she’s smart, kind, brave, family oriented and everything my mother has ever wanted in a Disney character. this is my thank you note to the people that took the time to accurately create a Disney princess that my 52 year old mother could finally look up to.

Canadian Black History:

1953; Clarence Clemons, a 52 year old Black man was handcuffed and then brutally beaten by Vancouver Police Officers. Why was he beaten? “He refused to move on while waiting on a street corner for his wife”. 

He was paralyzed by the attack and died 5 months later in hospital.

Carrie Fisher

Okay, I feel a rant coming on.

There’s been a lot of talk about how Carrie Fisher “looked awful” and “didn’t age well.”

I thought she looked fine for a 59 year old. Maybe she hasn’t aged as well as some (Harrison Ford barely seems to have changed) but she hasn’t aged badly.

She’s just 59. Furthermore, the character she is playing is also supposed to be elderly, so makeup would not have been trying to make her look younger - which they often do with older actors. 52 year old Alex Kingston looked to be maybe thirty tops in the Doctor Who Christmas special. Makeup.

So, why does everyone think Carrie Fisher looks awful?

Because we don’t often see women of a certain age on the screen.

And when we do, they’re made up to look younger.

The only major role for an older woman I can think of recently was Dame Judi Dench’s M.

Female leads average, depending on who you ask, between 4 years and 8 years younger than male leads.

As male actors age, their partners often stay the same age. Most of Harrison Ford’s love interests have been at least 15 years younger than him. Guess who that includes? Yup. Ford is 15 years older than Fisher.

We simply don’t see older women on the screen. They disappear.

Earnings for women in Hollywood peak at 34 and decrease rapidly.

Earnings for men rise until 51 and then remain steady.


There aren’t roles for older women.

When Carrie Fisher steps onto the screen as a 59-year-old woman without makeup, without hair dye, but unashamedly a woman of a certain age, we’re not seeing something we usually see in a movie.

And some people are reacting to that by complaining that she doesn’t meet their expectations: The expectation that the primary role of a woman on the screen is to be attractive to men.

In other words, whether the people complaining know it or not they are being sexist and they are supporting the profound sexism in Hollywood.

But the makers of the movie have held a line. They’re saying General Leia Organa should not look like a young woman. General Leia Organa doesn’t need to be pretty. She doesn’t need, either, to be moping around regretting her “lost beauty”.

She needs to be kicking butt and sending out her pilots to blow up the First Order.

We need more older women on the screen, we need to let the ladies of the cinema grow old gracefully just as much as the men do. Only then will we stop valuing “actresses” by their boob size more than by their talent.

was listening to MBMBAM “The Quickening” (ep 29) while at work and there was a question about this 27 year old dating a 52 year old (both gay from what the asker said )

Anyways, Travis said that the 52 year old should wear a shirt that said “world best grandpa” with “grandpa” marked out and had “boyfriend” underneath. So I laugh and decided to doodle this once I got home. Purely a joke but oh my god

NSA contractor indicted for stealing more than 50TB of government secrets
The largest ever trove of stolen classified documents
By Nick Statt

Former National Security Agency contractor Harold Martin was indicted today on 20 criminal counts for stealing government documents and data in his capacity as a Booz Allen Hamilton employee, according to Reuters. Each of the 20 charges carries with it a sentence of up to 10 years. Despite obvious similarities to whistleblower Edward Snowden, who also worked as a NSA contractor employed by Booz Allen Hamilton, the government is not saying what whether 52-year-old Martin actually did anything with the classified info he took. Martin’s arrest was first made public last October.

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that Martin may have stolen up to 50TB of classified data, which would make it the largest trove of government secrets ever stolen. US officials allege that some of that data included at least 75 percent of an elite hacking toolset used by the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations (TAO). That would make Martin’s trove of classified data highly valuable, as TAO is tasked with developing exploits for foreign espionage.

The indictment says that Martin’s trove of stolen data also included documents from the CIA, the US Cyber Command, and the National Reconnaissance Office. It was allegedly all kept on computers and drives at Martin’s Glen Burnie, Maryland home. Martin was able to do this because of the security clearances granted to him as a contractor with at least seven different government agencies, work he began back in 1993 after serving in the US Navy, Reuters says. Martin is set to appear before a federal judge in Baltimore next week on Tuesday, February 14th.